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Friday, July 24, 2009

pray for yasmin ahmad


KUALA LUMPUR, July 23 (Bernama) -- Prominent film director Yasmin Ahmad who collapsed while presenting a working paper at Sri Pentas, the headquarters of the TV3 television station Thursday, is in stable condition at the intensive care unit of the Damansara Specialist Hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.

According to her brother-in-law, Datuk Dr Zakaria Zahari, Yasmin suffered a stroke and hemorrhaging in the brain.

"Her heart is being supported by drugs to control blood pressure...the next few hours are extremely important but now she is stable even though she is still unconscious," he said.

The hospital has yet to issue a statement on her condition.

Meanwhile, popular singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and her husband Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa who were also present when Yasmin was presenting the paper, said Yasmin complained of not feeling well 15 minutes into her presentation.

"She had started the presentation at 3pm and when she did not feel so good sat down and placed her head on a table.

"A few seconds later, we tried to wake her when we found she was having difficulty breathing," he told reporters when met at the hospital.

Siti said after Yasmin was laid down in a supine position, a TV3 worker contacted a panel doctor of the station who gave her the initial treatment.

She said Yasmin was then rushed to the hospital where she arrived at 3.45pm.

"Only on arriving at the hospital did Yasmin showed some response," she said.

Tan Kean Ang, a friend and managing director of the Leo Burnett advertising agency, said Yasmin had been fine the morning and had exchanged jokes with staff at the office.

"I was surprised when this happened," he said, adding that he was in discussions with Yasmin on several projects which also involved Siti and her husband.

Yasmin's movie "Sepet" won critical international acclaim and her advertisement creations have been hits among Malaysians.


(Source: Bernama)


  1. Yasmin diserang strok

  2. semoga beliau cepat sembuh


  3. yanie - betul yanie. semoga dia cepat sembuh.

  4. semalam dengar berita nih..apa apa pun,harap dia akan cepat sembuh..sama sama doakan yang terbaik untuk dia k...ameen..

  5. axim - ya. harap-harap dia cepat sembuh.
    tak sangka kan dia dah 51 tahun.
    nampak muda je.

  6. Oh my god,

    Ya I know she went into the hospital (I read it on )
    and you know they said that there's a rumors saying Yasmin was DEAD. I don't watch tv regularly and so does the news paper that's why I was kinda shock why they said Yasmin was dead >.<

    But now I open up your blog, then I found out that she's sick. Thank you then ;D

  7. ann - let's pray that she will be ok soon :)

  8. heard juz now...

    doakan yg terbaik untuk dia...

  9. teja - moga2 cepat sembuh.

  10. Yes. Let's hope that she will get well soon. She's so important to our entertainment industry. =(

  11. org penting tu.. huhu.. hope she gets well soon..

  12. hmm.. too bz and too tired...

  13. suituapui2:13 PM

    Yes, hope she'll be all right. Such talent!!! A real rare gem!

  14. tekkaus - yes. she already brought our country's name to the eyes of the world.

    our own country? keep filtering and banning the effort :)

    - betul jard. semoga dia cepat sembuh :)

    witch - yes. she always want to give the best in her work.

    stp - you mean pearl? :)

  15. pray for her... hopefully, she'll get well in no time....

  16. That's scary! Anhyone can suffer from stroke. Make sure we are aware of the symptoms cos it can come unexpectedly.

    Wish she gets well soon : )

  17. i knew bout this from facebook lol
    news spread fast there haha

    anyway, hopefully she'll recover soon :D

  18. I hope that she gets well soon too...

  19. Anonymous11:07 AM

    ho..ho..ho.Yasmin Ahmad strok
    gubra = gabra kena strok

  20. salam.

    yes,pray for her.
    belum nampak the other woman leh gantikan tempat dia buat mse ni. die perempuan yg berani:). huhu

  21. semoga dia sedar kembali n cepat sembuh..amin

  22. she has gone.
    forever and ever.

  23. She's gone. :( Alfatihah.

  24. Looks like things not work well for her...

    ***Moment of silence for her....

  25. zam - god bless her.

    foong - sometimes, we just do not know what to do or worse what is happening. when we know, it usually too late.

    adila - she is gone dila.

    rozie - she is gone.

    anonymous - is that funny?

    arnamee - no once could replace her.

    wahidah - dia dah kembali. semoga beliau ditempatkan bersama-sama orang yang beriman.

    dayah - yes, she is gone forever :(

    - yes, cahaya. it was a sad news.

    witch - yes, witch. sigh.

    axim - al-fatihah :(


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