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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Excessive water consumption

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A significant fraction of the human body is water. This body water is distributed in different compartments in the body. Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water. Blood contains 83% water, body fat contains 25% water and bone has 22% water.

I read this article here. This is the second article I read about excessive water consumption. Before, it was a white man who just came to Malaysia for work purpose and couldn't stand with the hot and humid weather here. So, he drank so much water until he passed out and unfortunately died.

As the doctor says, we need 8 glasses of water. I guess that is really more than enough for our body. It really depends, if let say you don't do anything and just sit, no sweat and no other action that will cause you dehydration then you don't need so much water. But we people always use our brain a lot and move here and there which yes -- we need 8 glasses of water.

When we talk about water, some people might get it wrong. Water here means plain water, sky juice, white water or anything else you'd named it. Some people might think "Oh I drank so much water today... 4 glasses of water and 4 mugs of coffee" and they assume they have drank enough. That is totally wrong! When we say water here, we mean [oh yes I have to repeat again] plain water, sky juice, white water or anything else you'd named it.

Do not forget to drink water every morning as soon as you wake up. This is the best way for natural detoxification -- which is what what we called pass motion.

So guys... please drink enough water!!!


  1. maybe hyponatremia kot tu sbb dia mati...

    sebab bila kita dehydrate, we also need salt & electrolytes, but if we taken too much fluid especially plain water, will worsen hyponatremia.

    dehydrate yang macam ni usually need hospitalization. Kalau tak memang KO.

    So apa pun, when feeling something weird, make sure to check with your doctor first before you do something 'homemade remedies'.

  2. Betul, kinda agree with you. Apa-apa pun kena refer to the doc and do not jump on own conclusion or remedy.

    Apa orang tua cakap? Kesederhanaan itu penting... Hehe.

  3. Su Sheng Loong6:02 PM

    I consider myself drinking not enough water everyday. I thought we need to drink water as much as we can to keep our body healthy. I think I was wrong after reading your post. But frankly speaking I seldom see people drink excessive water.

  4. Nothing too much nor too little is good. But whoa! Just got a really good fact into my brains, never knew that water could actually intoxicate onself.

  5. su sheng loong,

    Yeah me too consider myself drink little amount of water. I tried to drink a lot of water but moving here and there really kept me busy. Doc said at least I must drink 4 bottles [500ml small bottle] of water which I managed to drink 2 bottles. Half of that... but better than nothing =P

    P/s : New blog coming up?

  6. riz f,

    Yeah, and the worst thing is water could swell the brain cell and cause blind. Urgh! That's scary tho.

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  8. Hello celulite,

    I went to your blog but hardly understand. I saw the picture and yes I knew its about cellulite.

    Maybe you can translate it to English as well? Hopefully.

    Thanks for dropping by =)

  9. I drink about 1.5liter water a day.. Is that enough?

    Hye faisal.. I am back.. hehe.. But still havent manage to write any new post.. Just arrived back home yesterday.. :D


  10. huhu

    i watced oprah a while ago, theres this session with a doc!

    the question was, how can we be sure we drink enuff water!

    so u now what? the answer is, if our urine is as clear as water, it means we had enuff water. If its concentrated and yeloowish, drink more water!


  11. Hey bluecrystaldude,

    I guess 1.5 liters is enough even tho doc suggested to me 2 liters.

    Let me know when you write a new post.

  12. artistic1412,

    Most people do not drink enough water as far as I concern. They prefer to drink something sweet such as coffee and tea instead of water. No surprise many Malaysians have diabetes and some even at the young age!

    Those who are health-conscious peoples usually drink enough water everyday to detoxify toxin, maintain blood pressure, get good sugar level and some say you will look younger if you drink a lot of waters.

    Yes I agree with you about the urine colors =)

  13. aa...very malas to drink water, i do tho drink plain water in the morning..and very much aware of the 8glass of water thingy..having too much of it is such an interesting facts.
    having coke now..eheheh

  14. lol, coke is sugary.
    i try to drink less coke as carbonate drink scare me to death.
    my dad got diabetes. even tho doc told me that as a son i got lil chances [cross chromosome x y bla bla], still i'm scared.

    i use to drink a lot of nescafe and milo as beverage too.
    but now less intake of them too.

    hehe trying hard to drink 1.5l a day~

  15. Wow scary. Good thing I don't drink too much water, actually, I drink less. Am more into juices..hehehe.. but I try to achieve the 8glasses of water a day. But i guess anything that's excessive is bad.
    Thanks for the info. great post.

  16. Juice is good as it contains fiber and a lot of water as well. Yes, I agree... everything need to be moderate. Not too much and not too little =)

    Thanks twinkletoe

  17. Just a passerby, and got a bit interested in this topic ^^ Even juices can be considered into that '8 glasses of water'. Excessed sugar in drinks like carbonated ones or extra sweet juices is another problem thou'. You can eat more fruits or veggies that is water-rich like watermelon and tomatoes, no prob ended up drinking less water.

  18. kirsch,

    Yes I suppose so. Watermelon sounds yummy. Hardly get fresh fruits around my office. =(

  19. pan chan10:20 AM

    what ab alkaline water? ^^

  20. pan chan,

    Good one. I found out about alkaline water at

    Hmm, this is new to me =)
    Thanks for sharing.

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