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Monday, August 24, 2009

broken hearted woman


I think I prefer Faye Wong version more than the original and the English version. To those who don’t speak Chinese and want to know the translation, please click on the English version. If you skeptical to know how good the original version too, kindly click on the link given.

There’s nothing related to my current situation, just that I find this song is lovely. Whole song. I even sang (only the rhythm) in the shower.

Enjoy ya!


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  1. haha... you doing well in cantonese too??

  2. zam - haha.
    how i wish :D

    which video do you prefer?

  3. I can't view video at office. Hish!

  4. cahaya - view later :P

  5. oh. i noe its not related. r love story is n the air~ =)

  6. balqissy - er, what is that mean? :P

  7. Hey bro,, i just met up with Arthur Wee aka Suituapui and he told me you were from Penang too, i am not too sure it was you,,, by the way,, Arthur is still in Penang untill the 29th.

    take care now bro

  8. eugene - yes i've met STP and yes, i'm from Penang :)

    where do you live?

  9. Who needs the English version? This is beautiful Faisal!

    I happen to be one who loves the Asian language. in my next life tim I am going to make it a point to learn to speak it.

    Fantastic pick and one I think would most likely lose most of the beauty if translated.

    For me music is a fantastic way for everyone in every language to connect.

    Great pick! Happy MM!

  10. wow cool pick for music monday :)

  11. Faye wong's version is better right? She can sing better. Well...she is a great singer. :)

  12. jackie - glad that you like this version jackie :)

    there are many asian languages. you can learn chinese, malay and indian too :) i'm malay and can speak good malay of course and now learning chinese :) hopefully i can be fluent in a year time.

    jackie, this is cantonese version i guess you can listen to the english version as i linked it in this post :) not sure the meaning is remain as the original one by japenese singer.

    happy MM jackie!

    empty - thanks pal :)

    tekkaus - i'd say japanese version is as good as faye wong's :)

    i agree. she is such a great singer :)


Thank you for the comment.

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