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Thursday, July 23, 2009

so, it’s that easy?

I’m looking at the computer screen thinking about the sweet memories, even though they are not as many as others. Tapping my keyboard. Not because I have writer’s blockage or boredom, but just my mind becomes blank. Empty. It’s someone leave you in a dark room. A room you never enter before. You have no idea where is bed or even you can’t tell where is the window and door.

My mind flies. To the previous moment. Past time.

I got an email from her.

“Hey, are all the document attached correct?”

I replied “No, next time please be careful”.

A few seconds after that, I got a reply again. It was fast. To me, it’s equivalent to the speed of light.

“Don’t be serious. You always look serious and scare many of us away. Honestly, I think you should smile”.

I smiled.

“Actually, all documents are correct and that was how I joke with people. Maybe in a serious way which only me find it’s funny?” I replied.

I sent another email “Let’s go for lunch. I have no mate to go with anyway. Ok?”

She replied “Sure!”.

When we reached there, the place was crowded. It was unusual.

She chose to eat economy rice with her favorite dish – bareback fish. I still wonder why they called it that way. I didn’t care much about its name. In fact until today, I never bother to find out why. I ordered chicken fried rice. My favorite part. Thigh as usual. It has been a while since I called it thigh last time. Drumstick is more usual than awkward thigh when we talk about chicken.

We sat with other peoples in one table since the place was crowded and we didn’t have much choice. I didn’t care much.

I ate fast as I was hungry. She ate slow but not as slow as snail but she left the rice.

I asked “Why didn’t finish the rice?”.

She answered “Because there is no more fish…” while sticking out her cute tongue.

“Let me take more fish for you?” I replied.

“I’m on diet!” she murmured to avoid other people overheard the conversation.

I laughed.

That was the first laugh after I didn’t laugh for ages. Not that I didn’t find anything funny. Just that I think everything funny was just crap and not worth to focus on.


Someone is screaming to me. Calling my name.

“God! Do learn some manner will you?” I replied with shock.

“I’ve been calling your name like thousand of times! The director wants to see you now. I hope it’s a good news since you have good reputation lately” said Anna.

“Damn, see you in hell!” I replied with grimace.

While I’m walking to the director’s room my mind running wild. Not about what the director is going to say or ask. But how easy she forgets about me and our moment even though it is short.

So, it’s that easy?


  1. Anonymous12:26 AM

    i know who is her..sabar k...let by gone be by gone..

  2. anonymous - it's just a story. i realize that bloggers prefer sad one rather than the happy one.

    what say you?

  3. base on real story yea...huhuh...keep smiling faisal...jgn la kedekut ngan ur beautiful smile tuh..:P

  4. that is sweet dear :)..never start frowning coz u never know who might fakk in love with ur smile :)

  5. fakk - fall..apekahh..pagi2 dah typo :P

  6. suituapui6:38 AM

    I guess you two not on Streamyx... Hehehehehe!!!

  7. Anonymous7:50 AM

    im so sorry coz hurting u... but it's not easy to me too.. ~ans~

  8. Anonymous7:50 AM

    im so sorry coz hurting u... but it's not easy to me too.. ~ans~

  9. Anonymous7:50 AM

    im so sorry coz hurting u... but it's not easy to me too.. ~ans~

  10. Anonymous7:50 AM

    im so sorry coz hurting u... but it's not easy to me too.. ~ans~

  11. sukar juga erk nak cope dengan keadaan tu...btw, smile always... :)

  12. Bareback fish? What's that?

  13. "But how easy she forgets about me and our moment even though it is short.

    So, it’s that easy?"

    Nevermind the short moment. Nevermind all the times spent.
    Nevermind about everything because if they want to forget, even if it's 5 years or 8 years or longer.... they will make it so damn easy...

  14. people might not remember every deed you did to them,but they will not even forget how you made them feel..:)

    cheer up mate!!

  15. wahidah - i will smile as always :)

    inah - teringat lagu words kan? by boyzone (nyanyian asal beegees)

  16. stp - not on streamyx? *confuse*

    anonymous - er?

  17. kcy - yes i will keep smiling :)

    rozie - we called it ikan belah belakang hehe. you know?

  18. witch - i'd agree with you. totally agree!

    axim - agree axim. indeed.

  19. bareback fish sounds so sexy... hahaha... :p

  20. witch - sexy? lol. it sounds obscene too!

  21. haha... bareback fish...

    do the memory make U smile?? Then, continue your dream and forget your work... (really like that??)

    Maybe, it's not so easy... as the woman, she might be too shy to continue, man always first... (haha damn)...

    Anna calling your name in previous moment or present??

  22. suituapui1:08 PM

    You got your reply "at the speed of light"...Streamyx where got so fast mah!!! Hahahahaha!

  23. sabar2....

    cenyum cikit


  24. Well...nothing worthwhile comes easily...that's why there are things that are hard to be "touched"! :P

  25. Yay! Another story! I like sad middle happy endings! Hahaha!

    Keep up the good work!

  26. zam - i want you to differentiate the tense :D

    stp - er. i'm using streamyx what :P

    yanie - 2 kali sabar. dah dapat full iman dah ni :D

    tekkaus - hard to be touched? you mean?

    lady - glad that you like it :)

  27. selamat main badminton malam nih...

    sorry td tak sempat call...

    malam kang kita sms k...



    I'm back abg admar after missing for zillion years! hehehe

  29. haha.. daydreaming...

  30. yanie - a'a semalam main badminton sampai pukul 10pm :)

    ann - hehe. where have you been?

    zam - oit oit. work!

  31. Hahaha I don't know, Im still here but its just I am lazy to writing. Huhu :(

  32. ann - lazy is a killer. try to run from him!

  33. juz that easy...


  34. teja - keji kan perempuan :P

  35. no..we r not dear...
    'perempuan' termasuk ur mom, grandma, sisters n others..

    xsuma camtu..and maybe bcoz of some reasons, SEGELINTIR perempuan bersikap sedemikian...'s juz my thought..perhaps it's wrong...


  36. teja - haha don't take it serious :) i was just pulling your leg.

  37. yup, its that easy. :P

  38. hey. short time spent or long doesn't really matter. it's the chance to have some moments spent together that matters more. =) hehe.

    nice one here.


  39. Ooh! Another sad story? I want tragic ones! Haha!

  40. real story? 0_0
    any more continuation from this? :D

  41. hahah!

    i mmg serious la...

    cover lak ka..kuangkuang..

  42. potter - yeah. agree with you. sigh. but now i'm happy :)

    potter - tag? omg. *hide*

    foong - tragic? lol. maybe i will write a happy one next?

    adila - no more :) i will put the chronology if there is more.

    teja - then me too. lol.


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