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Sunday, July 05, 2009


I’m totally exhausted today. I mean, very exhausted.

I didn’t have good sleep and rest for the whole week with a lot of works in the office and some assignments to get done at home too.

Good thing is I try to find time to write here even though I’m practically fully occupied.

Right after work on Friday, I did my exercise. You, please don’t laugh.

Then my friend and I drove to QueensBay Mall for Transformer. I bought the ticket on Wednesday since I knew it’s hard for me to get good seat if I go on the day I want to watch movie.

The movie was good! Indeed. Weird thing was my friend fell asleep. It was either he wasn’t into this movie, or simply very tired like me.

Then, I reached home around 3am and shower was needed as my hair was ruined by the hair clay.

I bet I slept soundly. Who can tell anyway? ;)

Woke up and did exercise. Sweating. I guess I did it hard.

Took shower and drove out to buy some necessary groceries. End up I bought apple juice with aloe, soda, 3 in 1 Nescafe, instant noodle and some green apples.

Rushed back home as I got badminton at 2-5pm. I reached badminton around 2.30pm. I didn’t play for almost 2 weeks but lucky I still got the stamina and hidden skills :P

I drove hurriedly to reach home as soon as possible after badminton at 5pm as I need to reach BBQ party organized by some secret organization at 7pm.

Reached home, showered and wore as simple clothes as I could.

The road was busy. You have no idea how far I have to drive from home to badminton, badminton to home and home to the beach :P but I managed to reach there around 7.30pm. Not punctual, but at least not the last one :P

The BBQ was great. I thought it’d rain but lucky for us it didn’t. So the charcoal was safe. I stuffed myself like there’s no tomorrow with a lot of foods. We grilled a lot of food likes fish, sausage, fish ball, otak-otak, chicken wing. The fruit jelly as dessert was tasty too!

I’d agree with Kirsten that next time we should have music (based on the group beside us played some music lol).

The chef :P


The girls

The guys

The grill event :)

I had a great time :) Thanks guys!


  1. Exercise??? LOL...

    Why you never invite me??? huhu... bestnyer Barbeque...

  2. zam - lol. why you laugh about it? :P

    invite? er... you are too far away :P

  3. huhu...
    hidup semakin bz ye abg?
    haha... dy tgk transformers pun dy tertido masa starting citer tu... ;p
    penat sgt sbb kelas dr pg sampai 4.30.. then rushing g qbay, movie at 5.30pm...
    best kan bbq...
    teringat masa kat chalet pak ya... :)

  4. dee - yep. best sangat bbq. haha bakar ketam ke? sangat manis kan.

    ah fikir esok isnin. letih sangat. sebab dah tahu atas meja berlambak keja. nak siapkan assignment lagik. hehe kena kuatkan semangat nih!

    esok plan nak pi tengok ice age 3. member cakap dekat Gurney ja yang ada 3D. jangan tertido sambil pakai spec 3D tu sudah! :D

  5. siti - senang je nak bbq. sediakan tempat letak arang dan arang. lepas tu beli seafood or ayam. panggang je! :)

  6. Faisal,
    Wow, besides busy work, you can cam manage your time so well like exercise, buying things, playing badminton and BBQ. This is ready the healthy life balanced style.
    Well done, from your photos, I can sense it that all of you were ready enjoy the gathering.
    Happy blogging, have the nice sunday.

  7. Far away? Come on... Just invite. Doesn't mean must go haha...

  8. cooling - yes. it was a great time :)

    sometimes it's good to be fully occupied and can make you think of many things so that you won't feel bored :)

    zam - haha ok! next gathering. you must come. it's in August. ok?

  9. Which one is your girlfriend?

  10. Which one is your girlfriend?

  11. cahaya - whoa. double post :P no one.

  12. Anonymous10:53 PM

    cheating... her name start with A_ _ s

  13. Huhu... Cheating loh??

    Newcastle nearly become Ananda's property...

  14. Wah, bestnya ber-bbq! :D

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. ahaha.. yes... ketam.. hehehe...
    huhu.. tu la.. planning gak nak tgk ice age tuh... tp tah la sempat ke tak... kelas je dah sampi ptg... hehehe... pakai spect 3D kalo tido tape kot.. tade sape yg tau.. hiks.. ;p
    benci ari isnin.. hehehe..
    rasa malas je... ahahaha...
    abg lg la dgn keje... assgnment...
    tak pe.. abg kan rajin... ehehe..
    caiyok2... :)

  17. worr... bbq eh, hehe... i had one as well last saturday but at home.. fren's bday party. :p stuff myself as well... haha, when i look back at the pic now, i'm hungry again... lols..

  18. having a BBQ on a beach, with friends and having fun...what else could you ask for. Heaven!

  19. la ingtkan saper la Brian ne...isk3

  20. Wow BBQ. Haven't done that in ages now... Boy do I miss it... Used to have friends who do it once a month. Just for a gathering and a BBQ session.

    Nice! Guess all the tiredness is also worth it :P.

  21. ok what we keep ourselves least we got thing to do....compared to me...hahaha

  22. Long time didn't do BBQ. It's great that you had a good time!

    Btw, I've revealed some clues for my guess these songs post in my blog : )


  24. sounds cool
    hello my friend can i have a favor???
    can you vote for my entry here

    thanks a lot!!!

  25. anonymous - what do you mean?

    zam - owen has been kidnapped?

  26. iesha - hehe memang sangat best!

    dee - hehe malam ni nak pi tengok kat gurney sebab qbay takdak 3D. nak tengok show pukul 9.30pm :)

  27. witch - the best part is eating not grilling :P

    drsam - we should have some music haha!

  28. wahidah - hehe!

    ladyviral - which one do you choose either bbq or steamboat? ;)

  29. ary - you can make your own bbq too right? :P

    foong - you should make a party as well! :D

    ok go and check it out now :)

  30. axim - okeh! sure ni? hehe

    blue - ok. i will vote now :D

  31. ahaha.. Due to NewcASTle Team relegated...

  32. len kali ajakla. :P

  33. Lar, A_ _s tu ape?

  34. best berBBQ ni.. mane satu ur gf? =p

  35. adlie1:03 AM

    cam kenal je geng2 bbq ni..... on9 game nyer guild ni.....

  36. er yep... that's the best part... hihi.. and lucky I don't have to grilled... :p spent time with kids.. :)

  37. zam - new castle is history now. welcome the wolf :P

    iesha - betul ke nak datang :P

  38. cahaya - haha gimik je tuh.

    nemo - takde lar :P

  39. adlie - haha! yang mana satu kenal?

    apom ko ingat lagik?

    - lazy bum! lol. me too!


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