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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I wonder why some peoples are so desperate with their claim. It’s like without claim they have no saving or money to be spent anymore. The complaints usually involved no money to pay for kid’s need such as school and clothes, out of budget to pay the debt such as car and house not to forget the house expenditure and some even claim they have zero balance in the bank and depend on claim money to survive.


How do you plan actually?

It’s weird as you know, to be financial freedom you must at least save 3 months of your salary in the bank in case anything emergency happen. Not that couple of hundreds of your ugly claim can solve your financial problem.

I hate when people keep pushing me to check and submit their claim fast as I have to check it properly or else if there is a single mistake, it will drag me to hell. Why I said hell? First, I don’t want to collaborate with you if there is any lie. No white lie ever exist ok? Second, the Branch Director is a perfectionist and always want zero mistake in finance team. Stop being ridiculous and asking me day and night about your fucking claim ok? It’s not that I only spend my 9 hours quality time checking yours only. First, go find out how many people we have in our branch (don’t forget this include the MTT building). Second, find out how many people went to courses, exam, awards and auditing. You can say that it’s my job. Smart. If you know, then shut the fuck up ok?

Those who act like brainy that always bring up General Order and circular issue, please make sure you bring your fact right in order to fight against your query. Ok? It doesn’t matter if you win or I win, but it’s the matter of the correct fact. Remember, if you are not entitle for a single cent, then you are NOT. Go and bring the issue to the Branch Director or even the State Director. We work based on rule and regulation, sometimes you have to be obedience instead of being a smart ass fighting others with your own assumption worse shouting with ridiculous reason. Officer, shouting. Show how shallow your brain and how cheap you are. Uneducated to be precise.

I’m not a good-temper kind of guy. But lately I learn how to control my temper. For now, the best way to deal with these morons are to laugh sarcastically whenever they shout and ask stupid questions like “When do you think I will get my cheque?”. Babe, it’s not me who print out your cheque. Plus, who are you to ask so? At the moment I’m using my best weapon. My reverse psychology weapon. Laugh. I know it’s the best medicine, but for this case it can be a heartache.


Note: Colleagues, if you’re reading this please pass around the ‘message’ to others. Stop asking.


  1. Hey Faisal,

    try this,take a random survey among your friends, ask them if any of one them do budget on a monthly basis, then let me know the result,ya?

    I was in a sales,and doing entertainment, which is claimable,i never chased my accout for the claim, for i would always have a "X" amount set aside for entertainment.

    hey dont be bulldozed around by others,just stick to the rules,ya?
    you've got your job and it is your duty to make it good.

    hey, i am happy to be the first commentor in your blog this time around, to show that i appreciate you as my bloggie friend.

    take care now my friend, and hope to hear from you too

  2. Well....I set aside some money for savings every month. I had a budget know...sometimes it's really hard to follow the yardstick! :p

  3. But then again..some of their claims might be true right? ;P

  4. You know... I used to wonder how people could run out of money like crazy, but it does happen - the guy who sits next to me has 3 kids, and although both he and his wife are working, their kids medical bills are just insane. He is one person whom I know needs the claim money (to keep rolling)

  5. eugene - hey eugene.

    they won't bother to answer the survey as they are too lazy to do so :) at least 99%.

    if i have officers like you, my life would be great and full with smile.

    yes eugene, i'll stick to the rule and there is no exception to any of them.

    congrats for being the first commenter :)

    you take care too ya.

    tekkaus - but do you push someone to do something for you in order to get your benefit without any consideration? :)

    their claims about what? :)

  6. terra - those who are so pushy usually those who have no commitment yet. meaning they are not married :)

  7. Yea..that’s financial matter what at least u should save 5 months of my salary in my bank...i know what kind of people are they...SHOW OFF even their wallet is empty...that’s y they never ever have enough money dude....

  8. normally what i did to the claim-er is to tell him 'it will take sometimes we could check for you' or 'we will get back to you' or 'the claim has been processed maybe you can check at the salary dept'. reka je jawapan yg memuaskan hati dorang n bagi dorang keje sket check kat tempat2 lain. yg x reti bahasa dtg banyak kali tu ckp je 'we can check it together'. i am not working in claim but i had incidents that could blew me off. i would normally play 'trick' on them. yes reverse phschology. slalu ketawa pun x ok juga. hahaha

  9. ary - yes, kinda agree with you.
    they don't think about the future.
    what about if something bad happen to them or their family?
    what if they need money for emergency?

    these kind of peoples usually end up borrow the money from "ah long".

    zm - they would go to the account department and ask about it. then get back to me as soon as they know it is not forwarded to account department yet.

    they can be very annoying most of the time.

  10. Ha sound like the people I know here whom I have to deal with their claims. Right after submitting they will ask me everyday! Tsk tsk... but yet they submit claim late -_-

    Savings aside? Eh.. I can't say anything to that... I don't have a huge salary to put aside anything! So I live pay to pay =x.

  11. ladyviral - i don't have huge salary too, but we must have saving anyhow. it's better to save little than nothing.

    yes same with my case, they always submit late and then ask about it everyday. it's like we are working for them and doing only their claims. even director won't ask like them.

    it's very annoying right? :)

  12. This is not having a vast salary or not..this is about awareness...if u know your salary is you should spend it wisely la...just spend to needed things...simple can...if we think that we had a hard realistic..Lot of people out there more suffered than ours...right? But they still can live what? They dun rely on claim? They rely on their effort...

  13. hurm..
    bukan semua org mampu utk ade savings yang cukup. dan savings tu mungkin terpaksa dikorban kan utk benda lain.

    but be too pushy juga tak elok.
    I memang amalkan bertanya terus estimate time utk process my claim. Then i susun kewangan i dat month berdasarkan time yang dijangka tu.

    Savings 6 bulan gaji?mimpi jerla kot...Never enough walaupun utk bayar makan tengahari...Sikit touching la bile some people label takde savings yang mencukupi tu org yang tak tau urus kewangan la...berlagak ade duit la...Sebab i tak pernah cukup duit utk savings dan keperluan hidup yang lain.

    But still simpati pada Faisal sebab kene tekan macam tu...

  14. Salam.

    p/s: yasmin ahmad's video dah okkey in my blog:p

    oh ya

    erm, so so so.
    just be patient.
    the others not so kind and tough like u.
    they just noe how to ask and push the others.

    good - have been saving.
    you're good man ^_^

  15. How are you Faisal? I hope all is well.

  16. Great advice Faisal! Up until last year we always maintained at least this much in savings.

    But, right now we only have enough for one month and it is scary.

    Our economy has been so bad that Walter's income has been a third of his usual amount.

    We have had to tap into our savings just to keep going and our bills are not outrageous.

    We rarely use any credit cards. We pay cash or we simply know we truly can't afford it and our home is paid for.

    But, still with the cost of living rising everyday over here and the income falling we are hurting.

    I think most Americans are hurting right now.

    I won't lay any blame on anyone. But, I do know that when President Clinton left office we had a roaring economy, our national debt was paid in full and we had a surplus.

    We keep praying that we are able to hang on until the tide turns.

    Great post. I hope you have a great day!

  17. people always worried... always think about their right, even they know that their claim is in queue...

    But, are they concern about their tasks and responsibilities??

  18. oh boy! i could imagine it is not easy to be you.

  19. Hi Shinade, we hope you doing good. People have to pay the bills. We could see some people grasping at straws and taking anything that is available. The unemployment rate is skyrocketing. People are losing their jobs and the families are going into economic free fall. Somehow we have been asked for health care reform?

  20. huh? financial freedom can be achieved thru 3 months of salary? Are you kidding me?...zzz

  21. nana kat sini pun camtu
    kecoh betul dorang biler claim tak masuk
    siap ada pegawai nal kena tolak keta balik sebab claim tak masuk lagi...

  22. bese la sumer org mesti la nak claim kalo wat extra hour keje berpada2 la..hehehe..

    btw,tq 4 da info faisal..lucily my hosp wat PJB tu PJB ke PCB eik..hahaha

  23. ary - agree. usually we should make a list. necessary vs necessity.

    most of the time we didn't make list and end up we buy things that are not really needed.

    we should spend wisely in order to save properly.

    queen - kena buat bajet. jika kita buat bajet, kita boleh adjust sikit-sikit mengikut kemampuan kita. jika gaji kita kecil, kita patut kurangkan perbelanjaan misalnya banyakkan makan di rumah instead of makan di luar. shopping pun kurangkan dan hanya beli ketika sale. jika nak beli shampoo or shower gel misalnya saya cadangkan beli di watson atau guardian. selalu bezakan price untuk kedua kedai tersebut. kebiasaannya harga di 2 kedai tersebut lebih murah berbanding kedai-kedai yang lain. sebaik-baiknya kita masukkan sejumlah wang yang telah kita catat dalam bajet bulanan ke dalam ASB dan anggap duit tersebut tidak wujud. sebenarnya saving boleh saja sama ada sikit atau banyak. sikit pun lebih baik dari tak ada langsung. betul kan? :)

    tanya tak salah. tapi kadang-kadang boleh menimbulkan stress unless clerk tersebut memang slow sangat setiap bulan. jika dia selalu cepat dan bulan tersebut agak lambat, tanya soalan seperti "banyaknye claim!" sambil tersenyum. ini boleh membuatkan clerk tersebut relief. buat bajet berdasarkan claim adalah tidak wajar. bajet tolak jumlah claim tersebut. di mana, claim akan dijadikan sebagai simpanan tambahan ataupun wang untuk dibelanjakan pada bulan seterusnya.

    hmm. sebenarnya trust me, jika tiada saving secara ikhlasnya kita ada masalah dalam pengurusan kewangan. saya ada ramai kawan dan berbilang bangsa. maaf jika saya katakan, kaum melayu tidak gemar menyimpan walaupun kebanyakannya earn more than bangsa lain. saya ada seorang kawan cina, technician kilang je tapi mampu beli rumah 290k. 100k dia bayar cash. so kalau dia boleh kenapa kita tidak? :) tapi kena perlahan-lahan. lama-lama kita akan biasa. bak kata pepatah, hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu alasan.

    terima kasih ye kerana concern :)

  24. arnamee - salam. oh ok, nanti saya tonton video tu ye :)

    perhaps they really need the money. just that they should be more patient as i'm trying my best to make the process faster. what they need to know is the government process is pretty slow and too many levels in the procedure such as checking, print out voucher, checked and signed by the chief clerk, checked and signed by the director, checked and approved by the account department, check and signed by the state director and print out cheque. long way before cheque can be made right? :)

    yes, saving is very important :)

    - i'm fine tammy. life is as usual full of ups and downs :)


  25. jackie - i only share my experience and hope some blogger friend or those who read my blog can take this advise and use it for everybody's benefit.

    ah, salary cut really pain in the ass. my friend who work in the factory got deduction of 10% of the salary which really make a different. i understand exactly. what you need to do now is to cut more of your expenses. do the comparison between necessity vs necessary again and see what you got after filtering more to suit your current income. instead of doing this, you should also find some ways to get extra income. creativity needed in order to get more money. who says money is not the root of happiness? i doubt :)

    i don't use credit card at all jackie. i learnt from my family about how cruel credit card can be. how evil they are. so it really give me shiver. but credit card is really needed at the petrol station or hotel booking as you don't need to bring big amount of cash all around.

    the economic crisis actually started because of the mortgage. which everybody buying houses and end up many people can't pay and it becomes bank's debt. it's not only happen in USA but also in other country and Malaysia has no exception.

    i hope economy will be back to normal or better so that we can have our old good expenditure again :)

    thanks for the great comment jackie :)

    zam - most of the officers in my department are concern about their claim rather than their job. i said "most" :)

  26. zm - haha now you make me sound like Superman!

    zm - that is based on life in The State or here? pretty confusing :)

  27. joe - part of it.

    cik ijau - kena tolak kereta tu sebab minyak habis ke nak jimat?

  28. wahidah - it's not overtime claim but mileage claim :)

    it's PCB :) have you asked them?

  29. haha biasala lain org laen prangai..sabo jela...

  30. laugh..nanti orang naik hairan...

  31. imheppie - ye. betul. ragam manusia kan? :)

    ijad - haha. reverse psychology tu! :)

  32. salam kenal dr sodara dekat...
    moga persahabatan diantara kita senantiasa terjaga
    luv from Indonesia..

  33. salam perkenalan. semoga ianya berkekalan :)

  34. salam perkenalan. semoga ianya berkekalan :)

  35. "When I reached there I had to park the car. Yes. Linda did give me coupon for the parking. When I reached at the parking entrance, an old man there asked for RM4 as parking fees. I showed him the coupon and he told me that I can’t use that coupon there but I can use that coupon to claim later at the front desk. So that means I had to pay RM4 anyway! Fine… grrr… I paid him RM4 and drove in angrily. After I parked the car, went to meet Linda and explained to her everything. I took the coupon and also her room key to the front desk to claim back my RM4 (hey I know it’s a peanut to you but to me it’s my money! And it was my right to claim). Guess what? She told me that I can only claim that bloody RM4 when I checked out! WTF??? I told her we rent your function room and some hotel rooms for 300 guests. You know what??? She said “sorry sir, the rule is you claim when you check out… if you come here for a function then you need to pay”. WTF??? Hello! Do you know how much we spent on you bloody hotel? And yet to claim RM4 is like 4 million dollar to you??? Want to know which hotel did this? GURNEY HOTEL. I won’t recommend this hotel to you for sure!"

    related??? hehehe

  36. adlie - that was because i can't claim. this post is about they are being pushy. not that they can't claim but just prefer to be impatient :)

  37. psshh tell them you're not a robot for god sake! xD

  38. psshh tell them you're not a robot for god sake! xD

  39. adila - lol.
    when i'm out of control, i will :)

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