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Monday, April 14, 2008

we defeated arsenal

Even tho I'm pretty tired working overtime until 8pm, still I tried my best to be awake and open my eyes wide for the big game tonight. Game between Manchester United vs Arsenal at 11pm Malaysia time. The game that I've been waiting for so long.

The 1st half was boring with draw 0-0 and I was hoping a better game for the 2nd half. I was wrong, the game sucks. I hate to see Brown and Ferdinand in this game. In fact, I'd say this is the worst performance by Manchester United in this season!

For Arsenal side, I don't think it was the best performance either with 6 yellow cards... showed how pressure they were.

Referee was a bit bias I'd say. What was wrong with the penalty kick taken by Ronaldo? And some other harsh tackles on Manchester United's player -- they didn't get free kicks.

And the result went... 2 [Ronaldo and Hargreaves] - 1 [Adebayor]. You can read the whole match report at ESPN.

Thanks Arsenal for the 3 points and we meet next season. Bye~


I found this picture at a forum.

Fabregas one of the big names in Arsenal who exchanged jersey with Carlos Teves at the end of the game -- threw the jersey on the ground. How disrespectful? Couldn't he be more professional and wiser? This really show how dumb he is. To Arsenal's fan, no offend.


  1. yay! I almost tot m.u. would lose! Haha! My family, they're all arsenal and i was like sooo quiet the whole match! xley sorak2 pn! They dont know i support m.u.!! hahaha! anyway, yeah, m.u. didnt really perform well! But as long as they win its SCCOORREEE!!



  2. Lol. Yes... a big YAY. I've updated some dumbness showed by Fabregas. Very disrespectful!

  3. Oh really? Fuck Fabregas. He's one of my favourite players even I'm a MU die-hard-fan. He threw away Tevez's jersey? I can't accept this. Where's his sportsmanship? Damn. *emo* hahaha!

    I guess maybe he was too emotional that time. dia tak sengaja kot. *thinking positive* hehe.

  4. Well, if it was accidentally... couldn't he pick up the jersey from the ground?

    If he was mad at the game, should he got mad at Man Utd [well, he should blame Gallas for the hand-fault tho]?

    Yes, as you said he was lack of sportsmanship. Indeed.

    Thanks for the comment buddy.

  5. football x best.

  6. Lol, some of my colleagues who happen to have female gender love soccer very much. At 1st I freaked out, but after some times, I'm used to it.

    Some even play CS [counter strike - war game which we're connected to each other via LAN] together.

    Yes, the rest with the same gender... really hate soccer. Lol.

  7. glory glory
    we are the champion!!

  8. Yes I'd say so. I don't think Chelsea could defeat us at EPL. Now it becomes more interesting in UCL with heart thumping games.

    Glory glory Man Utd!

  9. can't wait for the final match between MU n Chelsea this wednesday...

  10. Thursday morning to be exact. Wow! Not many girls like soccer but its good :)

    I hope we will win 2 cups this season. I want to write about EPL but I guess better wait for UCL since my instinct says we are going to bring UCL home :)


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