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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


At last I manage to get wifi router set up at home. Bought for RM180 [banked in RM200 to Bob so he bought for me from Lowyatt -- cheaper price than anywhere else].

It's RangeBooster G Router by d-link. Easy to set up with simple manual guide. And now I can go online from my room whenever I need to find info for business or anything else. Or maybe something pop-up from my mind about anything useful, funny or important to share with others in blog.

So, my laptop [which I bought on Mac 10, 2008] is perfect now. I used to dream about getting a laptop and wifi connection. Now it's like a dream come true for 2008. If I can get good side income, iPod will be next. If not, keep it for 2009. No need to be hurry.


  1. My wifi router already crushed when I move in to my new room. Owh, did i mention my laptop also broke down? waa

  2. Oh! So now you are using desktop? I can't imagine my life without internet. A pc/laptop without internet really sucks. Lol.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. ~achik~8:33 PM

    fast wayz to get connected to internet anytime, anywhere & everywhere...i'm goin to get it...

  4. Er, if you refer to wifi it's only can be used at the coverage are. Unless you're using 3G broadband. Different case.

    If you have a laptop, I suggest you should use it ;)

    Brand like d-link and Aztech are cool.


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