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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Buffet dinner at Revolving, Bayview Hotel

Last night I had a buffet dinner with my friend -- Nadia. She booked 3 days ago for reservation. Out of my expectation the tables are fully occupied. Lucky we booked earlier rather than just spontaneous idea driving there and toss the coin.

So as I promised, I will fetch Nadia around 6.30pm. I was mad earlier at Caltex near my house. The service there was so lousy. It has a big space and very comfy. But one thing I don't like about it is I always have to go to the counter for credit card swiping. Credit card becomes handy when it safe your times and you don't need to walk so far (since the counter is far from the petrol pump -- remember I mentioned big space?) just to swipe your card. I was pissed off. Ok, this post suppose not to talk about petrol station but the buffet. My apologize :( (playing "Too late too apologize" by Justin).

I reached at Nadia house sharp at 6.30pm as promised even though I was yelling my heart out for the bad traffic. Stuck so long in the jam! I hate to use Green Lane road and worse Scotland Road. No wonder rich peoples around there selling their house now.

We reached at Bayview Hotel sharp at 7pm. So, we did not waste a single minute to eat the foods. Here are the pictures of what I ate (did not manage to snap Nadia's food as so many people around and I did not want the flash light distract them) :

Pictures of me and Nadia :

The Revolving Restaurant was moving about actually. So, you can see beautiful scenery of Penang town at night and the ships and bots at the sea. Beautiful! Together with good romantic songs, dim light and candles!

We had a lot of talking. Started with what happen in our life since we last met, nostalgia and ended up with our favorite topic -- business. It's funny as we promised ourselves not to talk about business as we really wanted to have fun with foods.

Then Nadia wanted to go clubbing. I insisted for so many times as I don't enjoy the stuffy environment in the club. But after she persuaded for few times I agreed just to favor her. We were at the buffet from 7pm to 10pm. I had a stomach cramp and I need to go to toilet badly. Maybe caused by the seafoods I ate. I did not want to use the public toilet at the petrol station, so end up we went to Nadia's house. Around 11.30pm we met some of our old friends Sean, Worthword, Richard (just knew him last night) and Joseph at Momo. The night was not as good as I expected. Instead of meeting some old friends, my friend Sean was drunk (oh ok he took Xanax too). So while dancing, he bumped into a guy and the guy was mad. A teenager. He asked for apologize from that guy but seem it won't end there. Not only him, Richard kept asking apologize from that guy too. All in sudden a group of teen came in and hit my friend (full of punching and kicking), so I tried my best to save him and commanded him to go out and go home. End up they hit me. Teen's hits were just peanut but I was mad at them for their rudeness. Come on, you go to a crowded place like that for having fun and you expect no one would ever touch you? Bullshit. In the group there was a short Malay teen who was overreacted more than others kept yelling at me and kicking. I managed to push the door to him and asked him to come out if that was what he wants. I surely hit him bad as he was just pushing me beyond my limit. But he did not come out, just his friends. I did not mention the group was full of Chinese teens. I'm not bringing skin color or race issue here just to pointed out that they were rude still but not as rude as this short Malay guy. In the group there was a stripe shirt guy who acted like the leader. I even called him out and asked him to tell that Malay guy what did I do and why he was so mad at me? And if he wants to meet me, come outside -- solve like a man not like a sissy guy who is brave enough in a big group. Ok, I was a fool to entertain those teens but will you get mad when it was not even your fault but you got the hit? I won't go anymore. Not fun at all after all.

Comment : The food at Revolving Restaurant was just ok. Nothing special but the environment and scenery were awesome! The price is RM45 per person and juice is RM12.


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM


    So, are you guys ok??

    Sometimes people don't know how to fit properly in a crowd. Some of them just want to 'tunjuk kuat.'

    All i can say, no matter where you go, what you do or who are you, remember, you are not alone and there are another human beings share the same planet...hahahha...LOL

    p/s: by the way, the food look delicious... just OK is it?..(My housemates and me sanggup drive way up north just for a taste of penang char kway teow, pasembor and nasi kandar from penang... LOL... miss them so muchh!!)

  2. Lol. Just list the foods that you want to eat and I will try my best to take you guys to the best place I promise :)

    About the incident I tried my best to avoid but guess it was too late. I was walking out but in few seconds after that they hit my friend. As a friend what I could do is to protect him. Sigh, I won't go to such place anymore.

  3. I'm not a fan of going to clubs either because the ciggy smoke just makes me really sick, but I guess after a few drinks you don't really pay attention to it anymore :P

  4. Faisal,

    Hope you revolved allright after the revolving food. heheheh

    I agree, the food there is nothing great, but the view is great. I think the best food in hotels are EQ and rasa Sayang. tu pun, EQ not always that great, but their Ramadhan buffet is excellent.

  5. The food looks so yummy !!

    weeee ~~~ especially, the deserts !

  6. rozella - Me either. Sometimes I guess I favor friend too much :P

    farah - Never try EQ buffet. Must be expensive I suppose. Love sandwich there! :)

    dayah - I like the seafood skew. Yum yum :P

  7. alahaiiiiiiiii.... nape laaa pegi momo tu?? situ mmg tmpt budak2 yg minum sejug tapi mabuk mcm minum setong. Tak suka tau momo tuu..

    and 4 ur information, last saturday night ej n hubby lepak kt Carmen In, layan live band kt situ... hehehe... tau kan carmen in?? pub yg kt citybayview tu la, yg kt bawah.. kalau tak boleh jumpa2 kann... kite org pegi by group laa hari tu.. dlm 5 org.. syokk!! :D

  8. moral of the story:dont you ever dare to go to MOMO again...hahaha

  9. ej - Oh kenal Takdir tak kat situ? Member ofis tu. Dia selalu lepak sana... pernah pi situ cuma lagu agak lama sikit lah. Sabtu tu dalam pukul 10pm dok ada kat Bayview lagi hehe :)

    axim - I won't go there anymore. Sucks :)

  10. erk?
    r u a hero?
    next time don't go to club anymore..
    i'm 18 and i am proud to be free from night-club

  11. No, I'm not a hero. I just want justice.

    If I was wrong, then tell me. That was why I kept asking one of them :)

    Yes, do not go. There's no fun.

  12. Better pegi masjid..
    ramai uncle2 baek..

  13. Selalu gak. Bila mau join kita ke Masjid Negeri ;)

  14. adlie ragnarok11:32 AM

    hahahaha..... hmm bg makan lintah lg bagus.... heheheh gurau je....

    aku sokong ko...... protect ur friends in current situation.....btul ke salah tu blakang kira.... dah setel br bincang ngan kawan balik..... kalu salah jgn buat lg....

    tp x ramai yang ada kawan sejati....

  15. Betul tu adlie. Bukan senang nak cari kawan di kala susah dan senang. Banyak yang menempek masa senang, lari masa susah. :)

  16. uh oh what a nite! i bet u dowanna set yr foot there anymore,,, revolving restaurant in penang..hmmm,,must checkout one day

  17. Hi Faisal,

    :( I don't think I've ever been to the revolving restaurant. I stayed in Penang for a year before and I just love that place. It always be in my heart.

    I would've done the same thing with those teenagers. I wonder where the parents of these kids are. When they grow up, they'll end up in jail if they continue to do what they did to you and your friend.

  18. neomesuff - Yes, I won't go there anymore. Bad memory for a homely type guy like me.

    Yes, the foods were not so good but the environment was superb. A good place for lover and friends to cit chat.

    steven and aisha - Hi. Poor thing we never meet. I can take you around if you like. Revolving is at the top floor of Bayview Hotel. Nice restaurant :)

    I try to forget what had happen to me there. Such a bad memory. I hope they will think twice in the future before repeat the same thing they did to us. It was their luck we did not make a police report and put them in the jail. But if they do not take this opportunity, in the future they might end up their life in jail. I always believe in second chance as human is born to make mistake :)


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