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Friday, July 31, 2009

my love for you


My love for you is forever 
My love for you always grows 
My love for you is always here 
Even though the whole world knows 
My love for you won’t fade 
My love for you won’t go away 
My love for you is always here 
And nothings getting' in its way 
I know my love for you will be tested 
I know my love for you is challenged everyday 
I know my love for you will never give up 
Because my love for you is here to stay 
Now my love for you is in your heart 
And that’s where I want it to be 
Cuz' my love for you was here from the start 
It’s just now you hold the key...


  1. juz soooo sweet faisal...


  2. teja - glad that you like it :)

  3. You are a poet as well. :) I am so delighted to get to know you Faisal.
    Loved the poem.

  4. Your love must be very lucky to have such a lover like you aye! :D I love the photo. Amazing!

  5. love is wonderful.
    Love the person who loves you more than you love the person..
    good luck with your love ok...
    insyaAllah... Amin

  6. wow, terus jatuh hati ;)

  7. I think it's time to reveal who's the love of your life to us...:p


  8. A melancholic entry by faisal?..hehe..
    Nice one..I likeee..:-)

  9. bibi - nah, i'm not a poet :-)
    glad that you like it.

    tekkaus - i did not know what picture is the best to put so that you can feel better :-)

    glad that you like the picture and thank you for the compliment :-)

    honeydy - someone said this for me before: "Love the person who loves you more than you love the person.."


    i used to believe so but now i think it must be equal. not more or less :-)

    cik ijau - jatuh hati dengan sape tu cik ijau? :-)

    - haha you will be fainted :-p

    ad - kinda ad :-) i know you like art like this :-p

  10. love is really wonderful. Have a nice day and good love bro.

  11. To be LOVED by YOU is the best feeling i ever had..

    *YOU-refer to my somebody..hehe

  12. er... why should I faint? haha... Isn't it something everyone should be happy with? :)

    ***try me, i won't be fainted :p... lols....

  13. @xim tu tak abis2 dengan YOU dier..

    haha cik limah wat serang balas....

    n3 kat bawah ni @xim perli2 cik limah yer...hahhahha


    opss..lari tajuk lak...

    susah2 jer incek faisal wat n3 ni utk cik limah....hahhaha ** perasan sungguh cik limah **

  14. drsam - thanks doc :-D

    axim - how many somebody? LOL.

    witch - discreet is always good :-p

    yanie - haha cik limah ni rajin tol sakat azim ye ;-)

  15. yeah right... :p

    ***excuses excuses excuses***


  16. Lovely poem... Nice to read, nice to recite... hehe... always for love... love is the source of human power to continue life... Love make us strong ad never give up... Love make us know and acknowledge people, love make us complete and perfect... Love guide us to be a betterman... (send someone to love me - Robbie William)

  17. hahah..boleh buat buku ni kalo hmpunkan suma..try la..publishkan..


  18. uhhhhhh SO SWEETTT!!!!!!

  19. salam..selamat berjuang untuk cinta..ehehe

  20. Anonymous1:40 PM

    who is she? ;P

  21. suituapui3:55 PM

    Who is "he" ???

  22. very nice, well done, and...lovely.


  23. just a thought la...
    what if, one day u wake up suddenly u don't feel the same way towards that someone anymore?

    would u force urself to love that person again?
    what if it doesn't work?
    or.. someone else come into ur life?

    it's freaking me out when i think of it like that haha

  24. witch - hehe because your comment is too short so i can't reveal :D

    zam - oh man. i love that song by robbie williams! its like a motivation song whenever i feel down :)

    teja - teja tolong publishkan boleh? teja kan di bidang mass comm? :D

    ann - don't worry. no diabetes :P

    arsaili - haha sekarang dah tak perlu berjuang :D

    iesha - hehe i can't reveal. sorry ya :)

    stp - "he"? lol. you?

    mike - thanks mike for dropping by :) ... and glad that you like it.

    adila - perhaps i won't have much time anymore to keep changing lover :)

    in fact, i'm getting tired to change lover like changing clothes. so i choose to settle down :)

    i always dream of a perfect life where i can live together with someone i love and grow old with that person.

  25. ahaks!

    im in pr..not publishing...

  26. i love this post...
    wondering when will i received this kind of post or photos or the poem.
    but deep inside i know and totaly aware, I'm better off alone.

  27. teja - haha. contact kan ramai :P

    doll - i thought so many peoples around you try so hard to be the one? :)

  28. You know what?!
    I'm still single cuz semua orang pun fkir macam you. Huhuhuhuuu...

  29. doll - haha pulak! :D unbelievable :P

  30. doll - takkan le takde langsung kekasih hati :P

  31. hmm. jap nak tanya bebear :P

  32. Sila sila sila...
    The one truthful person who know all about me! you'll get my answer and i bet, the answer won't be any different from mine =)

  33. hehe. but are you happy now? with the current situation?

  34. Honestly, I'm ok but sometimes when loneliness hit me, sakit jugak la... Alhamdulillah I'm quite busy with quite tight schedulu with my work. So, it does help to get though the day...

    But sometimes, tak boleh lari jugak. Tu yang rasa down and shitty. Miss having someone to talk to, cuddle up and of course, go out and do things together.

  35. doll - i understand your feeling exactly.
    actually, feeling lonely can give you great depression sometimes.
    you just can't help it but face it anyhow, doesn't matter whether it's hard or not.
    last time i even had to get stress and sleeping pills to deal with this problem.
    just be patient and open your heart.
    if someone want to know you better, always give him a chance to do so.
    you never know...

  36. didn't get this reply earlier bu thanks. Alhamdulillah, I'm not single now... but don't know for how long. i only hope for the best =)

    Me & Dr. N plan to go to Penang to visit you. Bawak la your partner sekali to dinner. Boleh lepak lepak, jenjalan, kan?

  37. Dr N? aik... which one? confuse as you got lots of fans :)

    when are you coming?

  38. Hahhahaaa... That one! *wink*
    Lots of fan? Where?

    We're planning to go in October. Haven't decided on the date yet. Latest on her birthday in November. Will confirm date with her and definitely let you know. Been postponing this trip to see you once too many times already...

    Must go this year, especially when you're not single anymore! More reason to meet up and celebrate! *yayy*

  39. doll - hahahaha! we must enjoy the food! *wink*

    let me know in advance ok?

  40. hehe yesh! :D
    tak sabar nak jumpa...

  41. omg. i have been searching this word for so long... in the movie - Ghost right?

  42. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Thanks for the info

  43. Anonymous6:42 AM jiwang! But nothing beats being loved and being in love. Cheers!!!



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