Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Lightning Thief


I bet many of you have watched this movie. I didn’t want the incident of Twilight happen to me again. Or, Inkheart. Just because I haven’t read the book, yet.

So, I decided to watch the movie and maybe read the book later.

I watched this movie last night, which the ticket had been bought on Monday. You can’t get good seat if you buy on Wednesday as it’s the cheapest price compared with other days. It’s movie day. Only RM6 per seat. So, you can use the balance of your money for the usual ticket price RM10 to buy some snacks. I like light popcorn instead of caramel. But they only give ice lemon tea combo with caramel. So, be it.

I haven’t used my birthday free ticket which can be obtained on the GSC website. So, I plan to use it this Saturday or Sunday. I’ll use the food voucher, too. I plan to watch Valentine’s Day :)

Ok, back to the topic. I was quite shock and frustrated when the movie suppose to start at 9.40pm but when I entered the cinema around 9.40pm, the movie already started. How could GSC in QueensBay Mall did that? Unfair right? When I put my ass on the seat, Poseidon was walking out of the sea. Damn!

Usually, this kind of movie, I will read first and understand the storyline. Then, I’ll compare the book and the movie, as usual. This time, I couldn’t.

The movie is about the ancient God’s kids which we called them demigod. They’re Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Hermes, Herde and many more. Percy is Poseidon’s son which he’ll become strong whenever the water is around him. He can even heal himself with water.

I like the way they introduce all the ancient monster like minotaur, hydra, medusa and fury. Not to forget satyr and sentura. 

The storyline was good but I was hoping more magic to see.

To you, who haven’t watched this movie, grab yourself a ticket and trust me it’s worth it :)


P/s: I don’t want to be a total spoiler :)


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I am looking forward to watching Alice In Wonderland starring Johnny Depp. I think that will be a highly entertaining movie. Showing in March.

    I don't like snacking when watching movie in the cinema. Find it distracting.

  2. I have heard a lot of good comments from...those who haven't read the book yet.

    But my friends who have read the books told me that this adaptations suck to the max! :p

  3. i dunno what to watch nowadays...this movie looks about niyang rapik?
    oh..oh..alice in wonderland sounds better..but i have to find that book faisal..i didnt get it yet!

  4. I found that the movie was very predictable eventually.

    The effects is good though... least in my opinion.

  5. many ppl curse the movie, you're probably the only one who said it's worth it...very diffrent.

  6. mei teng - have you read the book? :) i have finished both alice in wonderland and through the looking-glass. very nice :)

    can't wait to watch it in march :)

  7. tekkaus - oh! :) what about watch then read? haha.

  8. kniedaz - alamak akak! you must get it asap. the movie will be showing soon :)

    akak, try wolfman and valentine's day pun best. saya belum tengok :)

  9. ladyviral - oh... :) i didn't even read the synopsis :P so, i didn't expect anything. can you imagine my friend slept in the cinema?

  10. zewt - so i bet read the book make a different comment? haha.

  11. is it worth?
    what's the movie is all about..?

  12. alia - for me, it is. but if you look at the comment here, maybe you can make your own decision :)

    er, the lightning thief. er, ancient gods.

  13. agree. it was worth it. :) but kalau lebih banyak action lagi best kot!

  14. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Nope. Hardly read story books these days. Too busy with the camera ;)

  15. cahaya - akan diperbaiki mutu gambar pada masa akan datang :)

  16. mei teng - have you ever think of making photography as your living?

  17. Kalau movie ni berbaloi, aku harap movie ni ada lagi minggu depan. Wednesday perhaps. ^^

  18. Anonymous12:27 PM

    i think it will be worth it. i'm a hardcore fan of the books, and eventho the actors and actresses don't look like they should - i still think it will be worth it.

    movie adaptations should be judged as what they are, not compared to the books from which they are inspired. that's just silly.

    people can curse the movie all they want. doesn't change anything. my sister's a hardcore fan of the books. she still thinks the movie's good.

    comparing the movies to the books is already SO yesterday. time to buckle up and face the truth: No adaptation will ever be the exact representation of the books.

  19. zul - haha. murah kan? :) aku ingat esok nak gi tgk valentine's day kat gurney. sana je ada. qbay takde. tak tahu nape. aku nak pakai free ticket aku sebab bulan ni birthday aku :)

    kalau ko reg kat gsc, leh dpt free ticket :)

  20. nani - i still think LOTR is the best adaptation :) so, maybe i still put on some hopes on some movies even though i know it's very impossible :)

    say golden compass.

    i still think the movie adapt well with the book just that serafina pekala's part is too little :)

    p/s: i never like zeus and his son. poseidon is so cool! i didn't know he is better than neptune? lol.

  21. Anonymous3:34 PM

    i think LOTR sucks as an adaptation as the rest do. legolas's dialogues were given to someone else. galadriel's lines were given to the ents. but as movies, they are awesome to the power of a thousand. as adaptations, they suck. (i finished all four books when i was 15)

    yeah. look at the golden compass. the movie was done so close to the book it failed miserably in the cinemas and there will be NO sequel.

    so yeah, we might think them movie-makers butchered the books to nothing, and that's not wrong. it's just that..most of the times, what starts in books better stay in the books. there are many things movie-makers just can't realize into silver screens.

    p/s: poseidon IS neptune in another language.

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  23. nani - ops! i asked my friend about neptune, but he had no idea too. because i remember the god of sea is neptune. thanks for the info nani.

    er, how do you know golden compass has no sequence? that's pathetic as i really want to see more. i always dream of having a daemon, too.

    some people maybe do not want to watch movie that based on books they read for one of the reasons, it's different. some even different storyline.

    for me, i feel happy every time there's an adaptation with the book i read.

  24. goldman - thanks for the spam.

  25. Anonymous8:47 PM

    i know it right after the showing ends in the international cinemas. the movie's a failure. no one's planning to make a sequel. tak balik modal pun.

    i thought everyone knows it already. that's old news, mr faisal~~~!!

  26. nani - then you can assume me, outdated. i really didn't know about this and this is sad.

    golden compass has good storyline and also has good actor and actress.

    world is weird sometimes.

  27. Anonymous9:08 AM

    the book's storyline is good. the movie..well, all the good and hot stuff had been toned down to a level that it's meaningless already.

    they should have come out bravely like the da vinci code or angels and demons, then it would have been a box office.

  28. yup yup..LOTR is the greatest adaptation..i agreed 250% hahaha..yeah valentine's seems good..i'm hoping i can watch all of em soon..(uiii tamak! hehe)

  29. nani - oh ya nani. i didn't know da vinci code has sequel. until me and my friend went to borders and he told me angel & demon is the 1st book and followed by da vince code? then i saw another book which suppose to be the 3rd book?

    my final exam is in april. i don't think i manage to finish 18 books in this short time :)

    what book are you reading now nani?

  30. kniedaz - hehe. i plan to watch valentine's day today but seems like my friend got thing to do. only available in gurney :( that's the bad thing as qbay mall is the nearest.

    maybe i'll watch wolfman today :) i can purchase free ticket today because i haven't used my birthday free ticket from GSC.

  31. sounds like gathering of RO monsters...

  32. joe - bring your lover to watch this! :) very cool.

  33. joe - er? well, what?

  34. watched this movie and it really didn't impress me that much, especially the training part at the novice camp...zzz

    hydra was a dragon? I tot it should be a 'karang batu' like RO's. medusa was a joke, so weak. minotaur was ok.

    Not much action though. I didn't know Hades was like a pop singer, /heh dogs of hell were like 3 puppies.. they should be much bigger with 3 heads...zzz

    as for my bf, i rest my case.

  35. hydra suppose to look like dragon lah... if not mistaken. i mean, if you read a lot of books, fiction ones.

    golden compass better?

  36. oh yeah, one more thing, when they opened the gate, Olympus looked like a village in Papua New Guinea...zzzz

    I think even animated Hercules is much better than this one.

    And I'm looking forward to seeing clash of titans /no1

  37. joe, clash of titans should be exactly like 300. a guild or something against thousands of people.

  38. nope, it's about the demi-gods clash of ancient times.

  39. joe, demi-god? you mean zeus, posseidon, hedes and all?

  40. the first book is angels and demons, the second is the da vinci code and the third is the latest - the lost symbol.

    now? i'm rereading the lord of the rings. hehe.

  41. the first book is angels and demons, the second is the da vinci code and the third is the latest - the lost symbol.

    now? i'm rereading the lord of the rings. hehe.

  42. nani, oh. re-reading LOTR? whoa. no new book can attract you at the moment eh? :)


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