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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

his mom passed away

Today, my colleague came to the office and told me about what had happen in past 3 days (yeah he didn’t come to work yesterday). His mom was sick; I mean very sick.


I'm doing billing at office so I knew for the past few months his mom was sick. From one hospital to another. Luckily the company paid the bill. Doctor said there was nothing wrong with her mom.

Lately, her mom always had hallucination. She saw someone was painting the wall with yellow and someone just ruin the floor with dirt; the fact is there was no one there… no one!

Since there was no solution from the hospital even the doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong with his mom, he took some old folks advise – went to see a preacher. Back home, still no changes.

End of flashback…

Just few minutes past 8am, he was shock with news that his mom passed away. He was shiver and his face went pale. I was shock too and speechless. The office went silent. Sadness rise on everyone’s face. I know how hard to accept your lovely mom has gone even though I never experience it. We love our mom, don’t we?

We made few groups and arranged transportation to those who wanted to give a visit. I drove my own car – Firdaus and Miza followed. Donated some cash for his family. Traffic was really bad though (ah! Not to mention driving home after work today… pathetic)

Hopefully he is ok by now. Life goes on…


  1. Takziah buat Syed Najib sekeluarga...

  2. Yep takziah buat dia


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