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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


reach office at 7.30am. called up my friend for meeting up at the toast and egg stall near Maybank. he agreed.

8am. was in the office. start doing work. lately i just not in the mood of lazying around. no. no. no.

8.30am. chief clerk called us. "we have meeting with the director at 9.00am about our stats".

i nodded.

9.00am. took my notepad and pen and walked together with others to the director's room. no chair or sofa. i murmured to myself "aik! where's the sofa?". i stopped looking around like an idiot. there were 3 chairs. 2 for both chief clerks. 1 more left. after few minutes of talking by him, i sat down. well... why stand when there was one more chair left?

he read the stats. amazingly my stats was great. no mistake at all. director was happy with my stats compared to other branch. i was speechless. shocked. deep in my hard, i thanked God and smile. he congratulated me and wanted me to maintain the good work. i murmured to myself again "yes, i took the work home and even did overtime!".

around 9.30am. the meeting was over. i walked out happily.

some said good things to me (even though i smell sarcasm) and some had frown on their face.

i took a voucher to the account department (we use payment voucher before cheque can be made). on my way, i smiled. happy. felt energetic. i thanked God non stop. i even smsed mom telling her that the hardwork all this while is worth it. she replied "lol, yeah right after some arguements with the staff". i smiled.

when i returned to my chair. the aunties were still look unhappy. all in sudden they spoke out loud in sarcasm.

number 1: i think the repayment case was made by you. and 1 mistake in that section. so your stats ain't zero mistake as been told by the director.

number 2: if they want to make stats like this. be honest. be fair.

number 3: ah faisal. you got good stats because you know the account department well.

i was puzzled. man... i didn't expect that i will get good result like this. last month wasn't the best one. and i was so happy that you, yes you my colleague got good result. but why when it happen to me, you guys felt not satisfied and unhappy?

i still remember some of you even kidding about not changing my job description anymore as i will learn too many things? i'm confuse. totally confuse. why should you guys envy at me? after all we are friends right? sigh.

my morale went down drastically. i didn't talk much. i climbed up the stairs and went to the account department again and told them next time if i got zero mistake again please put some figures in the stats. so they can be happy and smile all day long. i don't mind. account department staff were stunned.

i walked down slowly. haggardly. confused. sad. mad. puzzled.

my chief clerk called me up. i met him. "they met me just now and telling me they were not satisfy with the stats which was so unfair as account department is close to you". i replied "i have no comment about that". he said "its hard to work with women don't you think?". me "i believe god is fair... its okay". i continued discuss about the budget with him. deep in my heart... very upset. those who i treat like my own sisters. yes my own elder sisters as i don't have any elder sister or brother backstabbed me. its hurt. really hurt. i'm bleeding badly. i don't think the scar will fade away. i'm sensitive yes. but even if you aren't sensitive this would be to much for you to bear. it'd surely boiling up your red blood from toe to the head. but... i stayed calm. i used to be aggresive and defensive. today, i chose to be calm. a deep breath... i smiled even though its not a good one.

i will remember this "sweet" memory forever.

p/s: another thing is... to the officer who in charge taking care of company computers stop accusing me using office internet by stealing boss ip just because i'm good in computer. stop accusing me updating my blog (no idea how did you find out my blog) in the office, i have lots of works to get done. lastly, stop telling me that writing about my company is wrong and dangerous. did i curse my company? and what's wrong if they know where i work? i don't want to be discreet, any problem to you? you were not the one who pays me the salary. do your job and don't be nosy ok? smelling your own butt rather than smell others. eww!


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    "smell your own butt rather than smell others" .
    haha .
    love it .

    hrmm ,
    dalam dunia memang ada orang mcm nie .
    biarlah , yang penting bukan kita yang jd backstabbers .

    just remember ; God is fair .
    sorry , curi ayat kejap .
    haha . ;)

  2. hej! faisal...whoah...whoah...calm dowm man...what the best thing is you should have a heart of stone! don't give a chance to the people that smile in front of the boss and back stab you later...cold hearted and be mean...treat them as a colleague not more than that...whoah, i so mean one...hehehe...

  3. berrykisses - betul. tapi memang sedih lah bila orang yang kita anggap kakak-kakak kita sendiri buat macam ni kan. ya... God is fair :)

    danial - yeah. usually i do that. but not today. i don't know why. guess i'd stay calm and ignore them. that's the best.

  4. Good job, Faisal! Don't let them take the joy you have in your heart. You did well and they're just jealous and want to make you feel down by backstabbing you. Don't worry, Faisal, as long as you keep doing what you need to do.

  5. Wow! So much backstabbing in the workplace! Well, there'll always be people who envy you when you do well. This is normal. Don't get too upset over it. Now you know the truth about them. It's sad, but you'll get over it. Just be proud you are not like them : )

  6. Wow! Sounds like a rough day and not very nice co-workers. :o(

  7. awww... dont let those things bring u down

    let them say what they want
    there's nothing you could do to shut them (apart from getting violent and slap them right on their face while shouting.. "TAK PUAS HATI APE NIH??!!") lol

    anyway.. org jeles mmg camtu haha
    buat dunno je
    don't take it personally
    life kena happy2 :D

  8. "smell your own butt rather than smell others"

    huu..dasyat warning neh :D

    Kite buat baik pun surely akan ada people tang tak suka. Thus, mintak dengan Allah jelah supaya jauh dari benda2 yang tak bek :)

    ape kesudahan sakit tekak hr tuh?

  9. hush, everythin will be alrite... as u said it before, God is fair. What goes around alwaiz comes around ;) chill!

  10. 2nd hand books for sale!!!!! Come, come quick!

  11. wow, im totally shocked to see such reactions!

    dont worry, bro. do your best. you will shine through!

    80% of the world is such... just keep being the other top 20%! :)

  12. the sad reality... in the corporate world, while the company fights with the competitor, the ppl within fights with each other. this is more apparent when year end comes... when different unit need to justify their "performance". some will try to show they are great by doing great... but many will try to show they are great by proving others suck.

  13. Hey, it's Joo Fei here... oh... admar... come on... let them... I met a lot of people like this also haha... but let them la... endure haha... be patient ! All humans have an envy devil in their heart... let them lor haha...

  14. ignore those morons, coz we r not like them!:P

  15. marah sangat nampaknya... simpati kat u.... that's life.... just be strong and buat dono jerrr...

  16. so much of backstabber... I hate backstabber... GRRRR..... Hipokrit!!!

  17. inikah adat bekerja??

  18. btw..lupa lak..sabaq je la..
    apa nak buat...
    orang lain punya mulut yg laaaaagiii besar...

  19. manusia yang macam2...
    xora dh 1 week x g keje...
    kemalasan tahap berganda...
    nsb baik semua keje dh settle last week..huhu..

  20. backstabber??

    tk suke2...


  21. Hidup mmg mcmtu ada jer yang dengki dan tidak puashati..As long as kita buat kerja dengan terbaik dan kita yakin kita betull go ahead..tunjukkan lagi kita melakukan sesuatu kerja itu dengan baik dan jujur..Insyallah...Pandangan manusia memang sering begitu..Dengkinya tidak hilang..Life..

  22. jap nya meetim,best,i always spend about 2 hours,erm,so sad,bosan sesangat,talk about student prob...

  23. First, Congratulations on your stat! :)

    2nd, To hell to whatever they said. Dengki je semua tu.

    And third, don't be too harsh on yourself. They can say anything they want, but please don't let any of that bother you.

    Have a good day!

  24. Office politic. It's happen everywhere bro. Kedai mamak yg kecik2 pun ada restaurant politic. Caya lah. Keep it cool. Happy blogging.

  25. hehhe hehhe...politik di mana mana :)

  26. faisal, I hope that doesn't put a damper in your spirits to thrive and do better. I know it's hard to avoid the politics and no matter how hard you try not to let it get to you, it eventually will, anyways. But stay strong, as long as you know that you didn't cheat, that's all that matters. Besides, the truth will always prevail.. keep that in mind. :)

  27. I am so sorry Faisal. There are a lot of people who would fake anything to be friends, but they are just not worth it. try to differentiate blood from water, it will help.

  28. I've been in your situation too, honestly let them be. They felt angry with your stats means they're JEALOUS.

    Good friend won't do that to you =)

  29. hampir sama ngan situasi aku... hampir 5 tahun kerja baru la aku perasan selama ni diorang mengata blakang aku. yg paling mengecwakan diorang siap api² kan bos aku. mcm² yg di report pasal aku. padahal semua benda yg di report diorang pun buat gak. malah lebih teruk dri aku. aku penah 'berangin' pasal benda ni kt diorang. tpi memasing hanya tunduk kepala je.. x berani nak ngaku.

    malah ada yang 'pulau' & kata aku kera sumbang. aku x kisah. aku mmg orang pulau. biar jadi kera sumbang janji kita x cakap sumbang pasal orang...

  30. Said Moses to his people: "Pray for help from Allah, and (wait) in patience and constancy: for the earth is Allah, to give as a heritage to such of His servants as He pleasant; and the end is (best) for the righteous.
    ( سورة الأعراف , Al-Araf, Chapter #7, Verse #128)

    Just ignore them. Keep your good work. Show them how to be better with sincere heart and honest in work. Be calm and always pray for a better day tomorrow. Anyway. Congrats!


  31. i hate backstabber ...

  32. aisha - yes aisha. i didn't have any hatred or vengeance against her too. i believe in God and i know God is always fair. to me, karma "what goes around, comes around" always applied in my daily routine. life is too short too be unhappy or stressful :)

    foongpc - to be honest, i don't agree when government extend working period for everybody to 58 years old. do you think it really helps a company with these oldies? they do not want to learn new things anymore and some even do not want to work anymore. what they want is to get salary and less work. instead of extend the period for them, i guess its better if they take new and fresh graduate. this could cut the percentage of jobless peoples and most of them are fresh graduates from local university or even some college. young people has more respect to others than the old one who always compare their "experience" rather than agreeing with the young ones.

    do you think using pen and papers is much better than save the data in computer? if you get what i mean.

    i agree with our board director "shape in or ship out". but how many have do so? none. pretty upset with government when they make the decision for dragging this oldies to stay longer in the government sector.

    you can't use the reason of they have lots to pay and so many debts around. if they still stick with their bad spending habit and laziness, i don't think by extending their period will help them. sigh.

    tammy - yes tammy. that's what happen lately. oldies is getting scared of their own shadow. sigh.

    adila - one of my colleagues told me "ala faisal, perempuan memang macam tu... iri hati dan cemburu tu adat le. ko kena sesuaikan diri".

    sesuaikan diri? omg! i rather quit but i'm not a loser. but sooner or later i will quit. when i'm ready. the time will come :)

    as - hehe sakit tekak dah hilang. oh ari tu ada terbaca article pasal HIV. owh patut la As ada tanya pasal white layer/coating around tongue tu kan? :P

    hmm, ya. semoga tuhan jauhkan orang yang iri hati macam ni. hehe hantar ke sabah ke :P amin...

    imsoniac - yes. life is like a wheel. sometimes we are at the top and sometimes at the bottom. i'm used to it :) yes, i will be happy yay!

    rozella - omg! i've been busy. hope i'm not late! will grab it...!!

    quachee - yes. its weird. so weird when i didn't even do something bad. not at all. but its ok. maybe she had her own reason for acting so.

    yes i want to be the 20%! yes! :)

    zewt - you pin the nail right! i agree with you 100%. most people will just proving others suck in order to make themselves highlighted rather than working hard to prove that they are the best. doesn't matter with any race... same thing.

    if this last for a long time, its sad to the new generation as they will learn this and do the same thing again and again. when will this cycle stop? i hope soon.

    joo fei - yes fei. i agree with you. *physical immune mode* haha if you still remember ragnarok :)

    i will just ignore her and focus on my work for zero mistake again hehe.

    msrahah - yes, i will ignore them for sure. i know i'm better than them. so i won't do what they did to me :)

    rush murad - yep. memang ignore pun. taknak lah sedih² even though mula² tu marah and sedih gak. tapi dah ok dah :) buat dono je kat ofis sebab dia duduk di sebelah je :)

    zhoe - ya memang. hipokrit sangat kan? :)

    tun teja
    - ya tun. memang seram. ni baru 4 tahun di company ni. kalau 25 tahun macam mana ye? semakin negative je nanti sebab environment gile negative hehe :)

    ixora - wah! bestnye bercuti :) hmm faisal this year memang tak cuti kot. tunggu next year je la :) so, this year perah otak betul².

    wahidah - tak suka pun kena hadapi sebab ramai di dalam dunia ni :)

    ad - betul tu ad. malas fikir benda² remeh macam ni. tapi cc la yang tension tengok faisal kena macam ni. dia cakap tunggu ketua unit balik dari haji dia nak discuss dan tengok apa yang perlu dibuat. harap-harap la faisal dapat jaga stor. hehe senang, duduk sorang² buat keja sendiri :) boring la asyik dengar dorang gosip dan merepek, tambah dosa je kan :)

    aliya - student prob? hmm apa prob terbaru? hehe. kadang tu kan kita dah boleh agak apa student tu akan jadi di masa hadapan kan? best :)

    cahaya - thanks for the motivation :) blogging is the only way i release my stress now. hehe thank God that i have lots of friends in blog even though i never meet most of them in real life. yes, craps like them won't stop me from working harder :)

    ismail - yep bro. betul tu. tapi PMS boleh diterima ke sebagai alasan? hehe. professionalism tu penting kan? :)

    13may - politik memang busuk kan? haha!

    shemah - yes shemah. as i said, i believe in God as God is always fair. the truth will reveal :) i hope she will work harder to achieve what she wants :)

    farah - yes farah. next time i will take picture of blood and water before donating blood. they do this test you know :)

    i will stay calm, cool and smile always. not to forget focus on my work :)

    ann - i like your last sentence:

    "Good friend won't do that to you"

    i will keep this in my mind :)

    kamal - ya. ramai yang macam ni dan maaf cakap kebanyakannya di kalangan perempuan. patut lah dalam Islam perempuan tidak digalakkan menjadi pemimpin kan? mereka lebih gemar memasukkan elemen emosi ke dalam pekerjaan :)

    p/s: aku dah malas nak amuk² dan marah². senyum je sekarang :)

    skullsplitter - yes bro. i will ignore them for sure :) just go to work, work hard and go home. that is what i suppose to do right? *save more faisal save more to do something else* :)

    working with a company is not my cup of tea. but i will stay as long as i needed to do so and will ring the bell when the time comes :)

    lily - sama la kita :)

  33. wahhhh back stubbers i hate them

  34. aiyark! teruskan cool faisal.

    biarkan mereka terus sakit hati...hehe. bulan depan, buat yang lebih baik!!

  35. that is the world faisal..dont be so sad..i understan how u feel because i've been backstabbed once..i ran out from the school by applying to the university..and now i've ada hikmatnya kan? just dont bother about wht people said too much..ths skill u must lesrn from now org cakap buat bodoh je...lama2 mesti diaorg x tau nk ckp apa lagi...

    btw congratulations for yr outstanding performance...u really deserve it and nobody can stop u from cherishing it..every moment of it!

  36. PembeLoT_PnG@nAz9:19 PM

    same situation... penah gak kena.. wat bodo ja. yg ptg kta tau apa yg kta wat. biasa arr ppuan... even sesama kaum hawa pun kena gak.. apatah lagi dgn adam. klau diorg yg kena puji pun bunyi, kalau kena hentam lagi la mcm2 bunyi. e2 xkenA eni xkena. manusia. arini jadi kakak, sok dh jadi musuh. xdak yg mustahil. yg ptg skang wt kja sendiri ja. slagi ada mulut, slagi tu duk bunyi.. tu la beza nya environment yg semua laki n semua ppuan.. biar org nk wat jht, kta bls dgn kbaikan. nt lama2 baru dia malu sendiri.. semua tu politik nk jatuhkan semangat keja ja. biar every month dpt pujian, mesti lagi panas mokcik2 tu.. u xrugi apa2.. mesti dpt cemerlang next year. Good 4 u rite?

  37. pembelot_png@Naz9:29 PM

    igt x kesah nabi s.a.w yg dilempar najis setiap hari bila dia lalu kat depan rumah seorang wanita? slh 1 cth, org wt jht kat kta tapi kta bls dgn kebaikan. lastly, tau kan apa yg jadi kat ppuan tu? think bout that...

  38. Yes, I agree with you. It's better for the Government not to extend the retirement age and instead get more fresh graduates.

    Well, I hope things will work out for you, otherwise maybe you want to apply for a job elsewhere?

  39. blue - yes i hate them too. but what to do? :(

    mango - yes will follow your advise :) biar lah racun tu makan diri mereka sendiri :)

    waliz - yep waliz. i will continue doing my best as long as i still work with this company :) i won't quit for small matter unless i have other opportunity which is better. hehe.

    pembelot penang - amboi nickname :P memang keji tau sokong BM ari tuh :P

    hmm betul tu biar lah kita balas dengan kebaikan. tuhan kan maha adil :)

    eh apa jadi ek kat perempuan tu? tak ingat kisah ni. lagi satu kisah yang orang yahudi tarik collar rasulullah sampai merah leher baginda. tapi baginda masih senyum :)

    foongpc - i will quit from this company when its time for me to start my own biz :)

  40. satu perkara yg aku blaja.. klu kita diam lgi suke diorang ngata.
    sekali sekala kena tunjuk gak pendirian kita kt diorang ni..

  41. kamal - selalu aku jenis yang defensive dan aggresive. dah malas. so aku diamkan aje.

  42. salams faisal..takperlah bersabar jer..hari ni hari dia..esok lusa kita tak tau kan :)

  43. bunkerangs - ye kak rosmah, banyak yang saya pelajari dengan bersabar. saya pun pelik macam mana saya boleh bersabar. even mak pun pelik kenapa saya boleh bersabar. saya jenis yang aggressive dan defensive sebelum ni tapi dah berubah menjadi penyabar :) alhamdulillah...

  44. Boodak NUckal5:05 PM

    sukati arr..:p malaysia dh merdeka.. rakyat ada hak nk pilih mana2.. asal lak kalau stay kat 1place, kna ikut place tu. depends arr. suka suki dia je kata kat org keji. :pppppppp

    1 ari ppuan tu xlempar najis, nabi rasa pelik n p tanya org. rupa2nya ppuan 2 sakit. nabi p ziarah n lastly dia nyesal n mohon maaf, n masuk islam... asalnya dia kafir..

  45. boodak nuckal - haha keji le tak sokong penang :(

    oh ingat dah cerita tu. muka dia naik kudis tu ke? yang nazak tu?

  46. orang camni kena dijauhi faisal..

    serius, akak penah kena tau...kesan sampai ke hari ni..

    jaga² tau

  47. mummy - betul tu akak. saya malas nak layan dia. bagi saya tuhan tu adil :)


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