Monday, October 06, 2008

Cheap Air Ticket Deals

Air bound travel has increased to the reason that it is the quickest traveling experience and air travel has made the world shrunk in terms of distances. It has become very easy to start from one corner of the world and go the other part of the world within 24 – 48 hours time. It has become a matter of hours only. It might be a bit costly to avail of this facility but within the reach of the consumer if one plans properly.

The best deals on air tickets can be got when the travel plan is made on certain days of the week for example if it is planned on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday night till Sunday morning, as the traffic is less and the air lines are forced to fill the seats to get the maximum amount. This is the case for almost all the flights. And also traveling in the wee hours also might get a deal say it you take a late-night flight departure.

Probing the reservation agent from time to time might help you get the necessary information. Some agents do not disclose the lowest air ticket fares unless and until you ask for it as the commission is involved in it. Normally a travel agent does not charge the customer or the person who is traveling but get a commission from the airlines.

Some agents may even have the access to information regarding special deals a certain airline offers.

If the travel is bound to a famous foreign destination it is wise to ask the travel agent about the charter flights, as it might offer low price. But before signing the contract one should go through the policies and conditions if any applied on it.

The flight destination can also offer the best air ticket deals. It is good to find out from the travel agent about the destination if it is an airline hub or not. Because the flight charges might be higher than the flight charges to the nearby cities where competition is less. They can minimize their charges by choosing a city nearer to the hub even if he has to go to the city with the airline hub.

Even after the purchase of the air ticket, it is always mandatory to check with the airline or the travel agent even if it takes two or three phone calls to confirm about the reservations and if there is any change in fares. The fare changes occur round the clock, and a few airlines even refund the difference of amount if the air ticket fare gets reduced before travel, but it is not done on it’s own, you ask for it, you get it is the mantra.

(source: free airline tickets)
(picture credit: Flip Barrientos)


Thanks to my ex schoolmate for this info via email. I wonder if he could read my mind! Yes, I'm really looking forward for flight ticket and good accommodation. Ah! come on. Don't ask me anything. Surprise ok? @sengihnampakgigi

P/s: I might as well add that to visit Europe in winter is cheaper!


  1. thats a great deal for travel lovers
    have a great day faisal
    have a great blogging day

  2. nak belayar ke mana tu...

  3. I haven't been on an airplane since Aurora was a baby. Hubby's scared of flying so we drive now.

  4. blue - yes, indeed. i hope these tips can be used by others too =)

    ijad - hehe. taknak cakap. nanti tak surprise. lagi pun kita hanya merancang, tuhan yang menentukan =)

    tammy - oh. how to visit penang then? i know driving is possible but how long it'd take in your case? hehe.

  5. Faisal, visiting Europe in winter is not cheap as it is their christmas holiday times. Tickets to UK now is more than 5K!

    anxiously waiting for Air Asia X for much suspence!

  6. farah - eh really? as friend told me that it's cheaper in winter. he bought return ticket for RM3k to Istanbul in December. air asia X only to Australia right? heard that it's hard to get in? ticket to venice is about RM4.7k but friend told me he could get RM4k. meaning could save about RM700.

  7. Anonymous3:26 AM

    think again going to europe during winter
    it's super depressing with rainy weather (if not snow)
    super hard to go around and you'll be stuck in hotel

    i was told that if you book online, it's cheaper haha

    it's getting to europe that's expensive
    once u get here, there are tons of air asia alike which gives you great deal :D

  8. yeke tiket murah time winter? plan nak pegi jepun tahun depan ni..
    eropah will be next on the list!

  9. Anonymous7:25 AM

    What? Who said travel agent don;t charge passenger? That info outdated already lah!!! Now they charge you say RM20 (Can't remember exact amount) per ticket!!!...Cuti2 Malaysia lah...Come to Sarawak!!! Use the cheap airline! Or go to Sabah! Much nicer than going overseas, I assure you!!! And you can save a lot of money!

  10. salam raye best buat mr faisal. =) hope you have the best eid, and may you have better coming eids in the future. by the way, awesome post. i learnt things i'd nvr paid atention to previously. keep it up~!

  11. I think it's possible to drive from Canada to Malaysia now. They have built bridge (or tunnel?) between Alaska and Russia now right? It may take 7 to 10 days to reach here, may be?

  12. good luck on your plannings.

    btw, me n hubby planning to jalan2 cari makan this coming november. ada plan nak singgah penang...

  13. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Admar... wanna visit europe?

    dont forget to visit dublin kayh?

    me and man planning to armsterdam/madrid/paris this christmas holiday.. wanna come too?

    and check this out...

  14. Anonymous11:51 AM

    wow! holiday... pegi dengan siap yeh??



    RUJUK >>

  16. Hey, memang murah ar tiket to europe during winter. But do you really want to visit them during the snowy season? Huhu.. So cold~

  17. Adila – Is that mean I just need to buy one way ticket from here online and buy ticket to Malaysia from there? Hmm. Snow is good but not the rain! Haha. Even though I know the result is you get wet for both.

    Myadlan – Hehe. Wah jepun? Mahal tuh. Tokyo ke?

    Suituapui – It’s not fun if I go to Europe when I’m old. I have been to Europe once and I enjoyed the differences so much. Er, I mean the good ones of course. I know nothing beats our home sweet home but the experience of playing in the snow and the romantic canal can’t be described with words.

    Hanna – Salam Aidilfitri Hanna. Yes, I do hope this info could help others. Thanks =)

    Joseph – 10 days in the dream eh? It’s possible. But the question is who’s willing to do so? Do you think it will save more money and time? =)

    Mango – Wah! Jalan-jalan cari makan. Best. Kalau sebut pasal makanan of course must come to Penang. Nothing beats Penang for sure! Let me know if it happens you visit Penang ok?

    Hezmeen – Wow! The web is cool. I don’t think I couldn’t make it this year but we shall see about next year. My top 3 list would be Venice, Paris and Rome. Let’s not talk about an exclusive holiday in Hawaii! Haha.

    Nurin – Holiday pergi dengan kawan je kalau jadi. Kalau tak jadi, tak jadilah. There’s always tomorrow right?

    Faizal – Haha politic again bro? Ok, jap gi nak baca.

    BCD – Cold never a problem don’t you think when you can get the heat. Ops!

  18. It won't save money and time. But it sure widen one's view like never before..

  19. joseph - if you really got lots of money then good luck =) i'd rather just take good price tix and enjoy my holiday.

  20. The best deals on air tickets can be got when the travel plan is made on certain days of the week for example if it is planned on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday night till Sunday morning, as the traffic is less and the air lines are forced to fill the seats to get the maximum amoun

    Is this true? :D

  21. Where are you flying to, huh, Faisal? Wherever it is, enjoy it!


  22. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Interesting to note that in Air Asia ads, they did not mentioned anything but low price fare.
    As a result, those using Air Asia be prepared for last minute flight re-schedule or cancellation. Those with kids, better spend additional RM for express boarding unlesss you want to be separated with them in plane. If you wish to purchase drink inside the plane, please be prepared to pay at 500% inflated price.

  23. hello faisal just dropping by here again to say have a great blogging day

  24. ann - common sense. it'd be true. what do you think? hehe. you're the one who always travel right?

    mike - hehe. i won't say it out. not yet. not the right moment. but don't worry i'll update here. thanks mike.

    ismail - sadly air asia X not going to many countries. but you can get cheaper price if you use Qatar rather than pricey MAS and Singapore!

    blue - hello blue =)

  25. Faisal, how come imeem not working ah? So ganjil. I'm listening to the songs on my page tapi ok only. Try lagi?

    Btw, hope you had a good raya holiday! :) Takde pictures to share ke?

  26. rozella - ok will try again =) hehe lately malas nak snap pic =p

  27. Hmm thanks for the info :) Would consider about it one day.

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