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Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome Admars!

Admars? Maybe some of you already know that Admar is my family name. Here I want to give a welcome greeting to another two family members who created blog recently. They are my mom and my younger sister. I guess some of you already notice that my youngest sister has been in blogsphere quite sometimes.

Yes... some of you have question in mind such as how many siblings do I have and why my dad is not in the list? Ok, I have 2 sisters which means all of them have their own blog now. My dad is not starting anything yet most probably because he is not interested, busy with friends or even prefer TV than writing. Haha. I know I give some lame excuse on his behalf but I never try to talk about it with dad. Maybe soon ;) But don't worry, I will keep haunting him to create one! (maybe I've to wait untill he buys his own laptop).

Ok, not to forget I want to give a welcome greeting to my "silent reader" who now has her own blog too. I know you told me before you were not interested to write but to read. Haha!

Welcome to blogsphere!


  1. owh..
    cool la ur family..

  2. w00t! ramai in ur family yg tulis blog!

    cool! :D

  3. btw.. u got tagged!
    check my blog hohoho

  4. Anonymous7:24 AM

    All in the family! Yes, a warm welcome to them...

  5. welcome...Family of Admars...Nanti singgah lah zuer nyer site k...

  6. Congratulations & warm welcome to them. Wah tinggal atuk sama cucu (kalu ada) aje lagi.

  7. Abir - Hehe yep yep :)

    Adila - Hehe 3 orang je. Tag? Hehe ambil masa sikit. Sekarang depression mode.

    Suituapui - Hehe thanks.

    Zuer - Don't worry. Sure they will visit your blog :)

    Ismail - Atuk dan nenek dah lama takde :)

  8. hej! need to try a little bit harder to persuade you dad to be a blogger...then we can give you 'family blogger' award! ;-) welkome to the blogspere of mama admar and sis admar...

  9. welcome mummy admar and family! :)

  10. Danial - Haha he won't blog until he got himself a laptop :P I don't want to share mine lol. Risky :P

    Cahaya - Thanks dear!

  11. satu family main blog! caya lah

  12. Lindosh - Ya, cuma ayah je belom.

  13. admar is a cool name..


  14. Welcome the admars !!!!!


Thank you for the comment.

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