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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lahirnya Seorang Jutawan

This book is good. I have read a lot of books from Azizi Ali’s collection which you can visit the website here. Believe it or not, his books have helped me from being poor and now I would say I have nothing to worry about money. What I need to do is focus of what I have learned from him and keeps working out on my track.

Some of his books that I have read are mXe!, Jutawan Dari Planet Jupiter and How to Become A Property Millionaire. The main points are almost the same on how to save money and gain more money from what you have earned. Oh not to forget, a book about Internet Business from their website too.

Let me just share the topics that have been discussed in this book rather than I write the whole thing again. The topics are:

  1. Perjalanan Hidup Saya Sebagai Seorang Pekerja (My life as an employee)
  2. Pekerja Jutawan (Millionaire Employee)
  3. Anda tidak perlu kebenaran untuk menjadi kaya (You do not need the truth in order to be rich)
  4. Empat faktor yang memberi kesan ke atas pendapatan anda selaku pekerja (Four factors that affect your salary as an employee)
  5. Bagaimana untuk menjadi pekerja yang mempunyai pasaran (How to be a good employee in the market)
  6. Bagaimana untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak wang selaku pekerja (How to get more money as employee)
  7. Tidak semuanya indah (Everything is not beautiful)
  8. Serangan dari dua penjuru (Attacks from 2 sides)
  9. Menjadi ejen bebas (Be a freelance)
  10. Wujudkan SPT (Create SPT)
  11. Pembakar lanjut (NOS – speed up)
  12. Bagaimana untuk menyimpan wang (How to save money)
  13. Bagaimana untuk melabur wang dengan bijak (How to invest money wisely)
  14. Elakkan melakukan kesilapan wang yang besar (Avoid humongous financial mistake)
  15. Menjadi kaya adalah usaha berpasukan (Rich is about teamwork)

So, if you are interested to know the details I would suggest you to buy one copy of this (available in English too). Sometimes we know about these things but just that we never practice it or worse we have forgotten about them. So, books are good to keep us vigilant all the time. Currently I am reading “A Mighty Heart” by Mariane Pearl. I will write about it as soon as I finish. It is a sad true story about a journalist who get killed in Karachi. I have a handful of books to read and I am happy. What are you reading now?


  1. I love reading, but reading this kind of book sometimes makes me so sleepy. I meant, I'm not really into it. >.<

    Where can I get this book anyway? Since I'm in KL now I think should be easier to find it. Hee..~

  2. Faisal Admar,
    I like reading. Since there are so many internet user in this world, it is the right time to learn something about internet business.
    I will check it out, have a nice weekend, my good friend Faisal Admar.

  3. Faisal! I have so many books to read too and I still can't seem to find the time. I promised myself to read at least 1 book a week, but so susah lah come back rumah at around 10pm already so penat.
    :( Sad sad.

    Lambat lah this I wanna sell all my remaining books! Hehehehe

  4. "sometimes we know about these things but just that we never practice it or worse we have forgotten about them"

    ok, statement ini sangat tepat ok!

    faisal, do make up an entry yang related dgan entry as yg lepas. I wanted to hear ur view, fren!

  5. Ann - You can get this book at any bookstore in Malaysia such as Popular, Borders and MPH. Give yourself a try, I bet you won't feel sleepy as the approach is different from other book (Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump).

    Coolingstar - So, we are alike :) I love reading too. Yes I know if we are creative enough and know what Internet Business is about I am sure we can make a hit. Honestly, I prefer offline business more than online business. What say you?

    Rosie - Almost done with "A Mighty Heart". Then I will continue with another Azizi Ali's book. What are you reading now Rosie?

    As - Which entry to be exact As? I am puzzled :)

  6. I read his books too. Also learnt a lot about managing my finances and also on the property industry. I now follow his practice of listing down what I spent on everyday - you can read about it here.
    Also his copy of the house rental agreement is perfect! : )

  7. @faisal

    ur quite a reader heh. good for you. i realise apart from watching movies, reading gives us a lot of knowledge!

    for me, now im reading books on film making :)

  8. Foong - Yes I have practiced both too. The tenant agreement is complete and we just need to do the stamping ;) What about Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump? Do you read their books too?

    Quachee - Yes Quachee, reading help us gain knowledge. Books on film making? Are you going to produce a film soon? This is interesting ;)

  9. I'm reading a historical romance novel....yeah I know, kinda girlie, but hey I'm a girl. LOL

  10. I love books so much, but none of my reading list includes motivational or 'how-to-be-rich' type of books. I don't this kind of books can really affect me in anyways. I can see that these kind of books really effect you well. :) good luck!

  11. Tammy - Girl and romance novel seem hard to be unattached. My girl colleague loves romance novel as well and she told me finance book is boring :) Does not matter what book we read, but reading is a good habit.

    Cahaya - It is depend whether you read and implement in your life or you can just read 1 book and another just like reading a fantasy book chapter by chapter :) Yes, these books really help me to gain more knowledge in finance and already lead me to financial freedom. If I cannot be a millionaire at least I get my financial freedom. I have written some points regarding financial freedom before here. If you can save 10% for your saving, 20% for investment and 70% for your expenses then you do not need to worry about these books anymore :) I bet you know better on how to spend your money. So, what book do you read?

  12. cam best je...
    tapi kalo beli skang...xbca la buku2 yg dah dibeli..kui3...

  13. Teja - Bukan macam best tapi memang sangat best :) Kalau ada buku yang dah dibeli, baca dulu buku-buku tu. Bila dah habis dibaca, boleh la beli buku ni pula. Target seminggu 1 buku ke? :)

  14. this book so interested..
    faisal, ur blog also good and informative..

  15. Melayu - Kini - Yes. This is book is interesting and useful. You should get a copy of it if possible. Just go to any bookstore nearby alright? :) Thanks for the compliment pal.

  16. Yer Faisal..Buku ni bagus.. bagus sekali. Tapi ramai juga melayu yang bodoh sombong tak suka buku ini. Itu semua melayu jenis hapra. U trust me..buku ni bagus sebagai Motivasi diri. Lagipun karya ni adalah karya anak tempatan. bagus untuk kita agung-agungkan. Menjadi Jutawan tidak mustahil faisal..Senang dan mudah kalau ada cara dan gayanya.

  17. Cyberwira - Betul abang. Ramai Melayu yang ketawakan saya bila ternampak saya pegang buku ni. Ada yang bertanya "Jika ko rasa dengan baca buku ni ko boleh kaya, dah ramai dah yang kaya sekarang ni". Saya hanya senyum. Saya berharap satu hari nanti saya akan berjaya macam abang.

  18. salam...just browsing through blogs and found nak berkecimpung dlm blogging ni..hihi..a way to cure broken heart..i like to read, in fact it is my hobby..i think reading is one of the best way to relieve a bad day-=)

  19. salam...just browsing through blogs and found nak berkecimpung dlm blogging ni..hihi..a way to cure broken heart..i like to read, in fact it is my hobby..i think reading is one of the best way to relieve a bad day-=)

  20. Ayen - Salam Ayen. I try to keep myself busy with reading. Now I'm holding another book. I want to read 1 book a week :) There is a will, there is a way isn't it?

  21. ahaks...i buku seminggu?Insyaallah..
    try my best la..kui3...

  22. tunggu buku i kluar nanti.
    nanti jgn lupa baca interview i dlm Personal Money...


    i selalu tulis pasal duit kt blog. later akan kumpul2 apa yg i tulis.

    buku macam ni bagi inspirasi. senang kan.

  23. Teja - Haha sure boleh!

    Wenkt - Tak sabar nak baca! :)


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