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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

angry woman

Angry woman. Yes this is what I'm concern at the moment. Today, one of my good buddies [colleague] went mad. All in sudden without reason she just being hot-head.

She yelled, nagged and scolded people around sarcastically which made me very annoyed. I could bear with it if she was not in a good mood and wanted to be left alone. But scolding and nagging to the whole world won't help her, not at all. In fact it's ridiculous and if she goes beyond boundary she will get what she gives in return.

I asked her "Why were you yelling and scolding?". She simply replied "I'm not in a good mood". Honey, we ain't your punching bag which you could punch us at anytime when you feel like it.

So this matter catch my attention. Well, gender isn't the matter in this case. Men do get emotional sometimes [yes we do not have menstrual like some women use as an excuse to scold anyone] but they normally don't mix up personal life and work. What these kind of people need to do is learn how to control their anger -- Anger Management. Yelling, nagging and scolding without reason can be bad and rude, indeed.

What do you think about this?
Does woman get emotional easily than man?
How to control your anger?


  1. Hey, I got shocked looking at the picture when I just came to this post. (haha!)

    "Women get emotional more easily then men!"

    This is what I believe in, although I agree with the fact that men also can get emotional.


  2. Lol. Yes, I got the idea when I saw my friend and this picture describe her... perfect.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Well, I think it's a matter of individuality regardless of sex, but of course, during menstrual period, women do get extra sensitive, but when normal times, i guess it all matters to individuality.

    i have girl friends who dont go mad even when theyre having their monthly AUNTY visit. really. So yes, it all depends.

  4. Agree with you Riz. I have girl friends too, but mostly emotional. Grrr =P

    Maybe I'm not so lucky? Lol

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. PMS

    Premenstrual Symptoms

    A subject in Biology, a very sensitive subject, I remember my teacher making a joke out of it and the girls were all in riot and mad anger ect stuffs


    us guys just laugh throught the whole class!

  6. Haha but my colleague wasn't in that condition I suppose. She just went insane all in sudden with simple reason -- bad mood. Lol.

    Thanks for dropping by pal.


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