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Monday, November 10, 2008


lazy mode.

i'm not purposely being lazy but i have to stay home during the day time and spend more time at home or in the office. to stay under the sun is really a pain in the ass.

yes. i got sunburn.

if you look at me, the grilled chicken and me looks alike. exactly. i know aloevera is good for the skin but i'm lazy to get some aloe gel at the pharmacy.

i was only one of the supporters last saturday but i spent almost the whole day on field. yelling, screaming, jumping and the list goes on. worth it. we won. i got a mug for the badminton. yes, still a prize. free mug. but... it was just a mug. no, i'm grateful. thanks. a mug?

for the sake of my team.

i used up all the voice left. now i have no voice and my skin is sore all over. face and hand the most. sore. itchy. no remedy instead of aloe and cold shower? anyone has real aloe instead of me buying some aloe gel?

i hate chemical. you know, i am a health conscious person.

i read book and watch prison break (mind you i haven't watched any of the episodes YET). more vitamins and fluids needed.

gotta go.


  1. haha .
    kesiannya .
    xpe , xlama lg mesti hilang sunburn tu .

    btw ,
    why you didnt use sunblock before going out ? :P

  2. hehe. tak expect nak stay bawah matahari for the whole day. and since i was not going for sun tanning i guess its girlish to use sunblock :P

  3. haha .
    girlish pon oklaa .
    sekurang2 nya xsunburn .
    and its not like everyone knows if you use sunblock .
    kan2 ? ;)

  4. haha yeps. but some sunblocks is pretty oily. even though it doesn't look so, i feel so :P

    but as you said. sekurang-kurangnya tak kena sunburn kan. now i bear the consequence. sunblock pun dah lama tak beli since i don't go for sun tanning anymore.

  5. You're so so so TANNED. Hahaha

  6. ann, tan is fine with me but the sunburn really sore. its so reddish, sore and itchy. sigh.

  7. owh .
    dulu banyak la ye sunblock ? :P

  8. nyampah betul cakap pasal sunburn. dulu punya sunburn pegi pulau blom ilang. berbelang dah kulit. lekat sampai sekarang. nak pakai sleeveless pon tak lehhhhh

  9. Hmm I got 1 suggestion, but since u lazy to go to the pharmacy, why dont u go to the nearest guardian shop? ( is it considered as pharmacy? haha) . Try the nivea cooling down lotion (dunno what is the exact name but sort of like that lah) . It really helps ! Dad is the 1 who introduced me to use that lotion since he alwayssssss went to TANNED his skin due to playing golf crazily every week.

  10. berry - tak la banyak. ada 1 ja. dulu wajib tanning kan badan hehe.

  11. lindosh - adoi! haha tu sunburn ke parut? tapi kadang tu memang lambat nak hilang. pedihnye yang tak tahan tu.

    ann - will go and buy it tomorrow after work! thanks for the info ;)

  12. mesti kulit putih sampai nak tanning kan ? ;)

  13. berrykisses - haha tak la putih pun. tapi boss dulu suruh tan sebab masuk competition kena hitam² sikit.

  14. erkk ..
    xpenah plk dgr org suruh wat mcm tu .
    competition apa yg kena hitam2 sikit tu ?

  15. ey,
    pakai gelang ke kat tgn?

    main badminton under hot sun ke?
    kat Penang xde INDOOR court badminton ey?
    kat Tronoh ni pun ade..

  16. berrykisses - modeling competition haha!

    abir - pakai watch le :P amboi. badminton last week lah. kelmarin ambik hadiah jek. semalam gi support soccer, volleyball and takraw. oh tak lupa juga netball. so semua game outdoor. tu pasal terbakar! hehe.

  17. adoyai... i got dat too.

  18. mizszie - you got what? mug? lol.

  19. oh...

    ambik MUG tu ye?
    hadiah tempat ke berapa tu ek?
    First from last ek?

    Eleh bro,
    pakai gelang tak nak mengaku...
    pakai jam konon..

  20. haha pakai jam le :P lawan dengan cawangan bukit mertajam jek. then kami menang dapat la hadiah. tapi mug jek! hahaha... yang penting bawa balik piala!

  21. nope la. sunburn on myface!!

  22. hehe i was pulling your leg :P
    oh where did you go?

  23. owh..
    no wonder la...

    semangat gila cheer ek?

  24. haha. ya. nasib tak bawak mop tanpa batang!

  25. everywhere. classes. cafe lama tnggl),camping, - latest at taman negara pahang! gila best!!! i luv outdoor activies.
    n perlis is gila hot actually. serious - gila panas!

  26. haha yep i know. perlis is super panas. me can stand hitam but reddish sore sunburn is unbearable. boo hoo.

  27. ey org panggil tu pom pom la..
    tapi normal people pakai tali rafia..
    bukan MOP tanpa BATANG la!

  28. haha tali rafia too common lah. kena la creative sikit kan :P

  29. but knape la guna mop?
    kesian auntie cleaner kat LHDN tuh..
    hilang mop diorang

  30. haha lebih unik dan leh melambai-lambai kan? susah-susah sangat buat wig terus. stylo tak?

  31. hei there, found ur comment on my page:P

    thanks for dropping by~

    aloe vera yg jual kat pharmacy tu ori lah tu, no-added-chemical lah~
    trust me, i ni duta guardian pharmacy:P

    happy blogging too!

  32. hi msrahah, welcome :)

    oh, yang nivea macam ann cakap tu ek? will get it today after work. pedih sangat dah :(

  33. sunburn?? kewl kay...nanti okayla time pakai sunblock okey..

  34. sunburn is tak best!
    tan pun tak best!!
    urghhh gelap kulitku~ haha

  35. Itu lah namanya semangat kesukanan! Hehehe

    I have real aloe at home. Too bad it's so jauh. :(

    But yeah... just stay indoors as much as you can. I also gelap already. I don't know about you, but my badan feels so hot becos of the burn. Like fever, but bukan... so mesti drink coconut water to sejukan badan.

    Try that. It might make you feel better. :)

  36. Omg! It will turn to permanent if you don't cure it. I mean, to cure it, with extra effort, not only aloe gel. Please get some lotion to put on. It will be hurt from this day one.

    Kesian you. My microwave-tour-guy dah hitam! Nampak ke nanti?

  37. alamak..camne leh jadi gitu. macam pakai gelang lak

  38. Don't worry, Faisal! Black is beautiful but it hurts, sunburn really hurts. :(

  39. bukan nivea lah faisal~

    dia brand *fruit of the earth*

    yg nivea product ader added other elements in it~

    this one is ori-aloe~

    try lah, last time pun i kena sun burn teruk lps snorkeling~ apply aloe ni dlm 2 ari dah okie dah~

    all the best!

  40. Get well soon! Nxt time u shud get spray-tan instead ;) ahaks!

  41. the best is to use vitamin E cream/ lotion/ moisturizer (I got mine from Body Shop). Max it might take 2 weeks, then, you are all good again.:) see how much we cry over tan? LOL and in Europe, people go ga ga if they get that colour. :)

  42. nak buat wig terus?
    kotor la..
    tapi agak stylo la..

  43. hehe..tak lme hilang nnt...
    xora pernah lgi teruk dr tu..mse duk kayak tgh laut..3 hari beb..
    hangus muka, smpai cm kulit ular je...3 week jgk la nk pulih balik...=)

  44. wahidah - hehe. malas betul nak beli sunblock :P

    adila - best pe tan? hehe. tapi sunburn memang tak best. pedih wo! hari ni dah mula mengelupas :)

    rozella - yes. i guess we called it dehydrated? panas tapi bukan demam. dahaga je kan? i wish i have that aloe pot with me. since grandma passed away, the pot gone too :(

    cahaya - haha. hitam itu menawan. no? i don't mind about skin color but the sore... haiz.

    mummy - haha tu le akak. abir asyik cakap pakai gelang. pakai watch tuh.

    aisha - yes aisha. it hurts really bad. black is beauutiful? hmm hmm :P

    msrahah - wah dalam 2 hari je ke? pantasnye! btw, since you budak med... kalau kita tak treat sunburn elok-elok boleh kena infection ke?

    imelda - spray-tan? got such thing? omg!

    farah - human is ungrateful don't you think? haha. i told mom that i look like japanese with this tan skin and mom said "no, more to negro". hahaha. the problem is i'm lazy to go out and buy some lotion and i never buy any lotion :P eh lotion is ok with the sunburn?

    abir - jom buat! :P

    ixora - haiyo. kayak confirm lah itam. member ajak kayak dulu takmo join :P dia balik memang jadi negro!

  45. bro buat dulu..
    biar org lebih tua buat dulu
    baru yg muda akan ikut

  46. hehe malas. entah kenapa dua tiga hari ni malas sangat. nak blogging pun malas. nak layan prison break pun malas. kemalasan!

  47. kenapa tanak pakai sunblock dan pakai speaker masa jerit... kan selamat dan sihat... itulah kalau kita membenci bahan bahan kimiawi berkesudahan akan terpaksa gunakan juga... contoh yg lucah pun ada tapi tu kena email kat abang lah

  48. contoh lucah? haha. email kan la pls.

  49. mengelupas aka bertukar kulit? hihihihi :P

  50. hehe ye. bertukar kulit dah ni. macam ular pulak.

  51. haha..
    jgn cakap word malas..
    itu semua mindset!

    prison break?
    season brapa?

  52. contoh lucah tu aku tahu apa...

    pakai semen kot..haha

    nanti elok la kulit tuh..don worry be hepi yaa..!!

  53. ni ape yg axim mengarut ni~?

    sunburn klu tak treat bleh jadik lagik teruk, nanT kulit jadik superb sensitive, darik situ mcm2 masalah plak leh jadik~ so p lah carik aloe tu ek, jgn malas!!!

  54. You must wear sunscreen buddy! That looks painful. Take some advil and put some aloe on it.

  55. abir - haha ya betul. mindset salah ni. isk²!

    season break season 1 episode 1 baru haha. lembap tak? mati. ada 3 season kat rumah. nak kena abiskan cepat. dah le pinjam dari member.

    axim - haha! macam tu pulak. bubuh simen muka abg bear dulu lah keke :P

    msrahah - tak sempat lak tadi. lagi pun pharmacy around sini tutup pukul 7pm :(

    btw, my skin at the back sensitif sangat. sejak kena sunburn teruk di pulau kapas. ada cara tak nak kasi tak rough sangat? sedih betol. dulu masa kena tu ada gak apply vitamin e gel tuh. yang product keluaran banana boat. gel warna kuning kalau tak silap. tapi result still sama :(

    tammy - yes tammy. i know. but i didn't expect it will be this bad :( my colleague will bring some aloe tomorrow :)

  56. so betulkan mindset anda sebelum anda diperbetulkan

  57. haha. lain je bunyik ayat. macam pernah dengar :P

  58. i thought the picture wants to tell about a missing watch.. hehe..

  59. lily kena sunburn lagiiiiiiiiii teruk masa kat phuket

    oh tidakkkkkk !!

  60. myadlan - hehe. its just about sunburn.

    lily - adoi. pedih kan lily? try letak aloe. colleague faisal bawa real aloe. letak sejuk je rasa walaupun ada gatal² sikit :)


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