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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tag from Ad

I've been tagged by Ad Rifza & Cahaya.

1) When first time you meet him/her?

When I was 14.

2)what do you feel?


3)what you feel right now?

No more feeling. She is going to get married soon.

4)if your enemy do anything that you hate, what you will do first?

Speak out or stay silent.

5)give 5 characters that have at you.....


6) if he/her have broke your heart, what your action?

Stay silent. Read more books to forget about it. Ignore her call/message.

7) what character you like toward him/her?

Warm-hearted. Good kisser. Ops!

8) who is the name of no.1?


9) if your lover become your enemies, is it you will hate him/her?

Ignore. I don't play kiddo's game.

10) the most memorable thing he/her had done to you?

First kiss in cinema.

11)the most thing that he/her have said to you?

Money isn't everything.

12)no.7 boy or girl?

What's in your mind?

13)who is no.9?

No one. No 9 is an IF right?

14)to the person that always support to you?

Thanks for everything.

15)10 people to tag...


Till later.


  1. Hi Faisal, I have an award and a tag for you. Pls visit my blog here

  2. haha done the tag! xD

  3. Hehe..sampai 2 kali kena tagged yg sama ek?..Tak prasanlaa plak..

  4. Foongpc - Haha thanks Foong, will do it later and thanks again for the award :) I haven't post the entry yet about my awards lately.

    Adila - Haha that's fast! :)

    Ad - Haha Cahaya tag juga. Tapi takpe.

  5. OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!Is that me or some other farah???

    p.s: first kiss in the cinema is so dejavu! that's the only place where no one can see your naughty acts huh? but, being daring has it's own thrill as well. :)

    anyway, sad to hear that she's getting married soon. hey, honestly- you will get a great girl, not just in looks, but also personality, career and education wise. birds of a feather flock together, and i know you are as picky when choosing your partner too.

  6. Farah - Yes it's you. Sorry for being lazy to put the hyperlink! Haha.

    Yes Farah. No turning back. I won't. I wish her great happiness for her whole life.

    P/s: Lol. I feel it was stupid but I was a teen! I won't kiss any girl in the cinema anymore. Craps :P

  7. wow...14 thn dh fall in lurve eik...hehehe

  8. Wahidah - Alamak! Ada juga orang baca tag ke? Haha. Tunggu next tag. Confirm Wahidah kena! :)

  9. Faisal, hahahah now, I am laughing reading your reply. well, yeah, no more romance in the cinema- so outdated and not for the smart ones. those are now for the Indons and Banglas. LOL anyway, you were a teen when you did that (gosh, how naughty were you?!) LOL well, now that you are all grown up, handsome, successful and many more, be a gentleman! :) hahahahahahaha the rest is for you to decide. so, did i just give u a good advice or just another crap? hahahahahahahahahahah

  10. Ha ha good thing u didn't tag me with this one, susah to answer lol! :)

  11. Farah - Haha I was so naughty. In fact devilish! Lucky I turn out to be a good man instead of rubbish as we can see all around us :P

    Thanks for the compliments Farah which I really appreciate *grin*. You always give me a good advice and never a single crap. So, don't worry I always take it as a lesson or good ones to follow :) After all I always listened to my lecturer before and why not listen to a lecturer again now? Hehehe.

    - Haha I still got another tag to do and you are not save yet *evil grin*. Are you ready Mariuca?

  12. Thanks for the tag Faisal! :) I feel real bad tho cos I have been so bad with my tags... :(

  13. Come on Rosie, you can do it :)

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