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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kath I love you [part 3] – Final

To those who just follow my blog recently, please read part 1 and part 2 before read this final part.


I sat beside the road in the rain. A hot coffee in my hand. My mind was blank. Nothing, seriously. Nada.

My mind didn’t do the talk. But my heart. Deep inside of my heart, I felt sad. Every time when it is raining, my mind will just fly. Fly to nowhere but thinking of how long could I handle this? How long could I pretend that it is ok which it is not really ok?


As I always do when I know I lose or frustrated. Just a simple sigh. No grumbling. No mumbling. Or even no frown on my sweet cheeky long face. I prefer to hide my feeling beneath my heart. No one should know. No. Not even my family. I don’t care if they want to think that I am self centered or idiot. Or any of thousands word they could use from the dictionary that can best describe about me.

I thought of Kath.

Yes, about her. She was still in Taiwan. On vacation with her lover even though she claimed that she has no feeling anymore toward him. I trusted her of course. If I didn’t, how could I be with her till now? Knowing that I’m sharing my lover with another person. It was a heartache. Painful. Pain that you can’t bear with a virgin heart. Mine was mended.

I had been busy with my work. My study. My activities. I did many things to keep me alive and not to think about her so much. Not that I wanted to ignore her. But just that I didn’t want to think or say thing that I don’t mean.

I love her.

I looked at my paper cup that filled with coffee. The coffee was already cold. It just leaked through my finger as the rain kept pouring into the cup. I threw it away. I was totally soaked. I didn’t care.

I looked up to the sky and murmured:

“God, I know my relationship now is forbidden. But I love her so much and I want her to grow old with me till my last breath”.

Sighed. This time it was heavy.

She will arrive at the airport at 11pm. I will fetch her. I wanted to solve this problem for the last time. One last time. No regret. No more pain. Even though I have to live like a corpse with no soul. I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I didn’t want my mended heart been torn again. No Kath… No.

It was 11pm.

I waited for her at the airport. She walked through the arrival door. She smiled at me. I waved my hand. I smiled back. Only God knows how much I miss her. Most important, how much I love her. I took her luggage and brought to my car. She followed happily. I drove to her house.

As soon as we entered the house, she kissed me. Kissed me deep. For the 20 minutes, we just let the lips did the talking. I knew, it was not the right time to ask or tell anything heartrending.

I held her hand and walked to her room.

“Angel, take off your clothes and go to the shower and I will go in in a minute”.

“Ok, but don’t take too long Sunshine” she replied happily knowing that I would showered her, rubbed her back and shampooed her silky hair.

“I love you”. A simple replied from me. My mind still running wild.

“I love you more!” she simply screamed.

I smiled.

I took off my clothes. I looked at my belly button ring and it reminds me why I did the piercing before. It was because of her. I wanted to experience what ever she has been going through. Even the pain. I didn’t care if anyone would call me faggot just because I have this piercing.

I walked to the shower room. Opened the door and I saw a beautiful body in the shower. She smiled. She purposely splashed the water to my face. Cold water! She knew how much I hate cold water especially early in the morning and late at night.

“Hey! It’s cold!”

“Hahaha so?”. She replied naughtily.

I turned the hot water to make the shower warm. Ah…I felt good. I hugged her from the back, under the shower. Whispered “I love you angel”. She held my hand and put it around her waist. I kissed her neck. Her earlobe. She moaned. I started to caress her. She did the same. It was a hot shower session. I felt like I was in heaven. Satisfied.

She put her cream on while I lied in bed. I didn’t talk much. In fact, I didn’t talk at all since I went out of the shower. She knew there is something not right.

“Sunshine, I know it is dark now but that doesn’t mean you cannot shine at night. Moon needs you to proudly shine bright”. She said it cheekily.

“We must discuss about something important Angel. I want you to choose now, tonight, who you want to be with”. I asked her while I looked down on the pillow on my thigh.

“Sunshine, I already told him that I choose you and we broke up. It was a hard decision to make and it even harder for him to chew”.

I was shock. I stayed silent for few minutes.

“Sunshine, you ok?” she asked.

“I’m so happy Angel! Very happy! Tomorrow I want us to celebrate. We will go somewhere for the champagne. Ok?” I replied.

“Sure Sunshine… with you is always my pleasure”.

“Angel, I want to grow old with you. I want to be with you till the end of my life. I really do!” my heart beats was fast like I was going to get a heart attack.

“But how if I don’t like your wrinkles?” she grinned.

“Then I must make sure I can afford plastic surgery!” I replied back while pinching her cute cheek and pulled her close to me. I kissed her deep with my eyes closed tightly.

We both laughed. Breaking the silence of the night.


  1. am i the 1st commenter?..hehe if yes..glad

    wat a beautiful story (from part 1, 2 n final) it..hope it was real story of u? haha cik wat lawak...paling x thn piercing belly tu? baru nak suruh tunjuk...anyway sayang it was really nice cam x habis ja lagi...wat sambungan lagi tau...!!

  2. Noorjan - Haha yes you are the first commenter but there is no award ya :P

    Real story? LOL. I hope. Dah tak ada sambungan, maybe cerita baru kot.

  3. This is a nice story. So it's a happy ending in the end? I was expecting a tear jerker! : )

  4. heheh x apalah x ada award tp make sure bila jumpa i want a bar of cadbury milk choco (almond or hazelnut)..ooh x ada smbgan k..eem x apalah...nanti wat cerita baru..pastu wat e-book style tau...

  5. foong - haha. i also thought that the ending will be a sad ending but i have no idea why it changed at the last minute :)

    - e-book? you serious? where's my VS?

  6. VS?..hehehe nanti lah...when the correct time arrive ceh wah..

  7. noorjan - haha ye lah tu! bila achik pula nak jadi penulis? :P

  8. talented tul la..novelis pulak yea..hehehe

  9. wahidah - haha sementara nak tunggu fetch kawan di airport, karang je la. kang tertido pulak :P

  10. o_o nice! all was sad but the ending suddenly is a happy ending. haha. nice nice

  11. final already ?
    ouh, nicey !

    oh, it was happy ending ;)
    finally !

  12. May Kath and Dan live happily ever after... :) It almost resemble mine but end in an opposite way... :P Well, make another story then... hehehe...

  13. halamak brian...

    cik limah tertinggal la part 1 n 2...

    nanti cik limah baca balik eh...

    halimah berry....


  14. jap2..baru cik limah perasan...

    nama BRIAN url link blog......FAISAL ADMAR..... haih...mcm kenal jer nama faisal admar nih......

    apsal tukar nama brian....????

    hadoi...cik limah tertipu sudah...hahhaha

  15. s-yz - i didn't expect that the ending will be a happy one. but for some reasons it has been changed to a happy ending.

    dayah - yep. do you expect a sad ending eh? :)

  16. witch - i do hope so too. we can't predict the future but lets hope their relationship will be forever.

    yanie - haha cik limah kena baca cepat part 1 and part 2. baru faham whole story.

    brian kinney ni pemalu. LOL.

  17. hahah..cik jadi penulis mau pembaca run away kot after read my nak try gak..tunggu lah bila ada idea yg mai...hahah :p psl VS tu...jgn risau for sure kt leh p nanti candle lite dinner...hahaha

  18. Very good story telling. I love the whole story, though I was expecting somethiing longer, teary before all the happy ending haha. :P


  19. noorjan - belum cuba belum tahu. tengok-tengok the next j.k rowling haha!

    ladyviral - well, many people email me wanted an ending for this story. since i'm very busy, i tried to squeeze my time and wrote this ending. i know its not as good as part 1 and part 2 :)

    glad that you like it hehe.

  20. i'm smile bila baca happy ending nih..:)

    i think the way you deliver this story was brilliant!!i love it so much!

    you know what,while reading this i coul imagine what had happened in the bath tub..LOL


  21. axim - haha naughty you :P well, that's the best thing you can get from reading doesn't matter its online reading material or a physical book itself. the beauty of imagination. usually when people turn story from book into a movie, it won't be as nice as we imagine which most people claim it is not as nice as the "book".

    glad that you enjoy it.

  22. I turned the hot water to make the shower warm. Ah…I felt good. I hugged her from the back, under the shower. Whispered “I love you angel”. She held my hand and put it around her waist. I kissed her neck. Her earlobe. She moaned. I started to caress her. She did the same. It was a hot shower session. I felt like I was in heaven. Satisfied.

    yang part nih aku duk terimagine lebih..macam mana tuh?? of imagination..:)

  23. It is a twist of fate! When all is down and darkness looms...suddenly a glimmer or light shines. :D

  24. axim - haha. you imagine that daniel is you?

    tekkaus - it'd be great if real life is as beautiful as the story :)

  25. Anonymous4:38 PM

    happy ending!! haha

    buat sambungan :P

  26. lida - yep happy ending :)

    tak ade sambungan dah. ni final part :)

  27. The story associate with you? Interesting, if so ;) Greaat one tho!

  28. huhu.. Are this story based on the true story???????????????

  29. babypose - i have no comment about that :)

    glad that you like it.

    zam - no comment bro :P

  30. yeah... Its your story...

  31. Zam - Haha what makes you think so?

  32. Anonymous11:02 PM

    taiwan or APM ?? :p

  33. Anonymous11:06 PM

    he change some fact..
    the truth is his stories :PP

  34. Anonymous - LOL. Who are you?

  35. Brian Kinney? la..sejak bila lak tukar nama ni faisal..akak ingat sapa la arituh

  36. lalalala....cik limah berry datang melawat kawasan di hari Jumaat...


  37. Mummy - Hehe saya nak jadi penulis yang tidak dikenali :P

    Yanie - Eh tak keluar shopping ke? :P

  38. suituapui4:14 PM

    Belly button ring?...Eyew!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  39. STP - I already expected you will like that part LOL.

  40. Tak ku sangka, buah cempedak menjadi nangka.

    Enjoyed it.

  41. finally...


    thniah sbb berjaya habiskan..but teja xska ending cmtu..hehe..

    apa pun..good try and very nice actually..

  42. Haven't visited ur blog for quite some time. I saw "Brian Kinney" and I thought I went to the wrong blog. Lol.

    But the story is well written. Will it have part 4 I wonder?

  43. hmm.... nice story...

  44. adlie7:29 PM

    ader smbungan lg x.... lame btul part 3 ni nak kuar...

  45. wow so nice ...i think it would be an emo thingy story so good

    by the way, hope you dont mind
    i got a new site,
    hope you can place it in your blog roll... thanks a lot!!!
    oh are you a fan or an avid listener of Diana Ross Song? blog idol round 6 just got started and contenders were assigned to pick a song from her
    ...have a great day and happy blogging!!!


  46. ocean girl - haha. ada ke zaman sekarang cempedak jadi nangka? cempedak buat cucur je sekarang ni :P

    teja - hehe. lepas ni semua cerita happy je kot :P

  47. sheng loong - part 4? no more :P its the final part. i think i will make all of my visitors bored if i drag it too long :P

    glad that you like it.

    alphaville - thanks :)

  48. adlie - haha tak ada idea bro :P tapi yang best, final part ni macam betul pula terjadi :D

    blue - yes i am a big fan of diana ross! i like the way she sings and she got good songs too!

  49. adlie8:03 PM

    t p bukit jalil tgk MAn U main?

  50. I see. So that's the Kath you meant, finally :o)

  51. adlie - tak :P busy kat penang. hehe.

    joseph - haha shh shh :P

  52. daniel = Brian Kinney?

  53. axim - haha keji ko :P


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