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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


medal1I got the picture but I have been postponing writing about it for so long. Busy with work, study and also don’t feel like writing an old post but since I will write about another competition, so I guess just write about the old story instead.

Last month I joined my company for badminton competition. It’s a competition for some sports including table tennis, dart and carom other than badminton.

All doubles. No single.

There were 5 games which are veteran above 40, officers, open, mix double and woman double. In team A, there were BSN (the favorite for winning the competition), EPF, State Finance and AG. In team B, there were IRB, Customs, Rakyat Bank and Agro Bank.

The first game between IRB and Customs, we lose. Rumors had been spread about the best team in B was Rakyat Bank. So when we lose to Customs, we were upset and thinking of going home early than we expected. Customs was strong. My double loses to them. I played in open category.

Then we won against Agro Bank and believe it or not we won against Rakyat Bank too! That means we could go to the semi-final!

Everybody was so happy and we have to come for the next day for semi-final.

The unhappy part was, winner of group A going to meet runner up in B. Yes, you are right. We must defeat BSN in order to go to final. Unbelieveable.

So the heat thumping moment happen. BSN with a lot of supporters kept screaming like there is no tomorrow. They were about 30 peoples for the supporter which don’t ask how many we have other than the players itself.

I was so pressure until we won little against them in the first set and lose in the second set. So we played for rubber game.

It was just the matter of who can’t handle the pressure. I did a lot of provoking which actually works! One of the players threw the racket up to the air. I knew we were going to win!

Yes, we won as I expected which means we were going to meet Customs who won against State Finance. Damn.

Honestly, my energy drained out together with the sweat. Very tired!

In final game, I couldn’t play anymore. I couldn’t even smash. Pathetic.

We won the 2nd place and I knew I made all the gang upset. The pressure was not just about the game but also we were the hope. If we lose, the result already needs not to be told.

The best part of the competition was I got a lot of fan. I don’t want to brag about it but those who joined the competition should know about it. Ha-ha.

marinLast night I had another competition between LHDN and Marine Police. Our expectation was low. Not to say that we don’t have the courage but those uniform teams usually have their own court and they play every day and night which most of us play once a week. I play 3 times a week.

Obviously they were way too strong to be played with.

We got 5 games and we lose all. I hope my team won’t be disappointed and will keep the spirit high for the next friendly game.

I must train harder in order to be better. Now, I’m crazy of table tennis.

I’m good with games that use hand. Ha-ha!


  1. congratz...aktif main badminton ye..bgs2

  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    usaha lg...chaiyok....

  3. wahidah - hehe thanks. aktif gak :P 3 kali seminggu je.

    ary - doa kan ye!

  4. Congratulations!! Obviously you have shown your competency in badminton and you have done a good job in helping the team to win the metal in the competition.
    I'm so proud of you and i believe with your commitment and capability, you will be the champion next year.
    I like table tennis too. come, let's play :)

  5. "I’m good with games that use hand. Ha-ha!" - Brian, what are you suggesting here? *wink*

  6. keith - thanks for the compliment. i hope your words will come true :D

    table tennis? i'll get my bat tomorrow :P

    doll - lol. what do you think?

  7. i think... i think...
    i think... i know what you think!

  8. doll - hahahahaha! notti!

  9. sapa yang noti ni?
    cuba fikir balik *wink*

  10. Auwh! You have strong hands. What other hands 'games' are you playing? Csre to share? LOL.

  11. doll - haha me :P

    cahaya - playdoh? :P

  12. u make me think naughty by the last sentence o your entry..:p

  13. u make me think naughty by the last sentence o your entry..:p

  14. SEXercise? I lurve to sexercise too! We shud do it together sometimes :p hahaha :D
    juz kidding, darl...

  15. Axim - Haha. It's individual thought. I don't blame you :P

    Insomniac - OMG. Haha is that a new word that I suppose to know?

  16. hehehe... yes, darl you're rite ;)
    sexercise, sexcited, sexhausted :D all sex-related verbs ;)

  17. Insomniac - LOL. I pprefer sexhausted :P

  18. Anonymous1:36 PM

    gosh...talking bout what? badminton or?

  19. ary - LOL. Ask her :P

  20. So, you strong eh??

  21. zam - in what field? :P

  22. ...i'm bad with sports that need to use hand

    but oh.. i guess i'm good in "clicking" my mouse :P lol

  23. adila - How fast can you click in 10 seconds? LOL.

    doll - Eh still got plan visiting me here?

  24. yes but don't have anybody to go with... let's check with Cahaya, if she wants to go with me and 'haru' you there. And can you suggest where shall i stay, if possible i want near the beach. If you can check and lemme know, I'm on the way =)

  25. doll - Near the beach? 4 or 5 stars?

  26. Wow! Awesome! At least you won something right? SO you can really play badminton huh. :p for losing to marine police etc. I thing it's better this way or else they will put a bullet through your brain. LOL ;D

  27. Tekkaus - OMG. What time you wake up? Hehe I haven't showered and need to get ready to work :P

    Haha they play every night as they have own badminton courts unlike us, we not even have own building LOL.

    But that's not an excuse for me to train harder and get better! :)

  28. yayyy! we're coming!!!
    nantikan kedatangan kami.
    we're gonna paint Penang in red!

  29. Doll - In red? With blood eh? :P

  30. all kinds of red!

  31. zam - hehe you? can you play? or what sport is your favorite?

    - all kind of red? *confuse*

  32. you work in IRB???

  33. what happened to faisal admar????

    IRB penang.... I see....

    looks like i can consult u on a lot of things... hehehe....

  34. Zewt - I prefer to keep my profile low :) Hidden to be exact.

    You can ask me any question and I will try my best to give you the answer. Alright?

  35. which branch u in?

  36. hahahahahah
    that i know lah...

    i mean... assessment or processing or audit or investigation or WHT or stamp office or rpgt (u guys still have this?)

  37. Zewt - No more RPGT :) I'm in admin.


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