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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Microwaving water [part 2]

As I promise, now I put a video about microwaving water in the correct way :)


  1. aww ! I won't use this kind of method >.< manual boiling using kettle is much much better. :D

  2. Whatever it is, I still prefer normal method, using kettle or hitter. Better!

    p/s: Microwave guy, I need your help for hotels in Penang. Drop your thots at my blog, please.

  3. Ya Faisal, takut already oh. Bagus just boil in a kettle lah. Hehehe

    Btw, congrats on winning!! About the sunburn tu just put some aloe vera ke... and make sure to stay away from the sun for at least a week or so.

    Don't forget to drink tons of water and makan vitamins also. Must repair from the inside out! :)

  4. I haven't microwaved my coffee since I read you post about it.

  5. Ann - You are still afraid of the part 1? :) I won't do it either. There are so many ways to reheat the drink why use microwave right?

    Cahaya - Haha you make me laugh out loud. Now I'm the microwave guy eh? (no wonder my skin is reddish all over now like a grilled chicken!).

    p/s: Ok will help you with the hotel :)

    Rosie - Thanks :) Yes now I'm shivering to see the sun! Aloe is good but I don't have the natural source at home or even the aloe gel. Maybe I need to go buy it at the pharmacy but still tired and lazy (yes the latter one counts as usual lol). I prefer natural vitamin like raw fruits but now the apples are gone as mom made salad yesterday. I'll drink lots of waters today! *praying that this sore will gone soon*

    Tammy - That's good Tammy. Does "prevention is better than cure" can be applied in this case? Hehe.

  6. hmm yesh i saw a couple of other videos too scares me. dari cepat nak g, terus jd lambat forever kn. better to use the kettle or if not yes use something in the water that bleh transfer the energy. bt well. yes im getting a pot no matter wat, and thats soon.


  7. its a good thing that i dont like hot drinks . :D

  8. Riz - Yes get yourself a pot and do not use microwave anymore :) What about coffee maker?

    - Cold drink leads to pneumonia :) Aren't you afraid?

  9. but i dont like hot drinks .
    i prefer cold drinks even for breakfast . :D

  10. Read about Pneumonia. You will be afraid :)

    Prevention is better than cure. I guess your parent love this quote? :)

  11. haha .
    i guess so .

    i'll ask my parent what pneumonia is . ;P

  12. Go figure. Be really afraid! :P

  13. Thanks for this video. But I don't even own a microwave oven, so no worries. Haha!

    Btw, I think you read wrongly regarding the Thai horror movie I reviewed. I did not rate it highly. Only 5 out of 10 in terms of scariness.

    The Exorcist is in my top 5 top horror movies of all time. Read my Top 5 here : )


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