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Thursday, August 13, 2009

wo xiang chi ni



She kissed my neck. That really gave me a real goose bump. I looked at her and smile.

“Oh! Page 117” she uttered softly to my ear referring to the book that I was reading for the whole day – Twilight.

I kissed her on her lips. A sweet one. It was sweet enough to make her smile and close her eyes tight.

“Are you alright?” I asked her to make sure everything is ok while pinching softly her cute blushed cheek. After few years with Biotherm and Clarin I suppose. They really gave her great skin. Smooth and silky. Shiny and always look healthy. I always brag about it to myself. Why not?

“I’m pretty bored sweetheart; can we go to the mall? I heard they have great sales. Window shopping is good too” she asked me persuasively.

“Ok, let’s go!” I said to her and lifted her up to the shower. Since I know Kath, we never shower alone. I’ll be missing her even a few minutes she vanishes from my eyes. It’s true. Very true.

We took a quick shower and got ready with t-shirt and shorts. Wore the sandals and out of the house. She ran to water the plant while I started to start the engine. Yes, she loved her plants so much. Nature lover I’d say. I’m not a good gardener but I want to grow the plants together with her as much as I want to grow old with her. Forever. That’s my promise.

In the car, she kept talking to me in Mandarin which I didn’t understand a word. I lied, I knew few words. Very basic words as I took Mandarin class before. That was ages. She tried to teach me and I tried to catch up some new words as possible.

“Ni xiang chi shen me?” she asked.

I answered “Wo xiang chi ni”. We both laughed our lungs out.

It’s good for my future and I want to make her happy at the same time. I guess it’s good because I can speak in Mandarin when I meet her parent or sibling and definitely will make them impress. They will like me as a bonus. I want that. As much as my family can accept her, I want her family to accept me too. I want to prove to them that I can make her happy and live with her forever. I must.

“Do you think you can learn it fast?” she asked.

Before I could even say a word she replied “Suppose”.

And we laughed. That’s my favorite word. She knew I’d answer that way. She even felt annoyed sometimes with that word.

Now, actually I got a good book for learning Mandarin. I made a photostat copy from a book that I borrowed from my colleague.

For you, I will learn whatever you want. Whatever that could make you happy. I love you.


  1. is this the sambungan from part 2? or there's another part after part 2? *i'm confused* :D

  2. HAHAHA....ini maksudnyer tahap 1..... kalu lulus br leh naik tahap2..... tu pun kalu perlu......

  3. fiona - this is not the "kath i love you" sequel :)

    you can read "kath i love you" part 1, 2 and 3 by clicking the story label.

    adlie - adlie dia maksudkan short story aku yang lama tu :)

  4. War...she meant I miss you? Wow! Haha :D

  5. tekkaus - lol. manipulate your knowledge? :P

  6. salam.

    sweet. but..err..;p
    true story or just an idea.

    just sweet;p

  7. wanna learn mandarin tooo.... but, i am to0o bz. oh~

  8. wo hen gaoxing \(^_^)/
    sya pun dah lama tinggal mandarin ;)

  9. This look slike a continuation of life from Kath haha :P.

    Mandarin is a good thing to learn... I would love it too, but I am always really lousy at somehow... maybe not my cup of tea ;).

  10. Learning new languages is always good... but I almost always give up halfway :(

  11. lor.... buat malu je.... nanti kalu ko dah expert.... ckap ngan aku plak... hehehe

  12. owh...

    ok, after this tell a story when they want to get married...


  13. pandai la dia ckap cina..
    nak belajar jugak

  14. ct dh blaja mandarin 2 sem lepas.. abes lupe dh sume. ehehe

  15. tahniah! bagus belajar bahasa asing... mine dah berkarat, but not Mandarin.... Nihon-go.

  16. it's so mandarin. :P

  17. hmmm...lamanya xsinggah
    sweetnya kisah ini (^_^)

  18. wah best2 belajar Mandarin. ;)

  19. I'm struggling with my Mandarin! Always speak in the wrong tone! Which of course give the sentence an entirely different meaning : )

  20. So this Kath is not the same Kath as the previous story? Or is it the same Kath but not a continuation of that story?

  21. Wo xiang chi ni? Haha! That's bad! : )

  22. Just hope this is not a true story! LOL

  23. hope it is real sotry..:P

  24. ohhh another shot story! :D

    real story kah? :P

  25. pu yao=tak mahu...

  26. Wahh blaja mandarin ek..Bagus2 blaja bahasa rakyat MALAYSIA.. Banyak faedahnya kalo expert nanti..hehe..Ad tak sempat blaja mandarin masa kat u dulu2...Blaja bahasa arab jer..haha..kai faha luka ya faisal admar?..haha..Tu jer yg ingat..kih3x..

  27. Got new gf issit? Hehehehe Or is this fictional?

  28. arnamee - haha. what do you think?

    balqissy - too busy is not a good excuse :)

  29. cik ijau - wah.
    dulu belajar mandarin gak ek?
    tahun bila tu?

    wo ye gaoxing :)

    ladyviral - haha.
    why do you think it's the continuous story?

    not your cup of tea?
    then which language do you prefer?

  30. terra - haha. mindset is very important to keep you strive for the best and never give up :)

    adlie - call aku. lai... ;)

  31. witch - lol. get married? not too soon i suppose :)

    luth - meh datang kelas. 3 bulan RM500 :)

  32. siti - kalau belajar bahasa kena selalu practice.
    kalau tak memang akan lupa :)

    rush - aiyak.
    japanese susah lah.

    watashiwa iiyatsu desu

  33. zm - haha!

    masni - sweet? jangan kena diabetis tau :)

  34. cahaya - taknak belajar ke?

    foong - haha me too. my problem is with the 3rd sound! :P

  35. foong - suppose its the continuation from the previous kath :)

    foong - haha! funny isn't it?

  36. wahdi - haha why!

    wahidah - haha still. why!

  37. adila - what do you think?

    ijad - haha untuk reply kath pula ke?

  38. ad - hehe bahasa arab nak practice dengan sape tu ad? mandarin faisal ada ramai kawan cina. senang sikit nak practice :)

    rosie - fiction lah :P

  39. dulu masa kat UITM aku amik mandarin bahasa asing..setakat nak cakap 'ni jiao shen me min zhe' ngan 'wo jiao axim' tu boleh lagi laa..hehe

    zai jian peng you!!

  40. Who knows! It is Kath and they were together :P.

  41. axim - whoa.
    impressive le ko!
    ko belajar sekali dengan chinese character ke?

    - actually yes, its the continuous story of "kath i love you". do you like? :)

  42. Hmm... well, so far it is ok.. kinda still stuck at the dramatic part of the story hehehe :P.

  43. ladyviral - haha.
    you know, sometimes real life can be very dramatic whether we realize it or not :)

  44. Elson Lim9:28 AM

    Dear Friends,

    Sesiapa yang ingin belajar pertuturan bahasa mandarin di johor bahru, Malaysia, Sila menulis email kepada saya. Ribuan terima kasih. :)


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