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Thursday, February 21, 2008

kindergarten discussion

*Yawn* Woke up at 9am. I looked at my bloody mouse that wasn’t working anymore. Played with niece and watching tv. Went out around 12pm and drove straight to petrol station nearby [Caltex]. Swipe my credit card -- failed. Urgh! I tried another card, same result. Fine… drove to another petrol station at Relau [Shell]. I swipe the same credit card but this time it could be used. Weird? As the matter of fact, I only like Shell for some reasons.

Drove to fetch Nadia at Pulau Tikus. We went to Prangin Mall. Searched for mouse and after went in few shops, I bought a ladybird [kind of bug] shape -- RM29.00. Yesh! I can go online later. Lol.

Then we searched for Heroes dvd that I've been craving for ages. Season 1 for RM30.00 and Season 2 for RM14.00 [not yet complete for Season 2]. I decided not to buy. Why? This was how the phone conversation went:

Faisal : Oi Amir! Asal dvd Season 1 RM30.00? Ko cakap RM15.00 je?

Amir : Ko tengok dekat mana?

Faisal : Prangin Mall

Amir : Ah! Takyah ar. Batu Feringghi lagi murah beb!

Faisal : Ah! Sedih betol. Nanti ko pegi sana belikan untuk aku lah.

Amir : Ok.

Hmm, it was lunch time. We had few choices.

  1. Mc Donalds

Nadia : Ah! Dan… Mc D boring lah

Me : Ok.

  1. Steamboat

Me : Nad, is it halal?

Nadia : Er, I don’t think so *laff*

  1. Sushi King

Both : Ok!

Cold green tea for both. Nad ordered chicken set [don’t know what they called it] and me with “All Fry” [tempura set – fish, prawn, sweet potato, brinjal, vege together, egg pudding and seaweed soup]. Also I took a plate of deep fried prawn sushi with sashimi. Burp! I was damn full.

Ok. We need a walk. We went to Popular Bookstore since Nadia wanted to buy some books [she teaches a tuition class] and I wanted to show her some Azizi Ali’s books. I found some interesting book in finance and blogging but forget it. No budget. Next time maybe…

We went to Starbucks. Nadia with Frappucino Caramel and me with plain Cappucino. We discussed about kindergarten. She showed me all documents that she brought regarding kindergarten which we plan to open.

Drove home around 7pm. I really hope that we will have a successful business. Insyaallah…


  1. can i be their teacher ? tee hee..

  2. Can of course, if you're willing to work from 8am - 6pm. It's very tiring trust me =)

  3. apasal muka nad semacam jaa dalam entri ni..hahahaa

  4. axim - haha dia terkejut beruk :P


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