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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bad day at work

Lately, work is very stressful. There will be an audit for finance department next week. I have prepared stuff they needed and nothing much to do as my work is pretty clean and well organized. Just that... nevermind.

I hope I won't be crazy as the video above.


  1. buat pelan2..keja msti smart...kemas..mcm tuan dier..hehe..
    kan kan kan..? =)

  2. u have to enjoy what u r doing. then everything else will just fall into their own places! eheh

  3. must be really stressful there!

  4. Gosh! I kept saying why nobody is punching him LOL! He just lost it I think. Yeah, don't be like him. He is scary!

  5. Hey Faisal.. hope you're feeling better. :) Me also at work now. No break this week. Yesterday also kerja.

    Btw, do you know the story of Danny Pearl? The Wall Street Journal journalist who was murdered in Karachi? Well, the book is written about that... by his wife after the murder. It's such a sad and touching story...

  6. insyallah..all will go well during the audit :)

  7. no matter how hard it is..the most important is..

    to enjoy the hardship

    that is the only for you to keep on smiling event though only Gd knows what's in ur heart


    May Allah ease you

    take care

  8. ixora - hehe kemas ke tuan dia? ye betul. buat slow² tapi i malas la buat keje slow². rasa macam lembap je dan tak productive :P

    msrahah - the truth is i'm not enjoying what i'm doing now. just wait for the right moment to leave. i can't tell when, but someday.

    tammy - haha. pretty scary isn't it?

    aisha - punching? ouch! when someone going berserk like that, its hard to control or even punch him. his strength is getting stronger and he can't think properly. i'd think twice to punch my colleague as i can think properly and to punch your own friend never a good idea. but yes, its scary!

    rosie - i worked yesterday too. audit next week, so i must prepare all things. i have emailed you regarding the book. considered sold :)

    bunkerangs - i know my work is well organized. nothing much to prepare just that if possible i want a perfection haha. people called me perfectionist but i doubt :)

    as - nowadays i don't know why i prefer to keep in heart rather speak out the unsatisfying things. yes, every time i feel happy or down i never forget Allah.

  9. :)
    dlm video tu..terlalu gila..
    Insyaallah u xkan jadi cmtu kan..
    and everythg pon akan ok if keja kita b4 dis ok...

  10. tun teja - haha menakutkan tak? tapi kalau dipendam sangat tak mustahil boleh jadi macam tu. :)

  11. ahaks...yep..teja stuju...
    kalo dipendamkan..mungkin lagi teruk...
    tapi kita kan ada iman...Insyaallah..selagi bleh tahan, tahan je la..

  12. tun teja - ya betul. kita ada iman :) hmm sekarang ni musim masalah saja. boring betul :)

  13. masalah nie mmg memboringkan..tapi kdg2 best gak..

    hidup xda mslh sunyi gak kan...
    cuma terlalu banyak maybe leh buat kita stress...

    pandai2 la kita manage mslh tu...dpends kat diri kita ja la..
    org len mmg xleh nak diharapkan..

  14. tun teja - betul tu. ramai orang suka melarikan diri dari masalah tapi tak akan selesai masalah pun kalau kita lari dari masalah. jalan terbaik, selesaikan dengan cara terbaik :)

  15. Boodak Nuckal5:13 PM

    best gilek arr.. psiko beb...
    kalau nk wat, ajak den skali..huhu

  16. boodak nuckal - haha tak akan buat kot. kalau sampai dah macam ni tension, baik buat surat berhenti elok² je :)

  17. bkn slow yang lembab, tp slow yang teliti...hehe...=)

  18. take each day as it comes. everything will be ok that way. :)

  19. ixora - in finance semuanye nak cepat. kalau slow, kena complaint haha! tambah lak keje dengan company ni. asyik complaint je hari-hari. tapi takpe. sabar :)

    p/s: dalam finance memang kena teliti, kalau tak mampuus kertas berterbangan ke muka akibat kena baling dengan branch director haha!

    farah - agree with you farah :) i swallow the problem like taking pill. even though its not my cup of tea, i still do it because i have to :) how i wish i have choice. but life is about choices aight? :)

  20. jgn la tension2..kewl kay...

  21. auditors!!??? oh my... good luck! hahahahaha...

  22. kerja wat kewangan mmg tension kan

    tapi hopefully takde lah yang macam kat video tu. iman kena kuat sikit la..stress camne pun, kalau ingat Allah..insyallah, beban tu terasa kurang

  23. That video is real? hahahaha crazy man !

  24. wahidah - haha memang cool je. tension nanti kena darah tinggi :P

    zewt - haha. yes good luck to me :P

    mummy - ye akak. sangat tension tapi malas pikir (tak pikir tapi nak semua perfect... macam mana tu?). ye akak, betul tu. kena selalu ingat tuhan, kalau tak dah lama jadi macam dalam video tu hehe.

    ann - haha. pretty scary right?


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