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Sunday, August 02, 2009

travel tips

DSC01381 3 stooges!


i just done dinner (ok, i know some might called it supper) – lamb chop, watermelon juice and ice lemon tea. ignore the 2 drinks ok? :) kinda dehydrated. i always have this problem whenever i travel. it shows on my skin too. it will become so dry and haggard. eww… i even hate looking at it in the mirror (i have skin problem (pimples) lately which i prefer to ignore rather than keep looking at it and put myself into a great depress).

now i’m in muar. i don’t feel like put any pictures for this trip. if you wanna see them, kindly click here. still the same foods and environment :) but it’s relaxing. oh ya, mind the way i’m writing now too. no capital letter, i know ;)

when i was in the shower room, i got this idea about writing some travel tips. i know some of you already know about it but i still choose to share because i know i might help some others :)

first, whenever you travel, do not fold your shirt. it will give you lines on your shirt if you fold it. what you need to do is roll them :) instead of avoid the lines, it also give much space for your luggage.

second, do you have problem whenever you use hot shower and your mirror steam up? it’s easy to avoid this thing happen. put some soap on the mirror. trust me, your mirror won’t steam up anymore :)

ok, that’s all i want to share with you :)

see ya!


  1. oh yeah i'm first. wah. there's a challenge write a hundred words? hm. make it a book discussion, mate..and i'll give you 500. hehe.

    first of all, a fun picture to look at. and secondly - sedap sungguh minuman itu kelihatannya!!


    hey i roll my clothes when i pack them up, too. gives me more space for other minor stuff like my perfume bottles and brooch boxes..but i havent tried putting soap on the mirror..sounds like a cool experiment~~will do it ASAP! hehe.

    oh. your comment was responded to. XD

  2. Petua yg baekk punya ttg cermin.. tak pernah dgr sblom neh..hehe..
    Yg shirt tu pernah dgr..hehe
    Bestnyee jenjalan..

  3. wah siap bagi petua tu..i likee

  4. yah i knw about rolling up the shirts.. but I tried before when I was packing up my thingy to go to camping but then I feel my bag kinda "full" compare than folding up the shirts. Anyways great tips! will try it!

  5. potter - hehe yes you're the first commenter :) congrats nani even though now i don't give special award for first commenter anymore hehe.

    i'm reading some books now including academical ones. you will write 500 words for the academical books too? you sure? hehe.

    the drink was good. i love juices so much especially when i feel so dehydrated :)

    yes nani, i think many people know about rolling clothes but not about soaping the mirror :)

    you should try ok?

    i will check the comment soon :)

    ad - yep ad. seperti yang dijangkakan, ramai yang tahu pasal baju tu :) jangan lupa cuba ye ad.

    - janga lupa cuba tau :)

    ann - what about soaping the mirror? ;)

  6. Good tip on the steamy mirror. Do look after your diet though. Have an enjoyable and safe trip.

  7. drsam - yes we are tend to forget about our diet when we are on vacation :) thank you doc :)

  8. nah i dont really mind the awards. i just thought its strange to drop by ur latest post and it hasnt been commented. anyways, thanks so much for your reply *sobs*..i've replied to that, too. XD

  9. potter - eh change the avatar? haha recently i've lost some of my commenter :D i guess my blog is not as good as before anymore :)

    ok i go and read the comment now :D

  10. makan apa tu....

  11. wah, kak nurul ke tue??
    siap bg tips..
    leh guna pakai nanti...
    enjoy holiday abg...
    dy esok exam...

  12. suka dengan tip kamu...

    akan cuba dibuat kelak...

    enjoy ya faisal

  13. You look like extremely tired bro. What happened? haha :p

  14. travelling tips huh? :)
    nice one there... roll the cloth reminds me of myself because i have the habit of bringing cloth more than necessary.. lols...

    Urg.. dont mention the skin.. lols.. in my case, it's oily. HATE IT!!! haha... I even store some travel kit beauty regime but hardly have time to use them, so forget it.. :p

    Maybe after back from travell you should go for facial... :)

  15. nak mee bandung muar satu..tolong bungkuskan.. ;p

  16. hi
    it's been a long time since the last time i visit ur blog!

  17. ala comei nya 3 stooges tu...yg penting in da middle tu ctrl macho ja...:p

    psl baju tu..mmg selalu dok wat pun rock n roll...jimat space n baju x kerdut...psl cermin..never heard b4...nanti nk try tgk..bjaya x..makanan all looks delicious....

  18. tips to tag and thank you :) Nice pic there, tell me more about it, yeah the mid of the rest;)

  19. mcm kembar 3 la pakcik faisal...


  20. huhu... Welcome to the south region bro... Yo should drink more mineral water lah bro...

  21. you are like Anthony Bourdain coming to town!

  22. ijad - makan lamb chop dengan air tembikai je :D

    dy - ya tu kak nurul le :) hmm jangan lupa cuba tau... and good luck in your examination ya :)

    kcy - hehe a must try tip ya! :)

    tekkaus - 10 hours driving! what do you expect haha.

    witch - haha i always think facial is sissy but maybe you're right, i should go facial when i'm back in Penang :)

    - haha nanti basi le. lagi pun teja bukan di Penang :P

    nabil - hehe yes. some of my blogger friends told me my blog is getting bored now. maybe they are right LOL.

    noorjan - haha control macho? mana de lar. hmm, kena cuba tau! nanti kasi tau result okay? :)

    - hehe. tell you more? i hate when this is the 2nd time i couldn't eat otak-otak :(

    yanie - tolong panggil abang okay :P pakcik too old lah :P

    zam - yep. plain water is the best remedy :D

  23. zm - er? you make me sound like a flogger :P but the fact is i'm not. say that to STP. LOL.

  24. wah wah wah

    ABANG FAISAL gitue.....


    padahal saper lagi muda?

    biar lah rahsiaaaaaaaaaaa.....

  25. sissy? haha... come on, I always drag a guy friend for facial... luckily you're not here or else you'll be the next victim... haha.
    But they love the result and back for second time... :p

  26. not about the food dude but is about the travel tips idea. I must take them while onboard :P

  27. about the way to roll the clothes.. ohhhh thanks! haha i never thought of it that way! xD

    usually, what i do is.. bawak je baju2 yg tak berkedut hehe
    that's much easier

    or pretend it doesn't look kedut that teruk even tho it is xD

  28. yanie - haha! age is just number la yanie :P

    witch - luckily :P but i will go after the pimples is getting better.

    zm - yes. let me know once you try it :)

    adila - haha try that. not to forget about the tip for avoiding steamy mirror ya :D


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