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Sunday, January 03, 2010

How to contact Streamyx when your landline telephone can’t be used?

I don’t know about this until I faced a problem with internet here at my friend’s house.

We couldn’t connect to the internet, then he ran to grab the landline telephone to call TMnet/Streamyx. Sadly, his telephone couldn’t call out, not even a dial tone.

Now, we’re stuck.

We can’t call out using landline telephone and we can’t call telephone and internet provider with our cell phone.

I called my mom with my cell phone earlier on for helping me to get provider number from the operator. She said the operator told her that we can’t call TMnet or Streamyx with a cell phone. Only with a landline telephone.

How could that possible? I mean, we are a developing country. So goes with the technology, but what the hell with “you can only contact them with landline telephone”?

Don’t you think the company’s superiors never think of a solution to solve this?

Instead of press 100 for landline telephone, they should have a number or two for helpline. Is it so much burden if people call from a cell phone? Or are they worry that people won’t subscribe their stupid line and internet because we’re using cell phone to call them? If they really think so, that’s so lame.

No wonder, more and more friends of mine cut their idiotic internet provider and subscribe 3G Broadband from Maxis, Celcom and Digi or P1Wimax which is the latest, even though they’re not as fast as the idiotic one.

I really hope someday soon, we will have another Broadband company that will provide better service than Streamyx. Trust me, more people will change to the new one.

It’s understood that when they have no good competitor, they tend to be lack of good service and less concern to their loyal customer.

Right now, I can only keep my fingers crossed and pray to God that they will be defeated soon. Amin.


  1. eh, boleh la call streamyx using cell phone. dah penah buat banyak kali.

  2. try call them using ur cell phone first. btw, u r right. the competitors are the best way to improve the business

  3. ka - how? gime the number pls.

    - how to dial 100 with cell phone :(

  4. dail je 100. tapi makan kredit byk ah.huhuh

  5. HSBB = high speed broadband???

  6. ka - dah dail. tapi dapat error message, "number not in use"

    baby - er, broadband je. di malaysia dah ada ke hsbb?

  7. errkk. sy br je dial using celcom number.boleh je.huhuh

  8. celcom je ke? sebab ni baru je dial 100 memang dapat error message lagi :(

  9. If im not mistaken, only celcom can call streamyx "100" number, others cannot.

  10. ann - i guess so. i'm maxis user, and i couldn't call 100.

  11. Huh? Really? I think I called them using my handphone before, if not mistaken! Is this a new development or policy change?

  12. I used my handphone. And it worked perfectly fine. :D

  13. foong - you using celcome?

  14. tekkaus - same question as above :)

  15. Anonymous6:28 PM

    i heard from my dad that he heard that some of his friends heard that streamyx are going to unleash a better connection which is said going to reach 14mbps... well at least, lets just wait till they come out with that and try to compare the supreme speed mentioned before cutting the stupid line aiyte~!!

    -MaKuYo- /gg

  16. makuyo - 14Mbps? you sure? i mean, even if it's true, the price should be pricey. what say you?

  17. Anonymous10:05 PM

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  18. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Ya. Telekom malaysia is useless.
    i also cannot call 100 from cell phone (digi, in my case) to report a fixed line fault. The reason is not technology, but simply, politics and business rivalry.
    so sad, the rakyat is the loser due to the monopoly.

    Orang Malaysia1 baru should all unite to bring a better Malaysia and vote out the bad government. Support the govt that will bring GOOD to the people and not the one that jaga krony only !!!

    Wish you all a safe and happy festival season ( raya cina) safely if on the road Ya!!! Coz the govt dont improve the public transport, poor Malaysians all have to buy and use cars :( ... so expensive, burn petrol, jam jam lagi...haizz...

  19. anonymous - hmm. i can tell which party you support hehe.

    i agree with most of the points given by you, but about public transport... actually it's the same with opposition too. in penang, if we talk about road and public transportation... from BN to DAP, i think there is no different.


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