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Friday, April 11, 2008

bean sprout

Bean sprout menu for lunch or dinner seems not delicious at all. Do you know that this infamous been sprout actually has a lot of nutrients? Bean sprout can improve male and female fertility as well. Instead of fertility, it can paralyze cancer and leukemia.

Bean sprout has natural estrogen that works exactly like synthesis estrogen. This estrogen can improve the bones compression and structure. It prevents osteoporosis too.

For women, bean sprout can prevent breast cancer, pre-menopause symptoms or even menopause problems.

Those who have high risk for stroke and heart attack caused by high cholesterol are highly recommended to eat bean sprout everyday. Saponin in bean sprout can reduce LDL fat without interfering HDL fat.

Bean sprout has strong antioxidant which can prevent our body from radical that can harm DNA cell. In other word, it can make you look young.

Another benefit we can get from bean sprout is it cleans our rectum because bean sprout has a lot of fiber and water. This is one of the ways to prevent cancer.

So, let’s eat bean sprout everyday!


  1. bean sprout. my fav! (lately due to the unattractive green veges in the cafeterias)

    they're crunchy, scrumptious, edible, and according to ur post,
    "For women, bean sprout can prevent breast cancer, pre-menopause symptoms or even menopause problems"
    oh im GLAD im loving teh bean sprout^^

    aight. link yah ody! :)

  2. Yes, I agree it's crunchy and tasty. I like it half-cooked and put some soy sauce on it. Yummy!

    Vege is always good for health, better than meat =)

  3. I really like to eat bean sprout but please remove that chili. Cool blog :)

  4. joy,

    Lol. Some of my friends hate bean sprout. Ok will remove the chili for you =)


Thank you for the comment.

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