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Friday, August 28, 2009


I’m not going to work today for a reason you can guess, yes, I’m sick. I will try my best to stay healthy and I hate to see workload on the table which can easily cause me severe headache. But sometimes I have to just agree with others that I simply need a rest. I mean authentic rest.

Ok. Fine, I’m off today. I went to the clinic to get some prescription from the same doctor and drove back home. She worried about me. Sorry for didn’t let you know earlier as I thought it wasn’t serious. In fact, it really wasn’t serious. Despite I was sick, I didn’t want you to worry. Please accept my apology.

What I want to talk about here is about the Merdeka Day celebration (Merdeka Day is Independent Day which we celebrate every 31st of August). We pompously brag about our multiracial country without any hesitate. Yes, I’d agree with you that it is something other country could not afford.

But do you think that we as a multiracial country really amalgamated?

I seriously doubt.

There is still boundary that keeps us apart. In fact, I don’t see any good effort from the politicians that lead to our unity. Don’t you think so?

Instead of harmonize us all, they prefer to talk about themselves seeking no others but their very important position, doesn’t matter in the party or in the country. I know it is weird but truth is bitter most of the time.

Yesterday, my office went ballistic with the celebration. They stick the flags in the whole office doesn’t matter it looks good or not, simply stick them everywhere. I suppose it was an order from the director. What for? Showing the patriotism in ourselves? Do you really think by sticking the flags everywhere show how much you concern about the country more than just a plain celebration?

Put the flag on your car fully covered the whole car show how much you love Malaysia? Wear the t-shirt with a flag on it and “I love Malaysia!” written below the flag really prove that you love this country vastly? Give me a break, please.

Now, our office look likes rubbish and seriously I feel like I’m working in the rubbish bin. Not in the office anymore.

Office should provide a very cozy environment so that we can work comfortably with a clear mind. Not like this, messy and ugly.

Honestly, I don’t agree with this idea.


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  1. get well soon, you. and about not agreeing with jalur gemilang merata alam, i'm with you. it's not the right way to show your love. i mean later on when the month's over, you'll see jalur gemilangs everywhere like being stepped on or ended up in the rubbish, which is a sad thing to watch. heh. talking about love, no?

    anyway, thanks so much for the feed back, i've already responded to it. will work on nina and ig afterwards. =)

  2. i sometimes..... recycle the same flag i used for 5 years now.. ehehe

  3. Wow! You are sick bro? get well soon ok. I thing we should place our Jalur Gemilang at proper place. :) Hmm...where should I place mine then?

  4. sorry to hear about your sickness bro... But, seriously... please get rid of your stress... go travel lar bro...

    I love Malaysia too.... Raise the flags is one of the patriotism value... with the flags make us wonder how lucky we are life in the independence country...

    More than that, the youths nowadays must have the patriots heart... as the survival of the country... yu know what I mean right??

  5. Get well soon, Faisal!

    I am sick too! hahaa I got the flu... if it persist, I will see the doctor tomorrow... I was fine until this whole morning it was raining so cold! and then the water was also cold! I am not sure if it is a virus or a too cold thing.

    Oh well, Merdeka! Long weekend holiday :).

  6. I can tell you are fine now,judging from the way we wrote in your latest post, cos your mind was doing all right to enable you to write so well.......

    I believe you and i (even we are different in many ways) really love to be called brothers of Malaysia, but sometimes it is the fault of our stupid politicians that drift us apart....

    Seriosly, i dont see why we cant be really united,if we were to look beyond race,color,religion and gender. Why cant we call this place "ketuanan bersama". together we make this country stand tall, together we fight our common enemies.... why cant we do it, we can but those stupid politicians telling us we cant...sigh

    I love my malay,indian and the rest friends,,,,,,,,

    let us be color blind, then only we can shine.

    luv ya,, and have a great weekend bro

  7. comel je gantung bendera. ;) get well soon faisal. ;)

  8. tak gheti komen bi.. dlm bm leh ar? seriously mmg btoi, kalau skarang pun 'semangat merdeka' ditunjuk guna bendera bersepah2 ja, tunggu taim 31 ogos nti.. 'semangat merdeka yg sangat patriotik' cam memekak konvoi2 motor merata2 (sambil usung anak dara orang).. lagi sakit mata memandang..

    anyway get well quick.. tak larat nk jaga 'kampung' ni wehhh

  9. ehhh gambar MAX J POTTER nyer profile sama ek ngan ko..

    ok sambung komen sebenar..

    kat opis aku takder la pulak jalur gemilang bertebaran sana fact,tak terasa pun ni bulan kemerdekaan..maybe sebab dah di overshadow kan dengan Bulan Ramadhan..takpalah,sambut Merdeka pun kita still berpuasa kan.??

    ntah apa kau duk merepek nih..sejuk sebenarnya kat opis..haha

    have a great weekend!!


  10. terasa kurang bahang sambutan kemerdekaan tahun ini di sini. tak tau kenapa. mungkin sebab hujan lebat selalu turun? adakah pertindihan dengan bulan puasa? sebab takde bonus? tak tahu kenapa? Haha...

    yang pasti, semoga cepat sembuh ya...

  11. >> salam kemerdekaan pakcik faisal...

    hehehhe selamat berhujung minggu ya

  12. potter - agree with nani. you see my points thoroughly :)

    keep me posted about ig and nina please.

    - haha. better save some money for other purpose right? don't waste :)

  13. tekkaus - in bed? :) LOL. you can put anywhere as long as it's is not crowded like my office :)

    zam - what i'm trying to say is that raise up the flag and yell Merdeka really is patriotism? that's not true and no hard feeling ya :)

  14. ladyviral - hehe i'm getting better! :) it has been raining for the whole week and it's so cold over here :) but cold is always better than hot right? at least you can use the reason to cuddle someone :P

    long weekend to you too :)

    eugene - i get good ideas and good words when i'm depress and angry. weird but true :) i'm still sick but getting better now. hope you didn't forget to pray for me :P

    agree with you politicians should find a way to unite us instead of bias to certain races. sorry to say, if we can be united, what's the point of us bragging about multiracial country?

    i love all my friends without care of the races, religions and skin colors too. in fact, i have more chinese friends than malay. they accept me as who am i and no bias at all.

    thanks for the lovely comment eugene :)

  15. cahaya - haha. comel? huduh tu. thanks cahaya.

    tupai - tu pasal. tambah mat rempit tak tahu ler apa yang di laungkan merdeka tu. faham ke mereka erti merdeka?

    hehe sabar2. thank you sangat2 sanggup tolong jaga 'kampung'! :)

  16. axim - haha. ya sama. sehati sejiwa :P

    hmm tu yang kawat pun cancel ek? :P kalau tak sure TNB kena lagik :P

    a'a sini pun sejuk nak mampos! LOL.

    kcy - alamak KCY jangan cakap pasal bonus. sedih! LOL.

  17. yanie - selamat bercuti cik yanie. merdeka! :)

  18. x sehat jugak yea...get well soon faisal...

  19. suituapui5:01 PM

    Sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you're getting better. I also have a post like yours, saying more or less the same things!

  20. Yeah, I know what you mean... I feel the same way too.

    Hope you feel better soon. Use the long weekend to recover....

  21. ironic... i read about a group of muslims protesting about the building of a temple with a cow's head... 3 days before merdeka day... amalgamation?

  22. Sorry to hear you are sick! I hope it's not H1N1. Like the one that inflicted my laptop. Haha!

    Well, get well soon ya? : )

  23. Oh, btw, I don't believe putting up the flags will make me a more patriotic person and vice versa : )

  24. i'm sick too...flu ...sore throat n sick of people around me hahaha

  25. hrmmm, get well soon! :)

  26. wahidah - thank you :)

    - thank you. i'll visit you later :)

    terra - haha fully occupied this weekend. i don't want to miss the merdeka sale and the countdown :P

    zewt - sometimes we can only hope that those morons no matter what race or religion that don't respect others vanish from the world. but i know it's impossible.

    foong - har? your laptop got h1n1? that's new :P

    - give me five buddy :)

    ary - that kind of sickness need to be cured soon :P

    iesha - thanks :D

  27. kalaulah bonus ada utk raya ni, pasti faisal akan lagi cepat sembuh kan....

    senyum je memanjang...haha

  28. kcy - hehe mesti mesti. boleh renovate bilik kasi cantik sikit :P

  29. stop throw rubbish everywhere they like is difficult enough for Malaysia.that the basic thing to show your love for Malaysia..rather than talking about it..

  30. fndrocka - agree with you. i don't understand why Malaysian are so irresponsible and unhygienic. not only throwing rubbish everywhere, but also mess up public toilet. weird thing is usually they don't that at home.


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