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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

meet axim

I know it is suppose to be an old post. Blame me for posting the ones I’ve written long time ago first instead of the recent one. The best reason I could give is busy. I know it sounds so lame. But at least I don’t lie. I do study Management in USM, learning Mandarin on my own, actively playing badminton at least 4 times a week and table tennis once a week, hang out with my love one and finishing my books in that ugly dusty shelve. I’m not complaining of course! :) in fact I try to squeeze time if possible to learn piano. Something that my parent couldn’t afford when I was small. I want to do it anyway. At least before I die? :)

I cut the intro short.

I met Axim weeks ago. It happen that he SMS me asking for lunch but at that time I already promised Keith to eat together. I asked him if he doesn’t mind, he could join us for lunch. He said ok and will drive from his office to somewhere close to my office to eat the famous Mee Sotong (cuttlefish noodle).

Keith likes the noodle so much and it was the third time he drove to town from Bayan Lepas just to eat that famous noodle. I suppose, it’s a worth drive :)

I had plan to meet Axim for so long, at least a year or so. But this fellow seem busy almost 24 hours a day. Or he just try to avoid meeting infamous blogger like me? Haha.

He was friendly and chatty. Very simple guy and down to earth. Very easy going to be friend with. You will feel like knowing him for ages even though it is your first time meeting him! Trust me.

So our conversation was about work, bloggers, blog, vacation and his cute humongous camera. I didn’t dare to touch :P

Now, let me share some pictures that he took on that day. Guess some of you already seen it at his blog.








Till later ya!


  1. citer lama ni. tapi rojak sotong tu sangat menggoda okay.

  2. cahaya - haha ya cerita lama.
    rojak sotong?
    tu mee rebus lah :P

  3. 1)I had plan to meet Axim for so long, at least a year or so. But this fellow seem busy almost 24 hours a day. Or he just try to avoid meeting infamous blogger like me? Haha.

    --->in my defense,i'm not avoiding you my dear just about time..i knew i'll met you someday and yeah,i did!!:)and believe me,you are so famous in your own got so many follower here,whom never forget to visit you here and wait for your new the word infamous doesnt suit you..hehe

    2)He was friendly and chatty. Very simple guy and down to earth. Very easy going to be friend with. You will feel like knowing him for ages even though it is your first time meeting him! Trust me.

    ---->ekkkk could i take this as a compliment to me??thanks!!:-p

    3)Thanks for the treat anyway!!lepas ni jom kita pi berbuka puasa kat Pen Mutiara Jom!

    *it was a pleasure to meet you,eventhough it took for almost one year to see you eye-to-eye,hehe..

    Till we meet again,se ya!

  4. axim - omg.
    this is the longest comment from you ever! :P

    pen mutiara?
    kasi date :)

  5. Finally meeting a blogger friend after so long eh? Least it is good! I haven't met any :P. Maybe for the best too hahahah!

    Nice to see faces behind the computer typing all the post :).

  6. This is like an old post...the photo of you looks old too. In fact...your apparel looks very classic. :p

  7. ladyviral - the best?
    you must meet the bloggers.
    it's good to know people and make friends.
    don't you think? :)

    tekkaus - haha.
    i didn't plan to meet him but he sms me asking for lunch.
    you know, you will have bad hair day.
    so, it was the same with my clothes!

  8. Congrat and kudo to you Faisal to extend your friendship outside the blogosphere. Hope many more (meeting and other bloggers) will follow.

  9. Ok bro,

    kalau ada masa,we can meet up too, i love buka puasa with my malay friends, but now they have all gone to big cities,,,,

    by the way,i am staying in Farlim,

    take care bro or famous bro blogger,i just nicked you that hahaha(FBB)

  10. drsam - when can i meet you?
    i hope i can meet more blogger in the future.

    eugene - hehe.
    axim plan to meet at Pen Mutiara (batu maung) for buka puasa, maybe we can set a date.
    i let you know once he can confirm the date ya :)

    oh farlim.
    not that far from where i live (bayan lepas) since penang is just a small islang haha.

    famous? infamous leh... :P

  11. lepas tu, bila nak bertandang ke sarawak? boleh berbuka sekali dengan kek lapis sarawak...haha

  12. kcnodia - haha. sarawak agak jauh tu. entah bila la boleh sampai.

    saya ada seorang kawan mengajar di sarawak. dekat muukah kalau tak silap :)

  13. btw, how dare u didn't invite me /pif

  14. joseph - well, you work in prai. we meet during lunch time at padang kota. can you make it? :P

  15. aii, sedap sungguh rupa rojak sotong tuh...nani terpesona!!!

  16. tapi skali lg tgk..mee tu kan? mee kuah..? mee rebus?

  17. potter - haha nani, tu mee rebus lah. bukan rojak sotong :) sedap gak... tapi bagi faisal semuanya pedas belaka. bagi axim and keith tak pedas langsung. lidah buaya kot dorang ni! :D

  18. hehe...
    dy slalu je p makan kat situ afta abis kelas...
    sedap !

  19. dee - hehe. pedas tak? abang memang tak tahan, tapi masih nak makan! haha. lucu betul.

    bandung shake tepi tu sedap tau. coconut shake dia pun sedap! :)

    selalu jumaat memang ada area tu.

  20. liyana - salam ramadhan :)

  21. pedas? erk... ok ok je...
    hehe... dy mkn dgn ais kacang...
    pergh ! best je pekena...
    tp bkn ari jumaat.. slalu g ari rabu sbb kelas abis dlm 4.30.. tak ramai org sgt time tu...
    ari jumaat jalan jem situ... hehe...

  22. dee - ok je? ais kacang jalil tu memang sedap! cendol dia pun ok. betul... jumaat memang selalu jam kat situ.

  23. Anonymous11:27 PM

    i've been there b4...gosh cant remember...faster..faster..yea...
    during my practical...huhuh

  24. ary - during your practical? er?

  25. kat Mukah...kesiannya dia. Kawasan tu kira jauh jugak. cuma, taraf hidup sana rendahlah sikit. boleh saving...

  26. Hola Faisal! Saya very poor with Malay. Junga saya am very impressed awak speak so many languages.

    Saya only in English dan little French.

    I better write this in English. I most likely did everything above completely incorrect.

    I actually have not seen the pictures and they look wonderful. The food really looks yummy.

    Both of you are very nice young looking gentlemen.
    I can say that because I am old enough to be your mother.

    What a wonderful experience that you two got to meet.

    My dream is to visit Malaysia, The Philippines and also Singapore to meet so many people that have become such dear friends through blogging.

    I know you are busy and that is a good thing. But, I have come bearing gifts for you and your wonderful blog.

    Please excuse my misspell on the word French. I over slept and made the post before my morning coffee.

    It is really bad when you consider I took French as my language in college.

    I will definitely understand if you are too busy to bother. But, I did want you to know that you were thought of.

    I hope you can find time to pick them up. But, I will understand if you're too busy.

    I hope you are having a good week and a wonderful day!!

    Terima kasih dan salam,

  27. I am reading some of your comments and recognize some of the words. But, you are not speaking Malay correct?

    If you get a chance to stop by please let me know what language it is and how many different languages you speak.

    I am always so impressed with the younger generation of all countries. Even here in America now most states start out teaching a second language in our public school systems.

    That was something my generation missed out on.

    I'm off now!! Happy day!!:-)))

  28. kcy - ya. kesian juga dekat dia. tapi demi nusa dan bangsa (sebenarnya dia tengah appeal untuk lari balik ke semenanjung) dia berkorban jua :P

  29. jackie - whoa! its unbelievable you can speak Malay even though little error here and there :)

    english and french are cool. i think spanish is easier than french eh? not sure but my friend took a spanish course before. for sure japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn :)

    the food is very local. i like to see some traveler try the local food in penang as this island is so famous and well known as food heaven. i'm not sure you can stand with the spicy food here but it worth a try :)

    thanks for the compliment jackie, i bet axim will be glad to hear that too :) i'll be proud to have you as my mother as you are beautiful too. i guess you have spent much time and money for the look you have now. it's not easy to maintain... i know. i hope i can be as good as you when i'm at your age too.

    yeah, it has been almost a year or so when we knew each other through blogging just that because of the workload and too much time occupied for other important things we had to delay until this year :) not a good excuse i know hehe. but at least we made it.

    yeah, you should visit Asia especially Malaysia jackie. it's a nice place. you can choose city, hill, mountain or even sea depend on your taste and your interest. you can even explore greeny jungle if you like :) not to forget the foods. trust me, you won't regret.

    omg. thanks jackie for the award. the thought really count :) i love it...! i'll post the award in my blog by tomorrow since i've posted new post just now.

    hehe jackie, i like your ending. it's so Malay :)

    you take care ya!

  30. jackie - we are talking in informal Malay. so most of the words can be confusing not only for white people but also for other races like Chinese. it's like american with the slang... some of us might not understand it at all.

    yes, language is good to learn nowadays as we try to vanish all the barrier that exist because of language. so, no more miss communication :)


    finally we did it..:)

  32. haha yes! best sangat!

  33. tringat masa jmpa axim dlu, hehe lama gila brorakkk!

  34. ted - haha kan nanti nak buat phd di usm. selamat kembali :)


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