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Monday, November 17, 2008

A is attached!

S knew A few months ago. in fact to know someone in a few months time is not enough. its new. S hasn't knew everything about A yet.

they met through a dating website. then A messaged S with a simple hi. S replied. they exchanged MSN. they saw each other on webcam. nothing impress S. to S, A was just another brat who is seeking for hole, seeking for lust or to be exact seeking for a bitch. S ignored some greetings from A on MSN. A asked for a meeting few times but S refused with some excuses. one of them was because A is attached!

one night, S felt so stress. so depress. so bored. so, S texted A asked for a meeting. A simply agreed. they met and as expected A took S home. nothing much on their head at that moment just a plain vanilla...

after the first meeting, S just tried to get rid of A. A kept trying to keep in touch with S but A was ignored by S. A felt silly and stop trying. after a while, S felt uneasy. the feeling of missing someone haunted. they kept in touch again through cell phone.

they met few times.

the jealousy came when A went to kl to see the lover. but S tried the best to stay calm and not to show any reaction. deep in S's heart, S is jealous. S kept messaging A even though A told S that A would switch off the cell phone while A is there. lover was always around -- S thought.

went A came back. A wanted to meet S. but S sulked.

after 3 weeks, they met again. S missed A very much S never tell.

the happiness didn't last long. A told S that A's lover had bought a ticket to bangkok. S was sad. heartbroken. S loves A so much. but...

after a week in bangkok. A came back. as soon as A reached house, A texted S told S that A was at home. S was busy with some works and told A that S is going to meet A in the weekend. A agreed.

they met. but this time it was different. A was very lovely. romantic. loving. you named it.

it has been a while since S got a lover and to shower together is always a dream. A offered to shower to together with S. S was shy but then agreed. it was such a romantic moment. very romantic!

S was so impress with A's honesty. A never lie. but A is attached!

yes that's the fact. S is the victim now. S loves A so much but what S could do? pray that someday A will be S's? or keep on waiting to love A for the rest of S's life? S cried yesterday. S is crying now. S knows that to be in triangle love is dangerous and its like committing suicide.

A told S that if A met S 4 years ago, A would take S as A's lover. but seem now its too late.

S loves A so much and would love A forever. but for now, S guess S better stay away from A for A's relationship sake.

its either the lover or S.

or is it a goodbye?


  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    is it a true story ?
    your own experience perhaps ?

  2. berrykisses - its just a short story :) my imagination.

  3. Faisal, maybe you should create stories for those Malay dramas on TV. Haha! Wonder who is A and who is S? Surely you are referring to two real people, if not why not just call them A and B? : )

  4. It's a good bye. A is not suitable for S.

    "No good man can be steal by another women ;)"

  5. foongpc - haha maybe you are right :) i don't know why lately i like to write drama like this. honestly... i don't know.

    ann - goodbye is a sad thing. but maybe you are right.

  6. Anonymous12:22 AM

    you are very creative .
    you should write books . :D

  7. berrykisses - not until i'm good with words :) btw, what is your suggestion about this case?

  8. Anonymous12:49 AM

    i would say its a goodbye .

    but , does A loves his gf ?

  9. are you planning to be a writer?
    to write a novel perhaps?

    *forget it


  10. SASASASASASSASASA.. x pahamm.. hehehehe

  11. at first, I thought it was a true story.

    hahas !

    S & A keep confusing me :D

    A is not for S ... and vice versa...

  12. i think the hardest thing to do is to say goodbye...

    but again, S should think, how long can S wait? is it worth it? can A make S happy? can S stand being the other person? for how long?

    i can go on and on and on... if this is real story *wink*

  13. Haha faisal, you have quite a wild imagination. Is this all? Or you still have something in your imagination that you'll never tell? Hehe. Kidding.

    Here's the thing. To be in love triangle somehow challenging, where you have to be secretive all the time, and if 'pecah tembelang' - mampus!~~

    But now, people seems to believe honesty is the best thing - ye lah, you told everything about you, including that you're with someone, yada, yada, yada. Is this consider honest? For me, nope. Absolutely not!

    To choose and let go is another thing. As in your story, both try to get rid of each other for quite sometimes, but, as you like the other person, that's why it is so difficult.

    p/s: Just choose whoever you wanna be with. It will be haunted for life if you don't. :) Happy choosing!

  14. HOMYGOSH FAISAL. Cerita ini ada kaitang dgn yg hidup/mati or fictional smata2?

    HAHAHAHHAA. sabar bnyk2 Faisal.


  15. cinta 3 segi??? what should i
    do????? hurm..if A really in lurve with the other guys..looks like S to back off la..huhuhu..

    sorry taw tk inform pesal turun penang....bukan sengaja..i left ur no in my old hp..n i left my old hp also..:(

  16. LOVE! Look what love can do, huh, Faisal? Gosh, the shower thingy made me laugh! LOL! Did you create this or is it real?

  17. S n A keep confusing me..haha..

    Well..for's better for S to say goodbye..kumbang bukan seekor..they only knew each other for not a big deal to forget him..mungkin dia akan jumpak yang lebih baik S loves A, then S must let A goes..A already has someone in his the author said in the beginning..A is only a brat seeking for a hole..maybe it was A intention..who knows..kan kan..

    takde sambungan lagi ke?or jawapan2 reader kasi ni u buat reference untuk sambung kisah ni..

    i'll be waiting..

  18. gee... i dunno, it sounds confusing and for some reason, i kept seeing A-S-S, and it spells like... mwahaha!
    but honestly,
    "if liking 2 ppl is against the rule,
    then i must be sucha fool,
    for letting this feeling grow,
    and never had the chance to let it show..."
    -by Ida R Dean-

  19. 25 minute too late...=(

  20. lupa kan saja A, S should continue his journey with his/her lover...

  21. This is not about you right? Ha ha. Curious since yr previous posting is all abt your daily life. After all you said so life is too short to be ordinary. Or maybe this love story is just too ordinary for you?
    Hv a great day fren.

  22. A and S love each other??huhu,very sad

  23. berrykisses - yes A loves A's (i can't use its as A is a human being and i prefer not to put any gender for making it more interesting) lover. there is so much tolerate from the lover's side and A and the relationship has been for 4 years. its a goodbye, but can S accept it? can A accept it too? we never know what is going to happen in the future but i do hope A and S can be together and happy forever. but when?

    abir - nope. but i got wild imagination sometimes which i guess its good to share with my fellow blogger friends. not creative enough i know :P

    arep - hmm hanya jauhari mengenal manikam? keke.

    dayah - maybe its a true story. who knows? ;)

    porcelain doll - yes. goodbye is the hardest thing to say. even harder to do. its will crush your heart and break it into pieces. it will take time to recover.

    i agree. its just a forever waiting for S but if this could make S happy then why not? if goodbye is the best thing to do, i guess from the beginning S wouldn't play with fire and stay away from A who is attached. but do you believe in fate? for A, to leave the lover is really cruel and if A can leave A's lover, why not it won't happen again to S in the future? is it worth it to leave a 4 years relationship for S? too many questions in my mind :)

    cahaya - haha i got some kinky ones but its not suitable for all ages :P

    hmm i guess A at the first place is not honest. but fate has written that that would meet no matter what. when this happen, its hard if A must live in denial that A doesn't love S at all. they both love each other just the matter of time. if they meet each other 4 years ago, i guess there is no triangle love anymore. but now its getting complicated. very complicated. not only for A but also for S.

    its not about choosing cahaya, if choosing is the best thing we could do, we won't have crush on people's lover or spouse. this is what we called fate i suppose?

    riz - alamak. kenapa pula beta yang kena sabar! haha. you learn psychology before? it seems like you are reading my mind haha!

    wahidah - hmm. so what make you think A is a woman? hehe as i don't put any gender there :P

    p/s: its ok lah next time leh jumpa :)

    aisha - haha! its fiction maybe? suppose that shower thingy part is the romance part. haha!

    hoodedlicious - hmm i guess A really get the hole? if not how could there shower together? haha! wild imagination isn't it?

    well, maybe there is another episode. or maybe not. too many things in my head and i don't want to spoil the blog with so many entries at one go :P

    insomniac - oh dear! so you are in A's case?

    ixora - alamak. lagu MLTR! lama tak dengar. nak layan lagu i'll be there by jackson5 jap :P

    zuer - suppose yang ada lover A kan? now you're confusing me haha!

    ismail - i hate when smart peoples leave comment haha! another psychology guy? this is extraordinary. either to be A or B. but it takes lots of courage to be S which love someone that will lead to uncertainty and it takes lots of patience to be S, break 1 or 2 hearts at the same time.

    aliya - yes they love each other. just that they should meet 4 years ago.

  24. A told S that if A met S 4 years ago, A would take S as A's lover. but seem now its too late.
    -kui3..if the real story, xpyh..nnti A mungkin akan buat bnda yg sma or maybe lg worst to S...kui3..

    S loves A so much and would love A forever. but for now, S guess S better stay away from A for A's relationship sjavascript:void(0)ake.
    -alah...kalo cite sebenar, kejap je frust tu..g tenangkan fkiran..hehe..

    **komen2 diatas if cita cmni betul2 wjud..kalo hanya cerita dialam fntasi, terbalikkan je la..biar banyak jln ceta n cnflct..baru besh~~

  25. I love the part when they BATH together. Woah! I got same opinion with your friend named Cahaya.

    You got wild imagination :D

  26. Anonymous8:49 PM

    oh well , why dont you just continue writing the story ? :D

  27. ey..
    creative la..
    who said tak creative?

  28. yeah... you're right.
    why do i feel like i'm one of those character ya? hmmmm...

  29. teja - hehe. tapi S tak tenang² juga dan A betul² sayangkan S. masing² tahu yang mereka saling memerlukan dan sangat sayang antara satu sama lain.

    ann - haha. kissing and soaping each other under warm shower?

  30. berrykisses - hehe. then i need some times :)

    abir - hehe ayat straight forward sangat. mana leh buat cerita jiwang haha.

    porcelain doll
    - then we should write the conclusion together? ;)

  31. Cerita seperti suatu yg real berlaku....Ayat2nya..cara jalan ceritanya..hmmhmm

    Sukar utk membuat pilihan apabila rasa itu telah ada..Amat sukarr untuk menidakkan rasa yg hadir itu..
    But perlu buat pilihan untuk mengakhiri ketidakpastian itu...hmmm

  32. Hey honestly I want to be in that situation to HAHA :D

    p/s : Everyone's does :P

  33. sounds like a new venture...

    yup! lets do that!!!
    lets list down all the questions, the consequences, the answers and then post it here =)

    jeng jeng jeng!!!!!

  34. ad - as an immature writer perhaps i tak tahu nak bawa jalan cerita lagi kot. terlalu straight forward membuatkan ramai yang ingat cerita ni cerita betul :) betul. kadang-kadang kita tersepit di antara kenyataan dan mimpi. tak tahu yang mana satu hari dipilih... pijak di bumi yang nyata atau terbang ke kayangan. walaupun kayangan bukanlah kenyataan, tapi jika ia menggembirakan, why not?

    ann - the shower part? or the whole situation? trust me you won't wish for this situation to happen to you. a great depression you will experience.

    porcelain doll - to write the ending you need some touch from depression... the real feeling and it will explode into a great ending. a sad one or a beautiful one? guess you know better.

  35. :) kalo cam tu, biar msa ja yg tentukan...
    tapi ada satu bnda yg kita kna igt, kalo A tu bleh sygkan S,while at da same time dia ada hub ngan org len, xmustahil satu ari nnti A bleh buat bnda yg sma kat S...
    n..if S tetap nk teruskan feeling tu dgn A, if dorg hidup bersama pun,blum tntu dorg bahgia..(apa org ckp?hukum karma?haha<--kedengaran mngarut..tpi kdg2 btol..)

    p/s;bdsarkan tgk org skeliling le..heee..diriku hny insan biasa..kalo kat dlm stuation tu,maybe akn ikut hati gak..kan?biasala..mnusia..insan lemah je..

  36. I meant, the shower part. Not the cinta 3 segi. It hurts :(

    I'm single because of that situation. Well yea, my bf got caught by me , calling another girl on 3am. Lolz.

  37. teja - kalau macam tu. S dalam dilema. dia dah cuba lupakan A tapi end up dia menangis setiap malam. di tempat kerja dia tidak seperti dulu. di rumah juga sama. dia seperti jasad yang bergerak tanpa roh. apa pandangan teja?

    - hmm triangle love is hurtful. but sometimes we don't have a choice. don't we?

  38. erm..pandangan teja.. :)
    menangis setiap mlm tu..maybe sbb dia rsa la.b4 dis ada yg tman mlm2..msg2 calling2..
    bila dia da xda siapa2, automatik dia akn tringat si A tu..
    kalo nak ilangkan perasaan dia tu..cari kwn baru..environment baru...

    plus, kalo nak dihilangkan prasaan tu dlm sehari dua, xmungkin kan..kdg2 amek masa berbulan2..maybe bertahun..sabar je la..mana ada penyakit yang ambil msa skejap nk smbuh kan?

    berkwan nie seronok..n..kalo bleh elakkn tmpt yg dia slalu berdating ngn A tu..

    p/s; hee..tu je kot..yg len2 tu..teja xtau la..( kalo buat drama, bagi teja share sket yer..kui3)

  39. Yeah no choice. Wah ur story reminds me about my past. Haha. But I was in A's gf place. Not A nor S.

  40. teja - hehe rasa-rasa macam dah tak perlu buat sambungan. ramai lagi rakan lain yang kreatif. apa kata teja sambung kat blog teja pula? kita buat macam tag. pass kasi orang sambung pula cerita :)

    paling susah bila minda S cakap tinggalkan tapi hati S cakap jangan :(

  41. ann - oh man! then i can continue and elaborate about N? great idea but pity i have no idea about N at all :)

  42. hehe..ikut hati mati..itu je la teja nak ckp..
    kui3.. teja xrmai, mungkin kurg meriah sket..
    stakat my personal life n bnda ringan2 boleh la..(ayat mnyedapkan ati.. ;p)

  43. ilusi dalam ilusi..

  44. teja - sama la kita. blog faisal pun merepek je tak habis-habis. tapi bila dilamun cinta, hati adalah batas utama. bukankah begitu?

    porcelain doll
    - adus?

    ijad - susah nak cakap ilusi bila benda ni berlaku di alam realiti :)

  45. xda la mepek..ada gak informasi yg berguna.. :)
    hati mencipta perasaan, dan Allah kurniakan akal untuk kita 'jaga' hati tu...

    kui3..Wallahualam.. ;p

  46. teja - akal boleh berkata "dia tidak berguna lupakan dia" hati pula cuba berbohong "dia memang tidak berguna!" tapi kenapa kita menangis?

  47. "to write the ending you need some touch from depression..." thats why adus =(

  48. porcelain doll - yes. that's how a broken heart will write the conclusion. don't you think?

  49. ish~~~xtau nk ckp pa..kui3..

    mcm berdebat lak..haha..

    hehe..yg leh teja cakap..bila frust..hati mmg akan tetap cuba memintas apa yg akal cakap...

    so..fikirlah yg mna terbaik untuk diri kita..

    kalau dlm situasi cerita yg faisal tulis tu,S mesti lupakan si A supaya xda org yg terluka..kan?


  50. Haha, let me tell u little bit bout me last time.

    I caught my bf calling another girl, and he said that it was his FRIEND. Ok lah, done with that. I force him to tell me who's that girl. He told me it was his friend from our college.

    I force him 2 give that girl's number, At 1st he refuse, then he gave it to me. 2moro morning I asked a friend of mine 2 call that girl and as what I'd expected. She said that my bf didn't call her up last night. LoLz.

    Due to that incident, that girl and her friends ANTI me so much. I don't know why but maybe because of I called that girl. But my intention is actually to know who whether my bf lied to me or not, I'm not calling her to argue or not. I'm not that kind of girl, I won't argue with my "species" just because of a boy.

    Anyway after that I broke up with my bf. Why? I cannot resist with him, having an affair/ a scandal/ calling up a girl till 3 am. I really2 cannot accept that. But we're still a good friend till today =)

    Anyway hope my past story can inspire u to create another interesting story. Haha :D

  51. I see in your comments that it was a short story you made up. Very good! I thought it was real.

  52. Yeah, me too Tammy! Nice job Faisal :)

  53. wohooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! that's all I could think of, and I hope the 'victim' is not you!

  54. i sux to get tangled in sumthing as messy as this. if S would ask for my advice, i'd say find someone else. why go for a second-hand guy? someone whose heart had already someone else. euw. i think virgin hearts deserve virgin hearts. mine is. i'll seek for another. not a second-hand heart. *^^* no way.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Ha Ha. Actually susah la bro to comment @ u r blog especially kalu lambat sampai. All the words already taken. I prefer not to repeat whatever others have said. Lagipun this is a comment box kan? so kena komen lah, tak boleh concur aje. :) Salam....

  57. cerita tentang siapa kah ini...?


  58. Complicated-nya...haha! But I guess that's how it goes with love stories. It's like a tree with many branches. :D My own metaphor.

  59. ni kalau yusuf haslam baca...mau bikin filem nih...hehhe hehhe

  60. Teja - Kesian kan kat S. dah le lonely, alone plak tu. Yang untung A even terlepas S masih ada lover di KL. Hancur luluh hati S tapi macam Teja cakap, S mesti melupakan A!

    Porcelain doll - What about I leave the conclusion to you? ;)

    Ann - That is a sad one I'd say. I won't trust him either if I were you and now are they still together?

    Tammy - Hehe how if it was real?

    BCD - What do you mean "mee too"? Haha same question to Tammy go to you! :P

    Farah - Hahahahahaha now I have a big laugh! Victim? Which one? S or the lover? :P

    Hana - Yes but the wrong thing S did was meeting A at the very beginning. Wrong move and now S is trapped. I agree with you, S should just walk away and leave A with lots of courage even though it might lead S to cry every night and hurt S own feeling. Heartbroken. Yes... that's it. Virgin heart for virgin heart. Agree... but...

    Ismail - What would you do if you are at S situation? ;)

    Yanie - Fiction saje. Tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang mati. :P

    Josette - Haha I don't read love novel but I don't know how I got this idea :)

    13May - Haha cerita merepek macam ni penonton pun lari! :P

  61. day S pun akan jumpa org yg smemangnya layak untuk dia..hidup kna positif..
    biarlah A ngan idup dia..

  62. Teja - Ok. Harap-harap S akan berjaya mencari orang yang betul-betul layak menerima cintanya. Diharap A tidak ganggu lagi hidup S.

  63. yep...ending yg sgt2 bagus.. :)

  64. bunga bukan sekumtum, kumbang bukan seekor

    life moves on
    find someone that worth the hard work hahahaha

    love shouldn't make life harder, kan?

  65. bunga bukan sekumtum, kumbang bukan seekor

    life moves on
    find someone that worth the hard work hahahaha

    love shouldn't make life harder, kan?

  66. Teja - Apa kata ending S dia bunuh diri? :P

    Adila - Usually love is the most troublesome. Love hurts :)

  67. ...well.. then, don't fall in love haha :P

    easy to say but hard to do xD hehe

  68. Adila - Its hard when you feel lonely even though you are around with peoples or even family. Love is so beautiful and its a waste if we don't appreciate love don't you think? But love is so hard to predict. Too many lies, too many dramas beneath it.

  69. how i wish i know how to end the story...

  70. you havent read the other two of his dark materials trilogy!? owh, you're so missing tons of emotions, man. so missing tons of emotions! i read the first book, the golden compass/northern lights. i cried when lyra found billy costa after they cut his daemon away. four pages straight. heck.

    then in the second book, the subtle knife, i cried when hester died next to scoresby. totally freaky, almost a whole chapter full of tears.

    and in the final book, the amber spyglass..i started crying 5 chapters before the book ends..because i could already guess the ending, and i was right.

    i wont spill to you what happened, but it was so painfully beautiful..i couldn't help but cry.

    here's a challege for you, mr faisal. once you're reading the book and reaching the end, check out if you're already several chapters away from the back cover and stop reading for a while, guess the ending and continue reading. and when you're finished, tell me if your guess was right, OK?

    i just wanna know.

    i read other people's reviews about the book after i finished it, turned out i wasn't alone. there were readers who guessed as soon as i did, and they cried later as they reach the end, too.


    his dark materials is something no one should miss. are you on with the challenge, mr faisal?

    drop my my blog with your answer.

    p/s: sorry my comment is long. but i always talk a lot when someone mentions a book i know. *^^*


  71. Are you sure it's just fiction? Hahaha Don't be shy to tell the truth Faisal! :P

  72. Ha Ha... susah la bro bçoz if jadi S, I won't see A at the first place. However, if I were put into her shoes, I still cari lain lo, which is easy for me to say coz'I'm not in such situation. In most cases like this, it will boil down to individual ability to sustain pressure and handle it wisely. Plus, Bee Gees'question of How Deep Is Your Love shld also be taken into consideration too. :)

  73. I don't know about his gf now, ada la ternampak2 picture tu but I don't know who's her. He always change girl friend and I don't know why. Lolz. I'm glad i had moved on.

  74. Porcelain Doll - We will see... some stories just have no ending :)

    Hana - Haha yes stuck with my busy schedule, some other books to finish. Not a good reason I know :P But its a fact.

    Recently I bought "A Mighty Heart" from Rozella hard cover which only cost me RM20! (RM10 for the book and RM10 for the postage). Very cheap! As soon as I got it at the office this afternoon I couldn't help but to start reading! Its a story about a guy who was a Wall Street Journalist died in Karachi. If you wanna know the ending wait till I make a review in my blog. Will make a review about the recent book I read tomorrow. A malay finance book but I will write about it in English as some of us don't understand Malay.

    Yes, I was sad to know that Billy Costa was going to die. I could expect when Lyra found him in that old hut.

    Scoreby died with pride. I passed that one and stuck at the cave story. Hope I can finish it soon too :)

    Have you read The Dragon trilogy - Eragon, Eldest and I forgot the title for the 3rd one. I saw it at the bookstore black in color.

    Ok, I take the challenge! :)

    Rosie - Guess you already put some traps in my own territory? :P

    Ismail - Yes I like that Bee Gess part! How deep is your love? If its really deep, then how? But after all I guess A will still stay with the lover and S is just a bonus! That's pretty damn.

    Ann - Is "he" the one I know?

  75. nice story u have here:)

  76. MsRahah - Pretty complicated. Don't you think? :)

  77. ha??ending bnuh diri?kui3..
    xseswai untuk tontonan umum laa...

  78. imagination??
    seems like ur own experience.. hohoho
    interesting. well S can just take advantage of the situation ;> heartache belakang cerita.. (evil) ;P

  79. you are fast turning into another boons and bones... what's the name of those romantic publisher again?

  80. Teja - Haha horror movie usually ada suicide tapi masih lagi tontonan umum di panggung kan? :P

    Belle - Hehe own experience? I don't think so :P

    By the way, taking advantage? I guess A is taking advantage and not S. S is kinda depress and desperate. In fact, S thought that is true love even though S knows that A is attached. If A never shows any interest I suppose this won't happen. But love is in the air some peoples said. So... be it?

    Zewt - Romantic publisher? I'm afraid I'm not into one :P What about we try... Mary Buffett who writes Buffettology? I guess this one suits you :)

  81. such a sad story. why dun just put the nick name. i get confuse by reading A and S repeatedly.

    looks like a real story eh.. A is Adlan.. ahaha.. naah..!

  82. If I put a name, then it's easy for you to know the gender. This is pretty tricky don't you think?

    It's maybe a real story... but still a "maybe" haha ;)

  83. Stumble upon this post out of a sudden... it reminds me of my own story...

  84. your own story? what happen actually?

  85. hmm.. long story make short, the answer is everything you wrote in the post, just a slight different but you get the idea...for now, what's done is done... Wish that I can say I'm moving on now, but no matter what, I don't have any other choice right? It's a goodbye, case close.

  86. so you chose to leave. but this case... the relationship still goes on. weird right?

  87. omg. how could you read old post?

  88. well, it's more interesting..:)

  89. haha. i smell something fishy :P


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