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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

glad that you’re mine

I think of you every day as I wake up
and every night as I lie down to sleep.
I miss everything about you,
miss being so close to you:
to feel your warm body against mine,
to feel your heart beat under my hand.
How could I possibly explain what I feel for you,
the depth of my emotions?
I yearn to feel your warm touch
that has made my body come alive.
The feel of your sweet kisses upon my lips
revives my very soul,
making me want you even more then before.
I love it when you put your arms around me
and whisper sweet nothings.
It feels so right to be held in your arms,
that it made me believe that I had truly found the one.
I don't need to be afraid of letting you close
and seeing my true being,
for I know you will love me for me
and never hurt me intentionally.
Every time your gaze falls upon mine,
I look back at you,
letting you see what you mean to me.
I care so much for you
I am truly happy that you are mine.


  1. salam^^

    glad to hear. she's yours;p


  2. This so-liked the Jason Mraz song... I'm yours

  3. baca ni teringat akan lagu Cascada..everytime we can touch

  4. arnamee - salam :D

    thank god!

  5. nice one there brian.. hehe.
    Er... who is she? lolss... :p

  6. zam - haha. different lar :P

    kcynodia - macam mana ek lagu tu?

  7. witch - who is brian? haha!

    she? er?

  8. Nice name, Faisal you have there:)

    Ahemm...Ahemm...who's the lucky person :) that you declare that you love her face to face, not in that poem? If so, I'd like to know how you say it "I love you" to her as I reread sentence by sentence in the poem, was not there...curious as cats :) yeoww

  9. Who....hmmm....she wakes up every morning around you...teddy bear? Nope...because you said you could feel her warmth....hmmm...


  11. So who is this person? : )

  12. Reminds me of Mariah Carey's song My All.

    I'd give my all to have
    Just one more night with you
    I'd risk my life to feel
    Your body next to mine
    Cos I can't go on
    Living in the memory of our song
    I'd give my all for your love tonight...

  13. babypose - hehe be patient for the next poem ok? :P

    tekkaus - haha. shh shh don't reveal too much :P

  14. axim - haha gatei :P

    foong - kath maybe?

    eh you like that song? me too!!!

  15. peh.. entri jiwang.. ehehe

  16. Anonymous5:47 PM

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  17. IeshaGunn has left a new comment on your post "glad that you’re mine":

    your other half? ;P

    I got this via email.

    My other half? LOL.

  18. cherish every moment dat both of you hv created, kay..?
    be appreciated each other and da most important thing is be loyal n honest. it's hard, but it would become easier if you prove it that you can.. InsyaAllah.. Amin

  19. yeah right... brian and faisal or faisal and brian... hey, that's not answering the question... haha.. :p

  20. honey - yes. i want to be extraordinary. i don't want to be ordinary where people tend to appreciate what they have rather than what they don't have.

    witch - all in sudden my mind goes blank! lol.


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