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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

inspired to change


The parable of the eaglet who got mixed up with a brood of chicks brought up by a mother hen is not fiction. Becoming a flying predator of the falcon-family capable of conquering the skies is not meant to be for the eaglet who accidentally mixes with the ‘wrong’ company. The eaglet is never thought to fly and thus continues pecking on the ground all its life thinking that it was a chicken.

This is the best quote in the book for me. Thank you to Joseph for lending this book to me as he knows I love property investment a lot.

This book is very good to encourage you to take calculated risk in property investment and roughly how to be success in this business.

In term of strategy and knowledge in theory I prefer Azizi Ali’s book. You can seek for books by Azizi Ali that I’ve read here.

Nothing much to share about property investment for this post as most of the methods and important points have been written in my earlier post.

Good book to keep your spirit high.


Note: Currently reading Twilight.


  1. adlie8:50 PM

    reading...... good.... i must read this book. tq

  2. banyak membaca luas pandangan...

  3. bookworm sungguh ini olang..sgt bagut..:)

  4. So now you wanna venture into business aye? :D Looks like an interesting book to read.

  5. adlie - yep couldn't agree more, that reading is good. do you know that it can prevent brain stroke too? :)

    ijad - betul tu :)

    wahidah - bagut? haha.

    tekkaus - er, too early to say that property investment would be my business. but the first step is already made :)

    it's a good book to read if you already have basic knowledge about property investment :)

  6. owh.. then next time can ask you for an advice regarding any property investment... hehhehe

  7. Property investment is a good idea... shall read the book when I get the chance, but first need to collect money... LOL

  8. witch - most of the advice is in the blog :) i wrote about it in my previous post hehe.

    terra - LOL. money is a must! :D

  9. what the quote means? i could only see eaglet, chicks, hen, chicken and bacon. is that bacon? oh not. it is falcon :P

  10. zm - it suppose to mean if you got the wrong company, you'll just follow the wrong doing :) so get the right one! ;)

  11. so, are you the eaglet, the chicken or the falcon?


  12. mike - sometimes eaglet as human tends to make mistake, sometimes chicken that care of everybody without care of the race and skin color and sometimes the falcon who fly high with confidence :)

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