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Friday, July 03, 2009

boy and apple tree

A long time ago, there was a huge apple tree.

ِِA little boy loved to come and play around it every day.

He climbed to the treetop, ate the apples, took a nap under the shadow...

He loved the tree and the tree loved to play with him.

Time went by...the little boy had grown up,

And he no longer played around the tree every day.

One day, the boy came back to the tree and he looked sad.

'Come and play with me,' the tree asked the boy.

'I am no longer a kid, I do not play around trees anymore'
The boy replied.

'I want toys. I need money to buy them.'

'Sorry, but I do not have money....

But you can pick all my apples and sell them. So, you will have money.

The boy was so excited.

He grabbed all the apples on the tree and left happily.

The boy never came back after he picked the apples.

The tree was sad.

One day, the boy who now turned into a man returned

And the tree was excited 'Come and play with me' the tree said.

'I do not have time to play. I have to work for my family.

We need a house for shelter.

Can you help me?

' Sorry',

I do not have any house. But you can chop off my branches
To build your house.

' So the man cut all the branches of the tree and left happily.

The tree was glad to see him happy but the man never came back since then.

The tree was again lonely and sad.

One hot summer day,

The man returned and the tree was delighted.

'Come and play with me!' the tree said.

'I am getting old. I want to go sailing to relax myself.

'Can you give me a boat?' 'Said the man'.

'Use my trunk to build your boat. You can sail far away and be happy.

' So the man cut the tree trunk to make a boat.

He went sailing and never showed up for a long time.

Finally, the man returned after many years.

'Sorry, my boy. But I do not have anything for you anymore.

' No more apples for you... ', The tree said.

'No problem, I do not have any teeth to bite ', The man replied.

'No more trunk for you to climb on'

'I am too old for that now' the man said.

'I really cannot give you anything....

'The only thing left is my dying root', The tree said with tears.

'I do not need much now, just a place to rest.

I am tired after all these years' the man replied..

Good! Old tree roots are the best place to lean on and rest,

Come, come sit down with me and rest.

' The man sat down and the tree was glad and smiled with tears...

This story is about YOU (boy) and your PARENT (apple tree).


  1. This is the classic story... Whatever we done, the tree always give us it courage... Until make them severe... But, what our courage or support to them???

  2. wow... that's inspiring... :)

  3. feel so...touched. I mean this story really rings in me. The tree gives everything unconditionally. The tree its like the little boy's parents of guardians. =( Sad! Sad! But at least the little boy return to "the tree" in the end.

  4. well, my 'apple trees' & the rest of their offsprings went to a family vacay without me :(
    hmm... i think i am their apple tree instead :p huhu!

  5. zam - money and kisses? :P

    witch - which part? :P

  6. tekkaus - but you... 24/7 return to the tree rite? :P

    insomniac - you're the human lar :P why want to be apple tree?

  7. Very touching and inspiring story. How true it is that youngsters today only does that.. need the parents turn to them, don't need forget them, only remember them when it is too late.

    Thank you for sharing. Lovely.

  8. inspiring la...:)

  9. you never failed to enlighten the day brian :) Its so much true, the tree is there...for shelter and to lean on...and you are here for me to revisit. Nice one! :)

  10. So touching...We can learn something from this story..
    Everywhere we go and whatever we do, we dont forget peoples who supported dan helped us all this time..

  11. inspired me la dis n3..neway what to say...ur srory make it just shhh...n keep thinking yea

  12. I have read this somewhere before. Nice to read it again. Very touching. The poor apple tree and the heartless boy!! I guess that's what a lot of kids do to their parents nowadays.

  13. Missed my 'apple tree'. Do they miss me?

  14. i love my parents so much... :)

  15. This is ready inspiring.
    The apple have given everything to the boy.
    The boy never appreciate it at all. The boy is very selfish, he only take but never give at all. He only wanted something then come back to the tree.
    The apple tree felt sad most of time, what is the life for the tree?
    But at last the boy came back after so long.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  16. nice new posty bro.
    as everyone said, it is inspiring. (:
    and touching :(

    pity apple tree. but at least at the end the boy came back to the tree.

    still touching. *tears*

  17. ladyviral - yes. most of them do that now. if we make a statistic. most kids will live far away when they grow up. that is what we call life? :)

    - yep ;)

  18. babypose - thanks for the compliment :) it really brights my day (yes its already a beautiful sunday morning :)).

    i can imagine how the apple tree felt when the old man return to it even though very little time to spend :)

    - yes. agree. but what apple tree wanted was the old man to be with it.

  19. ary - so shh? lol. now i'm confuse.

    - i got it from email ;) so i think its good to share. sharing is caring? :)

  20. cahaya - don't ask what others do for you but ask yourself what you've done for them :)

    honeydy - me too! :)

  21. coolingstar - yes. the boy was lucky because the tree was still there. what if when he return to the tree and three isn't there anymore?

    - so appreciate the apple tree while they are still breathing.

  22. foong - ok i'll guess! :D

  23. jgn nak confused2x

  24. dah nak g makan ajak lepas tu tinggalkan ek

  25. ary - har? hehe ni bukan versi habis madu sepah ditinggalkan lah :P

  26. tau takpe len kalijgn duk gurau bab makan hahaha

  27. ary - hehe. oke2. ingat dekat :P

    ym: chanija

  28. But you can't chop your parents to make houses out of them :P

  29. psstt... you've changed your name..? huhu.. kewl name btw.. :)

  30. JL - haha he has no money remember? but the tree gave him what he needed.

    honey - hehe thanks! :)

  31. Faisal....

    It's been a long while hadn't drop by and leaving comment in ur blog. How have u been doing? Hoping things are great at ur end.

    Aight...great post! An apple a day keeps a doctor away. What more with an apple tree..taking care of the apple, supplying enough nutrients so that the apple will turn out as sweet as what an apple should be. Red or green doesn't matter. That just add colors to life. ;)

    Have a great day for tomorrow, Faisal. Yep, it's Monday :)

  32. zara - yes agree with you (mind you, i prefer green :P).

    i'd really appreciate if you don't remind me about Monday :P

  33. Heyyy.. Brian Kinney??? hehe.. an alter ego, I supposed. :)

    anyway...ok, i wont remind you about monday. it's just a day after Sunday after all. hehe :p

  34. now I'm feeling the feelings of the apple tree when you visited me:) Cool ya :) Nice how you described beautiful sunday, yes it was beautiful yesterday. Thanks Brian:)

  35. zara - haha! now it's tuesday and i've badminton competition tonight :)

    babypose - eh? hehe how's the feeling?


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