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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Do you still remember I’ve posted something about death here. Yes, it was his mother. But just now, I got call and SMS from colleagues – Rizal, Kak Zila, Linda and Firdaus that his father (who got diabetes badly) passed away. Not as shock as last time with his mother since he told me that his father was sick. Still it was unexpected to hear this news.

I replied them with a question whether they want to visit him tonight or tomorrow morning. Most of them don’t know where is his place located even though we have been there once. It’s in Tokkun and for those who knows where it is, surely know how to difficult to find it especially to those who is not good in direction, worse at night.

I know this will be a hard time for him to accept this since we are going to fast starting this Saturday and I believe they have some little preparation for the Eid too.

But everything is fated. Written since the beginning.

Every time there are death, my heart pumps hard and fast. Worrying about how to cope with the situation if this happen to my family and my lover. I can’t live without them. You, too.

Al-Fatihah to his father.


  1. may Allah bless his parents..amin..

    to 'his', tabahkan ati...oke??

  2. imheppie - yes, may Allah bless his parent.

  3. oh my Faisal i had not heard yet! This is very sad. May God bless the entire family.

    Thank you for letting us all know!

  4. shinade - yes. it was unexpected and a very sad news to him.

  5. Al Fatihah. May ALLAH bless his soul.

  6. Alfatihah.
    semoga dia dapat kekuatan ,
    ALLAH lbh sygkan his parents

  7. >> Salam takziah...
    Al Fatihah....

    semoga roh nya di tempatka di kalangan orang yg beriman..


  8. Al fatihah. Send him my regards. Tokkun ni jalan menghala ke Tg Bunga kah?

  9. Deppest condolences to his fmaily and him.

    May God bless them.

  10. My condolence to the whole family. Death has its own way of claiming our lives. All we can do is try our best and do everything we can while we are still alive. Live life to the fullest for it is short! :(

  11. arnamee - tadi dah melawat dia.
    alhamdulillah dia ok.
    tabah dan bertanggungjawab.

    yanie - al-fatihah.

    zm - baru balik dari rumah dia.
    tokkun di seberang.
    boleh lalu ikut jalan alma or bukit mertajam.

    ladyviral - may god bless him.

    tekkaus - i got an email just now about death sentence. most of them claim that they are lucky as they know when will they die.

    what do you think? do you think knowing your due date is better than not knowing it?

  12. Nothing is fated except who our parents are. Even death we can choose the way and the time we want it to be if we want to.

  13. "Nothing is fated except who our parents are. Even death we can choose the way and the time we want it to be if we want to."Joseph - to me it still fated even we choose the way and time of our death...GOD always knows

  14. joseph - are you sober?
    what's your fate definition?

    ary - agree with you.

  15. For me, fate means the destiny we choose to go. It's all of our own choice. That's why God gave us brain to think and to choose and to decide.

  16. is that mean you can plan your death? so when do you think you want to die? :)

    "That's why God gave us brain to think and to choose and to decide."

    i doubt you use "it" :)

  17. Don't know why but to us Chinese, when the month of the hungry ghosts are here, more deaths seemed to take place. Happened without fail every year! Btw, the hungry ghosts month started yesterday.

  18. foong - a lot of my colleague's parent passed away this month :(


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