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Friday, July 10, 2009


I always pray that this will never happen but who am I to vote so when idiots won the majority for the abolition?

Hey idiots, it’s only for two subjects that will be taught in English: Mathematics and Science.

I really feel like washing their brains that have been rusty for ages.

I always feel weird when some people said that by teaching Science and Mathematics in English will give a hard time to the students and worse this great move will lead to the vanishing of Bahasa Melayu which I think purely ridiculous.

When the first time it was introduced, yes we didn’t have a beautiful chart to brag about but after some times, it became better and better each year.

Some people even complaints about there are a lot of problem to those students in the rural. Are you suggesting that we have to move backward to the rural level and stuck there until those students manage to cope with the world? If the rural students want to be success, they don’t have any other choice than to study hard and practice it. If they are entitle to continue study and will be studying abroad, do you think they will still use Bahasa Melayu in other people’s country? You wish.

Most of the reference books are in English. Do you know how hard for the students to translate English-Malay and Malay-English?

As example:

Server (English) = Pelayan (Malay)

Joystick (English) = Batang Ria (Malay)

… and you think it’s good for our future? I have to read the books, remember them in English and then I have to translate to Bahasa Melayu to answer the assignment and exam questions.

Nothing much to say since it’s already been decided. The weird thing I don’t understand is why the oldies fighting for the abolition but the youth are against them? Do they know that this is important to the youth not to them anymore since they are counting days to leave this world soon? Maybe sooner.

Note 1: No wonder some officers in my company can’t speak or write decent English.

Note 2: Congratulation Malaysia.


  1. DUDE,couldn't agree more on this..i just dont get it when some group of people said that by implementing english as the main medium for science and maths,it will eventually obliterate the Malay language! like WTF!
    dont they realise that MOST of the terms that been use is in ENGLISH!

    this kinda people ARE INSANE!

  2. Fionabee - The weirdest thing is why those old farts concern about language more than the youth who prefer PPSMI?

    Fighting for the language right is ridiculous. Thinking about the language will vanish by teaching Math and Science in English are for idiots.

    Most people think that PPSMI will make the gap between rural and urban becomes big. Are they suggesting that we slow down the speed for the urban to give chance for the rural to cope? Pathetic.

    No wonder we are still a developing country until today.

  3. yes..correct! the students and even the parents themselves disagree with this morons! seriously, im not surprise if our future engineers and doc and what not are not approve worldwide!
    and about the gap between urban and rural... now they're making the rural fellas even stupider! are there by any chance that they can narrow down the gap by cancelling out the PPSMI?? hell no! they're making things worst.
    tell you what,I was quite sad cause i didnt get the chance to be in of those lucky batches who're learning maths and science in eng.

  4. My sister was one of the lucky students who got the chance. She told me she felt very lucky and was happy to be one of them. I never heard any complaint from her.

    ... and do you get the answer why they choose 2012? :)

  5. still blur on that..i tot its just one of the ways to clear up the batches that learning using the PPSMI so that the next batch which will be in 2012 can start anew.

  6. I try not to think about it but I guess it's hard. I can't think of a good future when this thing happen.

  7. when im teaching my students (im in an oJT right now) i teach math in bilingual... so everybody will understand what im trying to pin point at..,

  8. erm... The students of mine complaining (yelled) when I said the PPSMI might demolished (before the cabinet's announcement)... They said... 'Sir, I wanna study in the broad school lar like this' 'Sir, how to answer in Malay??'... 'Sir, from std 1 until now, I'm learn Math and Sc in Eng...

    And, the other teachers (Sc teachers) were totally disagree with the demolition.. (not abolition) They said,'The new system is developing, suddenly its being terminate... Oh, geez' 'Actually, study Math and Sc in English are easier than in our mother tongue'...

    I said:"The PPSMI is the victim of the adolescent behavior... They lazy, hate the knowledge, always waste their time... My prediction, revert back will not change the result!!!

  9. I'm still sad over this. Enough said. Pity those youngsters.

  10. @Brian
    bro, klu nak improve english ni ada pelbagai cara. bkn membuatkan org yang minat belajar jadi tertekan. cuba bygkan, ada budak yang faham dalam bahasa melayu dan dia boleh score dalam bahasa melayu. tp dia tak boleh score dalam bahasa inggeris. bknkah itu satu kerugian, nak belajar english ni bukan dalam semua subjek. di ipt nnt akan di ajar dalam bahasa inggeris. so apa peluang dorang klu dorang tak boleh score dari awal? bagaimana dorg nak masuk ipt klu result yg teruk akibat dari PPSMI ni? dlu aku belajar dalam bahasa melayu juga. aku juga ada diploma, skg ni aku buat ijazah. final year lagi. serius english aku takdalah hebat mana. tp boleh je score. nak seribu daya bro. beri peluang, nanti di ipt dorang akan diajar dalam english juga. dari situ dorang akan sedar betapa pentingnya english. peranan kita masyarakat sekeliling perlu memahami keadaan budak2 sekolah. bkn buat mereka rasa terpaksa. kita timbulkan minat dorang. jgn lakukan pembaziran. mundurkah kita kalau kita agungkan bahasa melayu sendiri? majukah kita kalau bahasa orang diagungkan? fikir-fikirkanlah bro.

  11. sorry to disturb.
    well mohdisa, if the government realized on that, they should not implemented it in the first place. It would be more complicated to all the students.

    Fyi,I am a tutor. English, Science and Maths. As for me, there's nothing impossible in this world. I did used my own method to make my students to understand the related subjects even though they are very poor in English. And it works. Alhamdulillah. Most of them scores A in the related subjects by using my own techniques and guess what? They started to love the subjects. Cool isn't?
    Well, it would be harder if u make it harder. Try to change it to the other way around, then you'll find the answer. :)

    Peace No War

  12. Well...well...I already predicted that the outcome will be so. With strong pressures from a lot of party...the government has no choice but to revert it back.

    I had mix feeling about this. English is important and I believe that Science and Maths should be taught using English. Then again....I understand that a lot of quarters wanted to preserve their mother tongue.

    Anyway let's wait and see. :/

  13. Kenapa kita tidak mengambil pengalaman dengan mengajar di pendalaman?Atau bertanya cikgu-cikgu yang mengajar di pendalaman?..Kita akan hadapi kenyataan pelajar itu bagaimana.. Bagaimana terlalu payah dan seksanya ingin memahamkan mereka dalam Bahasa Inggeris..
    Kalau nak BI itu lebih baik,saya rasa perkasakan BI itu sendiri.. tidak kiralah berapa jam waktupun dalam seminggu..petang buat kelas tambahan lagi dalam subjek BI..Insyallah budak2 ni boleh pandai dan sekurang2nya mereka memahami apa yang org lain cakap..Then masuk sekolah menengah pun sama..Bila sampai ke IPT..Insyallah mereka akan pandai BI..Pakar-pakar BI mesti boleh melakukan sesuatu untuk membolehkan pelajar2 menguasai BI..
    Tapi yang sedihnya kenapa dasar itu dilaksanakan tetapi ditarik balik..Adakah sebelum pelaksanaan tidak dikaji sehabis baik dan dibuat dengan tergesa-gesa?..Dont know why..

  14. Blue - Well, teacher in rural area in Malaysia should do that too if the acceptance PPSMI in rural is not good. Rural must still learn instead of give up at the early stage.

    I believe what the rural needs is the better approach and plan.

    Abolish PPSMI is not a good idea at all. It also worsen urban capability.

  15. Zam - Not abolition? :) Click here. Instead of find a way to solve this, they prefer to just quit and give up. Now they are talking about money. I wonder if they don't use it on education, where the money will go? To me education is the root to the country success.

    Look at the developed country like Japan and Singapore. We are just a little tiny peanut that still struggling to develop. Wonder not, we are still at the old phase, developing for ages.

  16. Cahaya - Nothing much we can do unless all teachers gather and make a change for a better future for students. I'm kinda sad to think that Math and Science are very important but yet we only can refer to Malaysian's books as we can't cope with the English books.

    Question: Is the Malaysian books (written by the Malaysian author) good? If yes, then why I still have to refer to imported reference book? We are not talking about college but it's a local university.

  17. MohdIsa - Mana dapat idea agungkan bahasa ni? :)

    Dari ahli politik atau orang-orang tua yang kononnya mempertahankan Bahasa Melayu?

    Saudara kena ingat, Bahasa Melayu hanya diajar dalam dua mata pelajaran iaitu:

    1. Matematik
    2. Sains

    Mata pelajaran seperti Sejarah, Geografi dan lain lain semuanya diajar dalam Bahasa Melayu. Tak cukup Melayu kah jika 2 subjek itu diajar dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

    Saudara sekarang belajar di IPT, persoalan saya, bolehkah saudara berbahasa Inggeris dengan lancar di dalam perbualan mahupun menulis di dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Jika ya, syabas. Sebab saya tahu, buku rujukan yang saudara patut guna termasuk buku-buku dari luar negara selain modul-modul khas yang diberi oleh pensyarah dan nota-nota.

    Saya tidak mengagungkan bahasa asing tapi jika bahasa asing dapat memberikan kita kelebihan untuk mendapatkan ilmu, kenapa tidak?

    Jika ingin menaikkan sesuatu bangsa, bangsa tersebut perlu berjaya dan masyur seperti cendiakawan di zaman Arab dahulu di mana penulisan yang digunakan juga di dalam Bahasa Arab dan dunia perlu mempelajari Bahasa Arab untuk maju sehingga Bahasa Inggeris mengambil alih disebabkan mereka berjaya selepas itu.

    Alasan pelajar luar bandar adalah tidak relevan saudara kerana perlukah pelajar bandar dibantutkan minda mereka supaya peluang dapat diberi kepada luar bandar? Atau pendedahan yang lebih baik di samping guru-guru yang terlatih dengan baik diberikan serta disalurkan kepada mereka? Itu dinamakan kemajuan dan bukannya dengan membantutkan kemajuan pelajar bandar untul memberi peluang pelajar luar bandar mengikut rentak.

    Saya merupakan pelajar universiti juga dan saya bukan golongan bertuah di mana PPSMI didedahkan.

    Adik saya bertuah dan sangat gembira apabila PPSMI didedahkan. Kami tidak bercakap Bahasa Inggeris di rumah. Tapi dengan adanya PPSMI dia dapat bertutur dengan lebih baik disamping mempelajari lebih banyak perkataan yang dia tidak tahu sebelum ini.

  18. Honeydy - I'd agree with you. Their mind should be changed, not the language.

    Honestly, our race are the one that always think we can't and we prefer to stay in our comfort zone.

    No hard feeling.

  19. Tekkaus - Preserve? They can preserve the mother's tongue in some other subjects other than Math and Science.

    Do they speak English at home? No? So, still not enough preservation in 24 hours a day?

    It will be abolished in 2012. We still have roughly 2 years to make a change for the better future. The students are our future.

  20. Ad - Ya Ad. Kalau taknak buat, dari mula jangan buat. Then sekarang baru nak cakap jimat duit lah, itu lah, ini lah.

    Habis tu, sejak beberapa tahun ni memperkenalkan Bahasa Inggeris dalam Matematik dan Sains, tak bazir ke?

    Kalau nak dirujuk kepada pedalaman, kawan saya ada yang mengajar Bahasa Inggeris di Sarawak. Dia cakap memang susah. Tapi dia juga beritahu saya pelajar pedalaman semuanya lagi gigih belajar dari di bandar. Kelas tambahan dan kelas di sekolah tak pernah terlepas. Ini menunjukkan jika pendedahan yang sebenar dibuat, mereka boleh berjaya.

  21. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I plan to study abroad later. I guess PPSMI helps me to enhance my vocabulary and improve my english.

    So, I dont get it why they want to abolish this PPSMI?

    I mean, its for the better future of our young generations, they should realize that by now.

    p/s : Well, I'm glad that I get to learn Math and Science in English. :)

  22. Iesha - Tell that to them. Maybe you can write something to the newspaper too? Open their narrow mind.

  23. hohoho..a very sensitive issue..from an academician point of view..i'd rather learn these thing in english..there's so many terms that need to be teach in english

    all the chemical name, all the biological process..and the list goes on and on

    u have to challenge urself in order to excel..come on..dont stay in ur comfort zone..i know bangsa seperti jepun and french people didnt need to translate everything but they are wayy better than us..

    comeon..wake up..challenge urself and everything will be worth the penny

    P/s : my lil bro which is the first batch who being taught in english is really grateful when he start his lecture now in helps a lot..

    that's a living proof..

    enough said..i rest my case

  24. haha... We must change... we must survive... In order to put the world in our hand!!!!

    Realizes it.... At the Abbasid era, the educations culture is cross between Arabic world and Persia... The Arabic scholar study the arts and sciences in the Persia language!!!! So, what so different??

    The Kingdom of Shepina (Spain) and Portugal studied the architecture and sciences in Arabic Language at Cordova!!! Different??

    (I means, for me... not just abolish... (mansuh), but, demolish!!! (Musnah)

  25. Inah - That's why I wonder, I got positive response from those who were really involve with PPSMI (I mean experienced it) feel grateful that they were one of the lucky students but those who were not involve at all talking so much and loud? Abolish this and that... bla bla bla.

    Just because this isn't Perlembagaan Persekutuan which needs majority 2/3 for a decision you can just simply apply and then abolish.

    I agree with you Inah when we talk about English term that has been used in Chemistry. You are the best example. It would be much easier if you learn all terms in English earlier, don't you think?

    Government should re-think about this properly and ask those who are involve instead of listen to the old farts.

  26. Zam - Its just words. True meaning is it's not exist anymore.
    Either you want to use it as demolish, abolish, eliminate, vanish or any vocabulary that you can juggle and create the fancy to sooth our eyes which can manipulate the mind to focus on those word instead of the root itself :)

    Again, I still disagree with the abolition of PPSMI :P

  27. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Haha. If only I'm brave enough to that.. :P

  28. i can't see why i shouldn't be agree with you. :)
    they said that they are such an open minded but they are actually not. quite sensitive issues, but i just dun care. because i dun like to be a pretender. isn't dear..? :)

  29. Iesha - You should. In fact its freedom of speech :) Plus you are just write what you think without against any law.

    Honeydy - Yes agree. I hate to be a pretender too :)

  30. Wow wow aren't you something. I am proud of you and other young Malaysians.

    There are pros and cons to everything. I can see the points of everyone that had commented. However, there is no doubt, this is a case of - go ahead, go ahead, gostan and pi mai, pi mai duk tang tu. Regretfully.

    My teenage son says that 2012 because that would be the election year. I think they are still gauging the mood so it is not too late to fght for what we feel is right. It is never too late anyway...a single step, a single voice ripples through oceans.

  31. read this.. this guy has very strong points on PPSMI.. an eye openner..

  32. I have to agree with you. I just think we've taken twenty steps back in the wrong direction and I'm really worried for the future of this country with morons running it!

  33. Anonymous11:11 PM

    our edu sys.. got probs...dr dulu sampai skang duk tukar..hasilnya situ gaks....sedey

  34. Ocean Girl - I agree with you. Yes, for everything there is pros and cons. So what we need to do is list them all and what we will get is which one has more points. Then we decide.

    You son is smart. Yes. That is why they chose 2012 as the year to abolish PPSMI. I know this idea can be stopped if many people realize about this instead of let those idiotic minded people keep on bragging about their mother tongue instead of take it as a bright future for their kids.

    If they mess it now, they are going to bare the consequences in the future and they must remember, no turning back.

    Regret is the best word to describe and I hope we can do something for a better future.

  35. Jard - Yes, he got the points right just I think he is very blunt :)

    So, what's your point of view?

    Nick - I thought by replacing Pak Lah we will have a better decision in anything. But I was totally wrong if this is just a nodding matter.

  36. Ary - Yep. We must do something. Actually we already did something, just that the right decision will be converted into the wrong one. Weirdo.

  37. so, what is the conclusion??

  38. Zam - There is no conclusion yet until 2012. Till then, we can still fight for what we think is right.

  39. i feel you, man...

    if we have the advance technology like the Japanese then i got no qualms if ppl wanna stand by our beautiful language.
    but sadly, we are way behind that we need to catch up with the rest of the leading world ASAP.
    so enforcing our command in English is one of the best way to 'catch up'.

    but then again, it's not that today's youngsters really appreciate & use Malay language to the fullest - it's up to us, if we love & want to preserve our language, pls start doing it at home, on daily basis.
    dun give me that bulls**t of how English language gonna ruin Malay language when you never even read Tatabahasa Dewan written by Nik Safiah...

    i'm just feeling so lucky my mom taught me the importance of both languages at such a young age. thanx, ma! ;) hehehe...

  40. I agree with your point about the reason for reverting back to BM is a bit ridiculous.

  41. i'm with you!

    sayang gila that they change it back :(

    i wonder.. why won't they make EVERYTHING in malay instead? heh!
    form 6 subjects, matrix, uni...

    what's the use of learning those subjects in malay when in the end, they still need to learn it in english?

    tak ke keje bodo namanya tu?

    alang2 nak sgt in malay, do it all, in every single thing!
    then let us see that we, ourselves destroy our own country

  42. Insomniac - Yes. Why compare to Japanese when we are not even entitle to be compared by our neighbor Singapore?

    It's ridiculous.

    We don't even have great author that can write good academical books. That's why professor and lecturer still refer to imported book instead our Bahasa Melayu book.

  43. Terra - I'd say too ridiculous. I need more solid reasons from them to be chewed.

  44. Adila - Yes. If they want to make it like Japanese and other countries that using their own language for studying, make it until matrix and university too.

    The question here: Do we have good authors to write good academical Malay books?

  45. hmmm... I never understand what's the problem here. I mean, what's wrong with teaching Math and Science in English???

  46. Witch - They claimed that Bahasa Melayu will vanish and teaching in Bahasa Melayu can bring up the language to another level in the eye of the world. Plus, they also claimed that teaching in Bahasa Melayu will minimize the gap between rural student and urban student.

    Can you believe that?

  47. First of all, sorry for late in commenting this post. I have been busy settling down in my new room :)

    Anyhow, I agreed with you on this, especially on the rural students issue. I tried to convey the same idea to my friends who were from rural area; where they said that most of the students there can't even speak in a full sentence in English. And then, they carried on and on about how the urban children are lucky because they have been raised in the environment that exposed them to English at the early age..

    I was like, dude, what the hell?? You just gave yourself the answer all along.

    1. Children should be exposed with English language at an early stage

    2. You should provide the suitable environment for learning English

    Let say that your parents can't speak in English, then, just like what have been implemented in China, the first step towards a better proficiency in English is by parents making the effort to learn themselves.

    BTW, I click on the link to F.O.A site and found the post there was awesome! haha.. I can't stop smiling till now! haha

  48. BCD - I like this:

    "Let say that your parents can't speak in English, then, just like what have been implemented in China, the first step towards a better proficiency in English is by parents making the effort to learn themselves."

    But how many parents willing to do so?

  49. aha, great post. you wrote about it before i do, so i don't have to write it. your post pretty much said all i wanted to, only in a much kinder way. let's all just pray that good will come out of this more than just one way. huh.

  50. Potter - I can make it more sarcastic but I prefer to stay calm and smiling while writing this.

    Maybe next time I will write in sarcastic way which will bring more chaos in the comment box. LOL.

  51. hardware = barand keras...

    we need more ppl like u!

  52. Zewt - Hehe but for hardware they make it "perkakasan" where else software translated as "perisian".

    Government should understand, most formula in science and mathematics are in English.

    Thank you for agreeing with me :)

  53. Too well said, Faisal. I second you, third you, forth you by any mean and chance.

    The children can't possibly be changed if we don't give some forces to change them. It's rather normal to see some lacks and failures in the beginning of the new things we try to set up. But what is more important is the end result. We want them to be more competent to the world, to be more academically profit-returners to one's company and even to the country itself.

    When we speak about hardship, it's even difficult if we let them to survive in this current world learning everything in Malay. It's not that we refuse to respect our mother-tongue. It's just about the matter of being relevant in order to see them work harder and to succeed better in the future. We don't want them to be left behind just because they don't suit the qualification later.

    I believe, if we maintain the system and upgrade it to a better level, make use of the technologies and recruit the teachers to be competent in English (because sometimes the teachers themselves can't speak decent English... Sad..), we can successfully work this out. I strongly believe in this.

    But, some (sorry to say) old-minded people who fight for PPSMI to be dismissed, I think they are in worrisome that our language will be forgotten and rotten in the house. Well, that is our daily language. No matter what, we will keep living with it. It won't be forgotten. But for the sake of our children's education, we do need English to make them reliably up-to-date.

    Sorry for the long respond. This issue was really tingling in my head since long ago.

  54. Sarah - You even give me extra points to be added up into the post :)

    "I believe, if we maintain the system and upgrade it to a better level, make use of the technologies and recruit the teachers to be competent in English (because sometimes the teachers themselves can't speak decent English... Sad..), we can successfully work this out. I strongly believe in this."

    Yes, I'd agree with you that many of the English teachers cannot speak good English. If they cannot speak good English, how could they teach students proper English?

    Government should be strict to the English teacher to be, so that they will be the quality product for the quality future :)

  55. love to see this discussion! It’s great to see you all working through the issues and also, it’s great to see recommendations for testing. In the end, it’s what your actual users do and prefer that should be your biggest driver in making these decisions.

    study abroad


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