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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

american pie beta house

American Pie Presents: Beta House is a 2007 comedy film that was shot in Toronto and Hamilton (some scenes at McMaster University), Ontario. This film is the third in the American Pie Presents series, and sixth in the overall American Pie series.

"Beta House" reunites most of the The Naked Mile cast and places them in the college setting, working to defend Dwight Stifler's (Steve Talley) Beta Delta Xi Fraternity against rival fraternity Epsilon Sigma Kappa (GEEK's). While defending the house, Erik Stifler's (John White) new love, Ashley (Meghan Heffern), feels that the fraternity is nothing but trouble.

"Beta House" picks up where the Naked Mile left off. Erik and Cooze are attending their first year at college, and Dwight Stifler brings the boys into the Beta fraternity. In this film Erik is no longer with Tracy, his girlfriend in the last film, she has left him for Trent and is not in the film. The boys go through a long list of trials to get into the Beta fraternity. They end up being challenged by the GEEKs for their house to end their feud once and for all. Dwight wants to put an end to the Geeks who keep messing with the Beta traditions. In the end the Beta house beats the GEEKs and take their mansion house making them the dominant house once again. Mr. Levenstein is Dwight's lawyer and a former Beta, so he makes his appearance in the film.

I find this movie sucks instead of naked woman and man around. No good story line. I'd not rate any star. Thumb down~


  1. hehe.. of coz.. It same as those american pie franchise.. bley ar tahan jugak.. Nice seeing it with your friends :D

  2. Hehe yeah but this one the worst kot? Others better... I mean 1 & 2.

  3. kenshinA4O6:35 PM

    hehehe..cite ni best bab soft porn(maybe) die jek..jln cite xphm pn actually..

  4. Hehe, stim ke bang? =P
    Kasi ko kambing baru taw =P

  5. lol.
    american pie beta house. hah. the story line is predictable. sangat. haha

  6. Lol. Yeah, naked girls and guys around not really a problem... but the storyline really sucks. 1st and the 2nd one are much better la.


Thank you for the comment.

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