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Saturday, April 05, 2008


Do you remember ICQ? ICQ is an instant messaging computer program, which was first developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis, owned by Time Warner's AOL subsidiary. The first version of the program was released in November 1996 and ICQ became the first Internet wide instant messaging service. The name ICQ is an initialism on the phrase "I seek you". America online (AOL) acquired Mirabilis on June 8, 1998 for $407 million. Today ICQ is used by over 29 million users worldwide. If you were born in the same year with me or maybe earlier, I guess you are pretty familiar with Mirabilis, Tucows or well-known ICQ. Those names/terms were famous in 1998. Yes, everybody were crazy of ICQ instead of mIRC [I learned on how to hack Korea's server using Redhat Linux just for the sake of BOT in mIRC, lol].

This morning, at 3am... I have installed it again with hope that I could see the old ICQ again. But I was wrong. It's exactly like other messenger such as MSN and Yahoo Messenger. I really miss the "cuckoo" sound and the real-time chatting. What I mean with real time chatting is, you can see what I'm typing now including typo and you also can see that I'm erasing it to type the correct one. Isn't that cool? When someone sending you a file, a man's voice will appear "Incoming File" and the message blinks. When the message comes in, audible "cuckoo" sound will appear. Which made me and mom laughed [at this moment, it reminds me of my grandma too... I miss her so much].

Plus, the old ICQ was much simpler and fun [for me at least]. ICQ used to have it's own style which I crave in this new era of messenger. But now, nothing much to compare with other messenger. No more unique ICQ, no more fun. But I will still use it... smiling and remembering the good old days.


  1. ok?

    i dont know ICQ~


    YM? yes.. MSN yes.. ICQ? err?

  2. Lol I suppose so. But if you could try the old ICQ, I bet you will like it too. No copycat! ;)

  3. ICQ is very ancient, i even forgot my user ID and all that jazz.

    yet most Germans uses it.

  4. Yes. Luckily I still remember mine. In fact I got 2 ids but sadly only one I could possibly remember.

    Yet, I still remember the good old days. Sweet and sour like cooking [nah, not bitter lol]

    Thanks for dropping by

  5. I still remember how I started using ICQ when I was still a Form one student. However, Msn became more influential and powerful than ICQ and nowadays I think not many people are using ICQ. The only thing I dislike ICQ is we cannot press enter to send our message. Instead we have to move and click our mouse to send an instant message. I find it quite annoying sometimes. But ICQ is one of the breakthrough of Information Technology at this age.

    By the way, Faisal, I remember you would like to read more stuff about financial freedom. I have just posted a new article on my blog. Check it out there and I am sure you will like it!


  6. If I'm not mistaken we could just press alt + S instead of pressing "Send" with mouse. Perhaps, I'm wrong. Lol.

    It was the first messenger I ever know anyhow.

    I'll check out your blog for new post. Thanks.

  7. oh crap the icq!
    i used it when i was 14 (techie frenzies - trying evrything: msn, ym, icq n even mirc!) so long time ago +_+ and yeap i lost my id n password. haha

    btw. i cant access ur shoutbox. it has been blocked by the authorities of my uni here. (weird i know)

  8. Lol. I understand exactly. I went online [ICQ] but no one online, tried for few times and the result still the same. That's sad.

    Yes, some Uni are weird. They even block shout box and imeem.

    So, I guess you agree to exchange link.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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