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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

how to become a property millionaire

Haha, you must say that I'm craving for money or other way round -- I'm money maniac. To be honest at this moment, YES.

I have future plan but just keep yourself updated if you want to know the ending ;)

I borrow a book from a friend [Marzuki] titled How to Become A Property Millionaire. He got collection of Mahathir's books and Azizi Ali's business books. I really appreciate his kindness :)

Thanks mate!


  1. The Mask6:07 AM

    there should be always a start somewhere, so dont worry no matter what others might think as long as you have the will and the conviction .... Good luck in you move and all the best... mate

  2. hehe thanks buddy.
    friend's support is always needed to go further and stronger...
    no matter what :)


Thank you for the comment.

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