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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Magic Paintbrush: A Musical

To my surprise, I got a parcel last week. At first I was bewildered. When sister told me that I got a parcel on that day I thought it was the book I bought from Rosie. Then, when I looked at it I knew it wasn’t a book. I was happy and opened it eagerly. Then I found it was a CD and there was a name card attached to it. It was from Dr Kenneth Lyen!

I was more than happy. I could not describe my feeling through words as I love masterpiece like these!

I ran to my room and played it on my laptop. I like “Wishing For A World” and “Reaching For A Shining Star” so much. They are lovely and ear soothing. Not enough with playing it on my laptop, I played it in the office and also in the car!

I would like to thank Quachee for his post about this and also big thank you to Dr Kenneth Lyen for giving me this lovely CD. I love it so much and really appreciate it.


  1. Congrats! I have not heard the songs composed by him, but he's really multi talented, isn't he?

  2. wah ! Any example of the songs?

  3. i want found it lah? sound nice !!

  4. huu

    it surely feels great

  5. xpernah dgar. hehe.. Must be really lovely!

  6. Foong - Thanks Foong. I was so impress to know a doctor (which usually will claim themselves very busy and have no time for hobby) could compose songs and write a book. He is such an idol and my inspiration ;)

    Ann - You could googling for the 2 titles I put in the post and you can also click the link to Dr Ken's blog and it is a direct link to this topic which he attaches "Reaching For A Shining Star" imeem at the bottom of the post.

    Zuer - You can google about it and trust me it is really worth it ;) Try to listen the one he attaches in his blog.

    As - Yes it helps me feel relief and gives me a peace of mind. My current situation makes me need both badly. You should try to listen to some of his masterpieces too. Maybe there is a way to get a copy too, I'm not sure.

    BCD - Click Dr Ken's link in my post and enjoy one of his masterpiece that he attaches at the bottom of his post. Do you know that Philharmonic Orchestra is going to make a concert full with classical music? I have no idea about the ticket price and the dates. If you could feed me some news it will be greatly appreciated ;)

    Adila - Eh, you didn't get yourself a copy? Usually you are the active one in Quachee's blog ;) Yes, they are good! As I stated in the blog my favorite are those two songs but that does not mean I do not like the rest.

  7. hi faisal

    im glad that dr ken is yr inspiration. maybe someday, u can meet him in person. he really is a nice person and im sure he will be most pleased to meet you! :)

  8. Quachee - It is a great pleasure to meet Dr Ken in person. I will be speechless, anxious and excited. Next time if someone tells me that he has no time because of busy schedule I will mention Dr Ken as example. A doctor yet a writer and composer! Amazing!


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