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Saturday, March 01, 2008

takdir's birthday

Last Thursday right after we finished work, me and another 4 colleagues went to Eden Seafood Village a classy, expensive seafood restaurant at Batu Feringghi. We made this plan earlier to celebrate my colleague Takdir who celebrates his birthday 4 years once. Why? His birthday is on 29th February. Yes, I know 29th is on Friday but he applied leave on Friday. Nothing we could do to change that, we made it on Thursday then.

We bought him a short sleeve shirt, a cute soccer birthday card with our pictures on it and a small chocolate cake. About seafood, we chose the fish ourselves. That was the best part =). We chose Siakap, Kerapu, cuttlefish, tiger prawn, spider prawn and some vegetables.

The restaurant agreed to cooperate with us to play birthday song. It was so much fun and not to mention the foods were so delicious! Yes it cost us RM800.00 for the dinner. So, what do you expect? =)

After dinner, we walked around the night market there. Yes it is so popular and foreigners like it so much. You can get many things at cheap price. Yes, they are not original… but who cares? =) I managed to buy Heroes season 1 and 2 with cheaper price compared to Prangin Mall [refer to my earlier post]. Season 1 with 7 DVD and season 2 with 3 DVD cost me RM40.00 and free 1 more DVD which my friend and I chose American Pie - Beta. Lol.

Then we drove home. Yes, another sweet memory for 2008 =)

Some photos :

Entrance. Nice Minangkabau style roof.

Choosing fish

Oh ok, my portrait?

Me and Azali


Takdir wished something... =)


Me, enjoying the dinner!

Birthday boy's favorite =)

Video to share :


  1. Celebrating birthday is really fun, have a time to chat, interact with othes, friendship will be closer, nice blog.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Yes, I agree. The best part was he didn’t know we were going to celebrate for him. He was almost crying when he got the card, music played and the cake. He told us that he never celebrate birthday since he was born!

    So, I was so happy that he enjoyed the dinner =)

    Thanks for dropping by coolingstar9.

  3. waaaa so nice owh bday celebration!! T_T

  4. Hehe, yeah.
    We felt that his celebration is needed.
    He never celebrate even once in his life and it happen only 4 years once.
    We were happy when he was happy.
    I love the quote "What goes around, comes around".
    Ah ok Sakura, come and claim your SR in Penang =)

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. 1 whole cake? muahaha

  6. Nope, 1 slice =P
    I'm not being a cheapskate but to help you with your diet and prevent you from diabetes.
    Ain't that really more than a treat?
    A doc told me "Prevent is always better than cure"

    Good day mate =)

  7. ai ai sir T_T" since last gath i aint eating any cake also. ehehe. no more junk food in my life d T_T

  8. One great dinner you had there buddy!

    Well I know we don't go around having a RM1K dinner everyday, but here's another great place to have your dinner to celebrate a special occasion. Try Feringghi Grill @ Rasa Sayang. It's a fine dining place where you'll need to dress up. A decent meal for 6 may cost somewhat RM 1K. The last time I went, it did not reach 1K.

    Most of the steaks there are made with wine. So you'll have to note on that. Do enquire with the staff beforehand before ordering. They can do it for you without the wine, but it doesn't taste good. I tried.

    So best thing to do, is to order a dish that doesn't include wine in the very first place. So it maintains the original recipe. It's more of the ambiance too, it's one cool place to go. Not to mention for a date too. And Rasa Sayang is great. LOL.

    Take care. Have fun!

    Riz F

  9. Hi Sakura,

    Keep up the good work! I know you can do it. I do believe in you. As I said before, what you need is a little sacrifice [maybe big sacrifice for your case...]and discipline. If that 2 basic rules being followed by you, no problem for you to lose weight. As the factor of genetic like you told me before, I believe you'll have difficulties in your low metabolism. But still, that isn't an excuse. You can do it Sakura. Believe in yourself.

    Do remember 1 thing... You lose weight not just the matter of being beautiful, but healthy. Good luck and my prayer is always be with you.

    Thanks for dropping by =)

  10. Hey Riz F,

    Rasa Sayang... the only 6 Stars Hotel in Penang [I suppose?]. I do expect it'd be pricey =)

    Is the steak there much better than The Ship? I usually eat at Victoria Station since its close by and I hate driving up the hill if not necessary. I do love the prawn salad at The Ship. Lol. Instead of steak, I tiger prawns too.

    Honestly, the restaurant and hotels over there are great. They are close to the sea and very peaceful. Big different if you compare with those hotels in town =)

    Thanks for dropping by Riz F.

  11. woah..
    u so have a lot of blog fans!
    whats with the batik shirt?
    so formal! haha

  12. Hi artistic1412,

    Nah, I'm nobody to have fan. Lol. We wear Batik every Thursday and it's a must. Boring, don't you think so? Even if they want us to wear the black garbage plastic bag, can we protest? No. Damn it! =.="

    Thanks for dropping by pal =)


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