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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Do you trust in CIMB?

Cute picture isn't it? Yes, I'm not smiling.

Yesterday I was unhappy. Very unhappy.

The day before I was mad. Very mad!

How could you trust a bank that give a loan with 36% interest, slow procedure and slow feedback in everything? Since Beach Street CIMB was the closest bank I could go so I gave myself a try.

I trust in Maybank since I was a kid perhaps because parent trust in them too. Ok, not really with my dad since he trust in oversea banks more. Simple reasons he gave me: good service and hospitality when you deal with them. Good environment too. I went in HSBC and Standard Charted once. Yes, different from our local bank. But what I didn't like to open any account with them just because they are not everywhere like local banks. Who cares about saving depreciation since I don't keep much in my saving. Hey! invest somewhere that could give you better interest!. Ok I won't talk about finance today.

It was a very frustrated experience with CIMB I'd say. First of all, when I asked about loan there was no further detail instead of giving out their pamphlet and the payment timetable. RM5,000 for 5 years and RM181 monthly installment sounded interesting to me (for 5 years, yes I know silly me). Ok, I didn't do bad loan. Never. When I say I pay monthly installment for RM181 that means I got profit out of it. Let say, I pay RM181 but after paying this amount I get RM419 in my pocket. Don't you think its a good debt/loan? There you go, finance talk again! Damn.

Then, I simply agreed with the deal as they told me I could get the money instantly or at least in 3 days working days. Yeah right! It took about a week to get the amount in my account! That's not instant and I would rather find a lower interest rate if I know that it would take this long. So, that was my first dissappointment. I didn't want to make a havoc. Fine.

Ok, they didn't tell me that I have to bank in the money to my saving account and I can't pay at the counter as you paying off your other loan. WTF? Then I told them that I want to pay more and that means I was looking for rebate if I keep this healthy relation with the bank. But they told me I cannot do so as they will deduct exact amount of RM181 from the account. Oh man! I felt I was totally cheated at that time. Yes, at where I stand in front of the counter. My face was read. I know. I told them I want to make full settlement in 3 months time. As I would get back the amount in that period. They told me that I'd waste lots of money if I do that. I didn't care. I was pissed off.

In 3 months time, I could pay off the debt. But I hold the money in my account as the biz was not so good. Petrol ruined everything. Sigh. After I paid RM181 for almost 6 months, then I called CIMB, KL branch for the amount I need to pay. I knew the amount will be great as I have to pay penalty and process fees (damn, banks are bad!). Do you know how long it takes? Not long. It took ages and no response at all. Until I had to go to the same bank again and ask for the amount. They told me KL branch will send me a letter. Ok, no arguement. I waited for almost a month. Why they always take so long compared to Maybank? (ah same goes with Bank Islam). Affter a month I got the exact amount about RM5,390. I called them up as I want to make a bank draft from Maybank. I hate bring lots of cash. They said ok. Then, I paid and you know what? There was no receipt or anything! I told them at least you can sign and stamp for prove. The officer did as I told. Weird isn't it? Ok, done.

After a month I got my billing again. Bill? Loan? WTF? Ok, maybe they hadn't updated the latest payment yet. I emailed CIMB customer service and you know what they replied?

Let me start with my email:


Today 28/8/2008 I have received reminder letter about the Xpress Cash loan. I have made my full settlement on 6th August 2008 and therefore, no reminder should be given to me anymore.

By the way, August is almost over but I haven’t received any letter or receipt regarding this settlement. At first CIMB Beach Street, Penang branch called me up to put RM10 in the bank because the balance was RM4 in my account and I had done so. After few weeks an officer from KL called me and asked me to bank in RM10 again. Why is it so? For how many times I have to bank in money for the reason that the cheque can’t be proceed? I have paid the full amount on 6th of August 2008 by Maybank bank draft. I paid at CIMB, Beach Street, Penang.

Until now I haven’t received anything such as receipt or notification letter that I have settled the loan. I hope you can send me a letter or receipt regarding this matter.

Your cooperation is so much appreciated.

Thank you.

P/s: I don't remember the Kl Officer who called me but he is a Malay guy and the person who called me on 6th of August is Miss Tan. Thank you. "

and here was the reply:

"Dear Mr Faisal,

Thank you for your e-mail and banking with us.

We would advise you to liaise directly with Xpress Cash department at 03-2035 2200 in regards to your inquiry.

Should you have other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our CIMB Call Centre at 1-300-880-900 or 03-2295 6100 between 7am to 11pm (Malaysia hours) daily, (we are contactable 7 days a week including public holidays) for information and assistance.

Regards and have a pleasant day,
Sumarma "

If I need a reply like this I won't email them ok? Is it too hard for them to forward my email to the person in charge or at least to the right department? Sucks. I called up the numbers and no one pick up the phone. I tried about 6 times on the same date I got this reply. Fed up. Damn!

2 days ago, I got the reminder billing again! This time really drove me crazy. Yesterday, I went straight to see the person who dealt with me before. She called up the KL department and you know what? KL department didn't know anything regarding this. She passed the phone to me. I talked to the one on the phone. You know what? He even asked me have you faxed the receipt to KL deparment? Oy! I'm not your bloody damn slow stupid staff ok! (in my heart: Fuck off!). I asked him: "Am I suppose to know your whole procedure even though I'm an outsider?". He didn't reply. I told him that I'd tell this lady to fax by today (now I'm dealing on her behalf? grr!). Hang up. I told the lady that she needs to fax the receipt and the letter together. I did ask what happen to the receipt last time? Did't you guys fax it to KL or submit it by snail mail at least? She didn't know as she said it's MISS TAN's job. Fine. I asked her to call MISS TAN and I wanted to meet her. She replied: "I called her just now about a case before you but she didn't even coming down". Fuck. I felt like screaming and shoot this MISS TAN's head. She photocopied my letter and receipt and told me that will pass to MISS TAN. I asked her when? She said as soon as possible. I asked again and streghten the word WHEN. She said you have to ask MISS TAN about that. What??? She wrote MISS TAN's phone number on my letter. Before lunch yesterday, I called up MISS TAN and you know what? She didn't even know who am I. I hadto read my novel again till she understand (I knew she kept searching for my letter on her table!) and replied she will fax the documents after hang up the call. Grr!

At 5pm (I called her at 11am ok?) the KL department who I dealt in the bank earlier on called me and told me they will investigate my case on Monday. WTF??? I asked him why Monday and what took him so late to inform me about this? He told me MISS TAN faxed to him at 5pm and he called me instantly. OMG...!!!

Thanks to Kak Ina as I know you have done your best. Thanks to Yana (can't remember her name) for filling the form everytime I go to see you for the payment. Thanks to MISS TAN for at least fax the document. Thanks to the guy in KL too as I didn't ask his name.

This is the first and last time I'm dealing with CIMB. Sayonara!


  1. Faisal, I would be as mad as you too if I was put in such a situation. To be frank, in Malaysia, I don't know which banks are great in terms of customer services. Itu belum beratus ribu punya loan. well, if you knew the bank manager or if you someone the manager could benefit from, maybe you would be treated differently. that's always the case in Malaysia. very sad!

  2. too many bad news about the local banking scene lately. well, put it this way... a lot of big corporations up there arent exactly doing ethical things... it's just a matter of whether it spills out the can or not.

  3. wohooooooo... patut laa marah gilaa kat komen kemarin..... sampai mintak ubi kayu tu lagikkkk...

    ishhhh... nih yg buat risau nihh... my company acc dgn CIMB laa faisal... alahaiii...

  4. Thanks for sharing the infos bro. From my own personal experiences, in term of customer services, Public Bank HSBC are two of the best.

  5. amber - i'm ok now just hope those who deal with this bank will be aware. ok? :)

    farah - dad never trust any local banks even with credit cards. they say this but that happen and they say that and this happen. their terms could changed due to their own privilege. the woman even had gut to ask me subscribe their credit card. i was mad with the stupid procedure but she was busy persuade me for the credit card. can you believe? unbelievable. lucky i didn't join the cimb unit trust yet. recently i met a cimb unit trust consultant who told me he was an experience one and when i asked him how long is the experience and he told me 1 YEAR. and 1 YEAR is considered experience enough to handle my money? grr!

    zewt - now do you realize they advertise about bank insurance for your saving? if you watch TV3 news you would know. now i even feel insecure. i better put somewhere else rather than saving. or maybe i should put my saving in other oversea banks? i don't know. *currently i put all my money in asb and left some little amount in saving*. sigh!

    pearlej - ala ej. ej takpa la. abang orang ramai kenal. kalau jadi apa² semua kes dengan manager saja. macam faisal orang bawahan saja ni memang dibuli macam guli. cuma tunggu nak sumbat guli dalam mulut depa saja! :P

    ismail - they are oversea banks and they should be fine. you are same with my dad. i'd agree with you, local banks can't beat them!

  6. All this while, no problem with my banks...but I did not borrow money from them so ok, I guess. U pinjam duit buat apa?...Kawin kah? LOL!!!

  7. suituapui - haha no la. what for i borrow money for kawin. in fact 5k where got enough :P

  8. CIMB is like that my dear Faisal.

    They come after you for some 50 ringgit interest that you have not paid although you have like thousand and one banking accounts amounting to large amount of funds. This comes from a very personal experience.

    In fact, for corporate banking as well they treat their clients like shit. If you are high flying big time they'll just shut up, but when the times are about to go down ie financial and economic slowdown, that's the time they come looking for you. even if it's one cent.

    Lol, and yes due to that 'the people' from 'my personal experience' are changing their corporate bankers to some other banks, and slowly drawing out funds from CIMB.

    So trust me, they suck both in consumer and corporate banking. At one point of my life I was thinking of interning over my 2nd year summer in CIMB. Second thought, urgh. I'd rather go for MMerrill Lynch or JPMorgan Chase. Like seriously, duit pun lagi banyak. Kena buli pun berpatutan ngan harga.

    CIMB should go fly kites. I takda account ngan diorg. Diorg ni kokoot tau sbb bnyk sgt merging activities over the years,kadang2 diorg even taktau kata u ada account. As bankers they should know la kan, expect kite je tau semua. For eg kata la u ade account bank bumi dulu,account bank of commerce dulu and SBB, then kan kite ade tiga account. Diorg mcm blur tau, when u mention. MCM F*** je. Sabar bebanyak.

    Now that urs is resolved, perhaps it's time to choose a new bank to maintain your financial needs. But I can tell you, Maybank being a local bank with a not so bad international presence, does a very good job. Esp in consumer banking. Staff pun baik , system pun up. But agai, pick a right branch and gt to know the people. Kalau u slalu pegi, sometimes u cud get a one-on-one service which makes life super easy. In terms of loans gak kdg2 bank manager tau we're a regular so takde la bnyk songeh on approvals.

    Take care bro.


  9. You have a right to state what you feel..If i'm in that situation also I did what you did..We have a variety of bank in our country..Pilih mana yang terbaik..Diorang berniaga jugak ..kalo seme customer diorg buat macam buat kat you tak lama bank tu kena merge lagi...Tapi yg pelik yg kecik makan yg besar kan..Tu jadi camtu tu..hehe...Sometimes manusia ni lupa akan tggjwb diorg..tgjwb kenalah diselesai sampai akhirnya bukan lepas tangan jer,,,Huuh!..Ad pun jadi hot..haha..

  10. Riz - That is a good info from you. Thanks for sharing even though I know you are very busy with the study schedule :)

    I agree with you Riz that they should go fly the kite. If they want to compete with other banks especially their best competitor Maybank, they must do something about it. Even CIMB click can't be compared with Maybank2u!

    So, what do you expect? Plus, they also charge you when you bank in your cheque. Weird isn't it when you bank in for free with Maybank? Btw, the cheque is CIMB cheque as they are the main bank for IRB. Total weird which sometimes I rather ignore.

    Hope everything goes well with your new life and study in UK! :)

    Ad - Betul tu Ad. Pelik la bila orang yang handle kes kita tak ingat yang kita baru je langsaikan hutang. In fact satu building je tu. Lepas tu susah sangat ke nak fax ke KL hanya 2 keping kertas je. Lepas tu yang pelik bila customer nak jumpa kat bawah busy macam Perdana Menteri ke sampai tak boleh turun kan? Rude sangat kan.

  11. Sian adik aku ni..Sabar yer dik. Sya pun bengang tgk keadaan seperti ini terjadi.

    P/s : cyberwira tak akan jangan bank tempatan beri perkhidmatan baik / terbaik.

  12. erk~
    i'll remember not to hv anything to do with CIMB =.=

  13. cyberwira - Hehe. Cian kat saya kan? Tapi benda dah jadi. Redha je la :)

    - Hehe choose others if possible :)

  14. hej! bad financial situation like this, the bank should learn to keep the customer in their fold not chasing away with bad service...and i think Malaysian banks never went to school...;-)

  15. teruknya servis.....

    btw, this statement:

    Let say, I pay RM181 but after paying this amount I get RM419 in my pocket

    bunyi cam best ajer....hehhe hehhe

  16. Danial - Yes I'd agree with you. They just want to keep those millionaire but not the average ones. But if news like this spread, do you think the millionaires want to stick to them? (maybe to those who know the manager well for certain branch might not agree with me). I hope they learn something from oversea bank like I stated in the post. When customer is happy, they will spread the news. We called it grape vine. Eh correct spelling? Not so sure. Haha. But mouth to mouth advertising is the best rather than put those beautiful red poster around. Don't you agree?

    - Alamak. Bro, tu hanya contoh. Ada ke biz yang masuk macam tuh? Haha!

  17. owh...what a poor service....

    pst: my sis CIMB lol... :p

  18. agak mad jugk baca entry nie.. asyik scrool je ape ending die nie. huuuu.. but bila da baca nie, xnak la CIMB . so far my banks sume ok lagi n xpenah join CIMB lagi.

    relax bro ;P

    p/s: thnxs for the bufday wish!

  19. Yumi - I'm sorry if this post is a bit harsh to your sis. But I was really mad with the service and if we could speak out about government why not we speak out about this bank poor management? Or at least this branch too be more specific? :)

    Mizszie - Ya. Banyak lagi bank lain. Boleh cuba yang lain dulu sebelum cuba CIMB. Satu lagi Bank Islam. Agak slow juga. Saya pernah nak buat loan dengan Bank Islam (loan rumah) tapi cancel sebab slow sangat. Bank Islam ambil masa lebih seminggu dan Maybank hanya 3 hari saja untuk siapkan dokumen. Kenapa ada perbezaan macam tu? :)

    P/s: Dah dapat rumah sewa tu?

  20. owh pasal rumah sewa. kak miza tu ckp die just nak sewakan bilik jer .
    bukan rumah. sebb we all 4 org. so kena carik rumah.

    tapi ma fren da dptkan satu rumah. sok nak pi tgk! penang im cumin!!


    u penang kat ner?

  21. Mizszie - Oh. I Penang area Bayan Lepas. Rumah sewa you area mana?

  22. owh dekat la. rumah sewa yg i dapat tu kat taman sri nibong. dekat la kan

  23. Mizszie - Ye dekat je tuh. Boleh lepak-lepak di Old Town nanti haha! Practical di mana?

  24. ok jerr...! kat KESP. blkang

  25. Oh I'm oso angry for u Faisal, I cannot stand bad customer service like this! :(:(:(

    First u should screw the officer who handled ur loan, obviously this person did a terrible job, tak professional langsung! I'm also angry with the email response u received, mmg betul...lebih baik tak yah reply la!!

    And I can't believe that girl asked u to speak to the ppl in KL urself, siap pass phone lagi! Oh if I were you, I'd write to Malay Mail hotline and throw a tantrum...big time! Yes dah settle and all that, but still sakit hati for the nonsense u had to endure! :(:(:(

  26. Mizszie - Oh kilang ek? tak berapa pasti. Jarang lalu area tuh.

    Maurica - Yes Maurica. I was so upset about what had happen. In fact, I didn't want to make a chaos since that will show how unprofessional I am. I like your suggestion regarding writing a mail. Maybe writing a complain to the local newspaper? Hmm. This Monday the KL Branch is going to call me. I'll see how. the case isn't solved yet but I hope soon I will get the notification letter at least. I was so frustrated to know that my payment is not submitted to KL which was refused by Miss Tan who said she had faxed the receipt on the same date I did the full settlement. Why didn't she call the KL branch up to be sure that the fax was all fine? Weird. Very weird but that was a total dumb. Customer like me who is so frustrated won't deal with them anymore for sure. They are so unprofessional!

    Enough said.

  27. yup. kilang la...
    im engineering student. electronic background

  28. Ic. Engineering is good :)

  29. that's stupid- 1 year and experienced? maybe he counted his experience by 365 which makes it a lot! LOL

  30. Mizszie - *grin*

    Farah - Yes. The weird thing was he was so confident that I'd join with his simple briefing and showing off his credibility with 1 year experience. I was about to laugh when he told me that he was a Computer Science graduate but end up with CIMB. Not to forget he also tried to persuade me to be one of the consultant! If everybody can be one, why should I need one? Man! World is getting crazy and funny at the same time.

  31. been there too. CIMB and other banks too. They just plain stupid and sometimes said something that will make you scream at their face (I love doing this!).

    p/s: chill. I hope your matter will resolve ASAP!

  32. benda macam ni mmg selalu berlaku faisal..akak nyer experience lak ngan maybank..time nak mintak hutang tu bukan main lagi diaorg call. tapi bila terlebih potong, nak refund balik bukan main susah!

  33. omg !
    Anyway choose another bank instead of CIMB.

  34. naik semput aku baca cerita kau ni Faisal.... darah dah naik nih... aku pun kena cool down gak... :/

  35. Cahaya - To scream is not a hard thing to do but I try my best to stay calm, look cool and be professional even though most of them are plain stupid as you said. Guess what? They haven't called me sine Monday as they promised. God, help me... I feel like shooting people's head!

    Mummy - Oh akak dengan Maybank pulak ke? Adus. Ni dah jadi malas nak deal dengan any of local banks lah! Geram betol. *tapi ayat last tu akak macam lepas geram dekat LHDN jek :P*

    Ann - Your suggestion? :)

    Rush - Ye Abang Tepak. Geram kan? Tapi nak buat macam mana kan. Redha je la *walaupun kalau dapat lagi bill confirm nak jerit di bank tu*

  36. I dont knw about what kind of banks is the best one but I think CIMB sucks

    U know, just now me and my friend wanted 2 book mas ticket to kuala lumpur by next year

    but it was spoiled by CIMB operator. Grr!!

    When we are about to pay out tickets, my friend forgot her security credit card passwd.

    So I asked her 2 call the CIMB hotline as we think it might be 24 hours.

    But u know what happened? after she pressed (dunno what number) to talk to the operator.

    Suddenly DISCONNECTED.

    Grrrrr !!!!

    She calls for few times, and it happened again again and again.


    All of us cannot confirmed the payment of our tickets. DAMN!

    Further more, the CIMB website is not working when she was inserted her passwd after few minutes.

    It stated as "time expired" , then all BLANK and what we got? NOTHING.

    I pressed "back" , also nothing happened. MAS website says do not re-enter any payment button as they scared it will be double charged.

    Just because of that goddamn passwd and cannot contact the CIMB credit card operator. We lost out tickets. :(

    grrrrrrrr !! I'm so pissed off with CIMB too.

  37. OMG Ann! That is super sucks! I couldn't bear this if it happen to me! Yes I wonder whats their customer service is doing until not even a person could answer the call? They shouldn't put the "hotline" or even the number to be contacted if there isn't any!

    It happen to me too when I called them regarding the bill and there was no answer. Oh btw, they promised to call me last Monday right? They didn't. If the bill is sent to my house again, I'm sure they are going to regret about this. I'm going to see the manager and Miss Tan is going to be chopped the head off!

    CIMB isn't just slow but also the hospitality sucks. I haven't met any problem with Maybank YET and I hope they won't upset me in the future too.

    Ann, my advise would be: Go and meet the manager of the branch and tell him about this. Then write a letter to the local newspapers. I'm sure CIMB is going to regret about this!

    I'm sorry about what had happen to you.

  38. What I felt so kesal is, why we couldn't contact the operator?

    I think this problem can settle down just if the operater can be contacted.


    Because we just need 2 know what is my friend's passwd and also is mas already charged for our tickets payment?

    Haihs, I will totally fucking pissed off if we lose our rm19 tickets

    that's damn cheap u know ! :(

  39. yes, very cheap. er rm19 to where ann? hehe now you make my eyes wide opened! *giggle*

  40. from kota kinabalu to KL with return ticket. Only cost us RM206 + tax. And it's MAS not air asia.

    Damn cheap right?

    But CIMB spoiled everything.


  41. omg! yes very cheap. let me know if you got this kind of deal again. maybe i can fly to sarawak or sabah!

    damn cimb. now i hate them more!

  42. wow, what an experience. heya, if i can suggest - next time just write to the ceo :)

    anyway, here's something to cheer u up. remember ken - well in my blog. he's giving you a cd. do drop me an email ya? :)

  43. sigh. maybe... next time.

    er, this part is pretty confusing. which ken? i only know 1 ken. he used to be my good friend. miss him.

  44. byk nyaa problem dengan cimb
    macam2 masalah ..

    kenapa at first u x buat loan dengan bank rakyat ??

    org gomen kan boleh maa ???
    lagi senang ...

  45. bank rakyat kena masuk pay slip. lagi pun ni sebab urgent sangat, nak kena beli barang. kalau tak memang tak buat la loan.

    semalam gi tengok quantum of solace, nampak ada geng mega pavilion tengah promosi apa tah. nampak je kerjasama dengan CIMB faisal dengan member terus malas nak tanya promosi apa. kira benci tahap gaban lah! :)

  46. Yes, you are absolutely correct.Am providing cash against card at low interest.

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