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Friday, October 31, 2008

Children see what adults do

What a title you may say. Sometimes we as an adult have forgotten that we are not always right and children are not always wrong. Yet, to keep our ego we sacrifice the truth and blame them for not following what we said. We as their hero tend to forget that what we do will be followed by them. If smoking isn't good for health, why do it in front of them? Then you blame them for smoking below age? Is that mean its good for them to smoke when they reach their adulthood? No, its not. We throwing rubbish everywhere. But when they throw rubbish everywhere in the house, you scold them. Why? Is that good to throw rubbish everywhere outside when throwing them in the house is bad?

Children think adults are weirdo.

We think we are perfecto.


  1. lol that's so right xD
    adults think that they're right because they hv more experience in life than kids

    ... and that's the only thing je pun haha

  2. Haha. It's so true. They say, if you wanna have a good children, start teaching them now (even though you're single and have no children yet!). We have to start from ourselves.

    I believe good and healthy environment for us, promotes the same for them.

    p/s: Adults think they're always right, always do the right thing, right whatever. Their ego to admit mistakes been in there since forever. Hope we will be a better person for our future.

  3. Ayai..
    no wonder adults like you should be more behave..
    if not, children (teens to be exact) like me will be influence by u..

  4. adila - yes. actually we have to put our ego low and think wisely before making a decision. that is what makes us different from the children. wisdom... that's it.

    cahaya - yes agree with you. we must start children of our future from ourselves. before we even get married and have kids. i hope we can make a change bit by bit everyday to be a better person :)

    abir - amboi :P define teen please :P

  5. yeah..children mudah follow aper yg adult do...lagipun kalo nak lentur buluh mmg kena dr rebungnya..huhuhu

  6. lols.
    i like the part when a man beats his wife and the child follow.


  7. wahidah - ye betul tu. lentur buluuh dari rebungnya. bila dah keras jadi buluh buat apa pun tak lentur dah! :)

    dayah - you like? that's weird :P

  8. sedih. tapi tu la hukum alam. belajar dari apa yg kita lihat.

  9. I saw this video the other day, it's pretty scary what our kids learn from us. We should be better role models.

  10. Yes, children learn everything from adults. May not just be from their parents but also other adults. So the ones closest to them, ie. the parents must lead by example.

  11. oh, I totally agree on you with this matter. We mold our kids, so, don't blame them if they are brought up the wrong way. I see that in front of my eyes. Syabil talks and acts exactly the same way as we do at home. It's funny sometimes to see me in Syabil.

  12. Gosh! So freakin true! That's why I'm scared to have kids because I know I won't be perfect.

  13. you know what?
    adults "assume" that kids know between good and bad and dont follow the bad parts adults show to them haha

    tak ke?

    but oh well.. nobody's perfect
    adults marah kids because they care
    they dont want those kids to be like them
    mencegah lebih baik dr mengubati, kan?

    thus, dah those adults "terbiasa" thus susah nak ubah, they try not to make kids follow their lead in doing those

    we as human always nampak yg salah when org lain buat even though kita pun buat without really realizing that
    thus, sendiri buat salah tak nampak, how to correct self, kan?
    org lain buat salah mmg nampak :P

    be reaaaaaallllllyy worried when adults stop scolding kids :P

  14. Anonymous2:30 PM

    ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau x ke nasik . :P

    salam ziarah .
    nice entry . (:

  15. kamal - betul tu especially our parent. we tend to learn everything from them. we choose them to be our hero. lifetime hero.

    tammy - yes tammy. pretty scary right? sometimes we tend to forget about this. i hope this video could remind us.

    foongpc - yes agree with you. worse when they are in secondary school. they learn all new things including bad ones from their friends. who can stop them? no one could. but a good advise and lesson from they were kids are very useful. many cases i see that frighten me. some even happen in my relative family members. they were such a baby when they were kids but change into an ugly monster and caught by police and some even jailed! sigh.

    farah - hehe son always attach to their mom. don't you think? that's why term of anak mak always appear among friends.

    aisha - don't be afraid. *now i feel guilty for this video*. i know you can be a good mother aisha. trust me! :)

    adila - to me the best advise is by doing the the right act. if you want your kid to stop smoking or don't even start smoking you must quit no matter what. don't you agree? there is no silly reason as its addicted and you can't stop. my dad smokes but lucky i'm not rich enough to follow him. i thought smoking was cool when i was in secondary school when i saw friend smoke. but you know what? i didn't know dad smoke until i was in college. he would smoke but not in front of me. very weird right? but at least he did his best to not giving an excuse for me to smoke. i hope he will quit... hope...

    - betul tu. setuju 100%. thanks berry :)


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