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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

mp3 wireless fm modulator

Today I got my unique gadget. I've ordered this thing few days ago since my colleague wanna go to Pc Deport [well, he was the one intro this gadget to me]. This gadget is cool and I have no idea how it works. Look at the title, yes... fm modulator. Meaning, it uses radio frequency to play your music. You just need to plug in this gadget to the car through cigar plug [yes exactly like you charge your phone in the car]. Then tune the radio frequency to the one not occupied yet. At first I was like "You nut? How is that possible?". Then when I use it, big smile on my face. It's cool when you can put any songs you like in your pen drive and play them on this gadget. The price is cheap -- RM55.00. Not only pen drive, but you can use cd player, dvd player, sd/mmc card [phone memory] and mp3/mp4 player. Right now I'm using RedFox. I listened to songs that I like on my way home just now =)



  1. Hi,
    This is really a wonderful news that today you got your unique cool gadget.
    Wow, really interesting,it use radio frequency to play your music, simply plug in this gadget to the car through cigar plug Then tune the radio frequency to the one not occupied yet.
    Thats good, Using pen drive, cd player, dvd player, sd/mmc card [phone memory] and mp3/mp4 player. Right now You are using RedFox.
    I really happy to know that you have such a happy journey and big smile.
    Have a nice, happy day.

  2. Wow... hehehe i also have one this car mp3 player, nice to be used inside car, but mine is only cost rm30 because it design is simple, no neon blue light hehe :)

    (^_^) Etavasi

  3. Coolingstar9,

    Thanks for the comment. It's new for me, might be I'm out-dated. Lol.

  4. e-tavasi,

    Yes, it has 2 designs and the one I bought with remote control too. Do you have remote control? But either one is cool. Cd can be boring... but this one not.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. ahah. this gadget. i know i know! :) but dun think ill be needing one of it as im car-less still.

  6. Menarik bro also got one.. :P

  7. i wanna 1 laaa.. later.. :)

  8. fara,

    Hehe, no problem. Its pointless if you buy now when you have no car yet. Maybe when you have a car, something new and better invented lol.

  9. miza,

    Owh kewl. Your bro? which one?
    You got the driving license, when will you buy a car? Lol. Don't forget to take me around...

  10. Hey Faisal, thanks for dropping by When Drama Plays on A Boy again. =D

    And, for your info, there are new updates to be checked out there.

    Now I read your post about your new gadget. My brother once had it (he has since lost it). I know it is super cool to actually get things on your iPod/Mp3 played through your car radio system. Well, my brother got it quite cheap, but being back then, I think it has less compatibility with devices. I think it only was compatible with iPod and certain MP3 players. I reckon that thing not having a USB 'port' for thumbdrive playback.Cool u've got now! Hope u'll be using it frequently and most of all don't lose it like my brother did. LOL.

    Have a great week!

    Riz F

  11. admar belanja me!! i want! forgot i looking for one when saw in someone car last time. i though expensive. wow cheap actually @@

  12. Riz F,

    No problem. Your blog is kinda cool. I love it. I'll check it out later =)

    Hopefully I won't lose it. I even don't bring this thing in and out of the car. Lol.

    Thanks for dropping by and you have a great week too =)

  13. sakura,

    Yes it's very cheap for a gadget like that. And you can get cheaper around RM30+ just that it's not as fancy as mine complete with remote control. Lol.

    Thanks for dropping by. =)

  14. i dont understand

    if its like a radio? then whats the use of the radio plugged originally at every car?

    pening n tak paham!

  15. Lol. It uses radio FM frequency. So, you can save some mp3 in your pendrive and play them using this thing. Not only pendrive, but you can use anything like ipod or thing similiar too. It has 2 socket, 1 is for usb and another one is for memory card. So, let say you don't have a pendrive... you still can use your memory card to play some songs. I bet you have a lot in your phone =)


  16. etavasi12:37 PM

    Also have remote control faisal :) but i think no need to use remote..

  17. Oh I find it easier to use remote =) Do you still using it? Instead of buying/changing our old radio/cd player to multiple player [which include mp3], this is the cheapest way.

  18. wahaha...
    where you got this..??
    serious jealousy conquer me edi..
    belanja la satu..
    btw, I can see HASIL there..
    proud huh?

  19. Lol too poor to belanja lah. Pray for me to be a millionaire soon and I will belanja you the best mp3 FM modulator.

    Lol. Regarding HASiL logo, nothing to be proud about, just that its the only pendrive that I got =P

  20. Cool...

    want to have it, but when I think back, I don't have a car yet. So it can wait.


  21. haha..
    i'll keep ur words.
    one day when u are a millionaire, i'll come to you to get my mp3 FM modulator..
    owh btw, when u are a millionaire one day, the first thing u need to buy is a NEW pendrive..

  22. syphoon,

    Lol, yeah if you don't have a car yet its a waste to buy.

  23. abir abhar,

    Lol. Who knows I might be the first millionaire to buy the best pendrive in the world. Hey, "the best" might reach few "K"... so its a millionaire pendrive -- so I called.

  24. Anonymous5:49 AM

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