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Thursday, August 27, 2009


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i got this award from Jackie.


from ladyviral this award was given by ladyviral few months ago.


i feel so lucky to get these awards. Jackie and ladyviral are two famous bloggers and when i get award from them, i guess you can tell how much i appreciated them and smile for the whole day. they really bright up my day!

i’d like to say thank you to both of you and don’t forget to give me more award in the future ya :)

sorry guys, for this time i won’t give around the award. pretty greedy this time. maybe because it’s fasting month and i’m hungry. haha!

have a nice day :)


  1. pretty greedy coz u're hungry?? hahaha...lawakla faisal ne...happpy fasting..selamat berbuka..

  2. wahidah - haha. malas sebenarnya. selamat berpuasa ya :)

  3. I am not a famous blogger... I rasa you lagi famous dari saya.

    Greedy? One of the 7 sins that shouldn't be happening on this holy month of yours :P.

    Easiest to share the award to all on your list hahahaha!

    But glad it made your day! ;)

  4. ladyviral - haha i'm not famous at all. in fact, nobody knows me! boo hoo :(

    this is what you call white greedy haha! got such thing eh?

    thanks again ladyviral :)

  5. Love the name: You Cheer Me Up Award.


  6. You not popular? Banyak orang kenal you mar. Look at your followers on the Kath story :P.

    haha Faisal. white greedy ar? Nevermind a little greed is fine haha!

    You're most welcome! Thank you for patronizing my blog ;).

  7. mike - yes. the name is cool... and i feel proud to be one of the bloggers that can cheer her up :)

    - haha. just being lucky :P

    you are welcome :D

    - hehe thanks!

  8. Nice guy like you deserve all these good award bro.

  9. are so lucky to receive awards from them. Ha :D They didn't gimme ler. Hmmm...I need to blog "harder". LOL :D

  10. oh such sweet awards~~ congrats for getting them. =)

    eh..boleh pulak greedy pastu takmo share because you're hungry.. XD

    anyway, i'm experimenting with a new genre - still not fantasy. hoping you could shed some honest opinion on it when you're free.


    and enjoy your awards!

  11. COngratulation wisemen... hopefully, the awards will lift your spirits to write ore short stories...

  12. oke2 kalo da wat awrd nnti bgi me jgk oke??muahaha..

    trying 2 b greedy also ngeh3...

  13. congrates..tahniah...(heheh..tak same ke tu??)
    slm ramadhan...
    jgn skip puasa..
    jgn skip terawikh...
    jgn skip ngaji..
    jgn skip tido....kihkihkihkkk...

  14. amboihh seronok hang noo dapat award..haha

  15. drsam - thanks doc :D

    tekkaus - ya, i feel so lucky! :D
    harder means you cannot sleep!
    are you ready? LOL.

    potter - nani with new genre??? yay! can't wait too read it. your creative ideas always catch me!

    zam - haha. you telling me you want to read more of the short stories? now you really make me feel good and smile.

    imheppie - tak baik tau greedy LOL.

    dalia - hehe sama je makna tu :P
    insaf seketika :D

  16. axim - haha!
    jjap nak serbu ko nye blog...

  17. >> tahniah incek faisal...kerana mendapat award yg sungguh chantek

    hehehe bila nak ada award biskut raya lak eh?


  18. yanie - tunggu yanie kasik haha!

  19. oh my i am not a famous blogger either Faisal...but with this remark you have yet again cheered me up!!

    You are such a wonderful young man and in my opinion a true gift from God to this planet and especially to all of us who have been blessed to have you in our lives!!

    I hope you have a wonderful week Faisal and will also forgive me for being so late getting here.

    I have had technical problems with both of my satellite companies and also problems with my blog!!

    Salam my dear friend!

  20. jackie - thanks for sharing your sweetness jackie! you really make me smile :)


Thank you for the comment.

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