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Sunday, March 09, 2008

the heat is over


March 8

The heat of election ends. I'm not into politic but the heat was too much for 2008 election. Nevertheless, I'm happy that the opposition won in my area. Not for the sake of party, but I don’t like the way BN simply chose candidate. Yes!

Some of my friends will have their opinions and perspective. So do I. I do respect theirs and I hope in return they respect mine. Again, I'm neutral and I listen to both parties. Please don’t throw your tantrum or simply insult me just because I choose otherwise. The election ends, no more discussion. Opposition won 1/3. This is the biggest history in election ever [the worst maybe?]. What went wrong? You decide. I’d like you to view Marina Mahathir’s blog too. She is neutral… and that’s what I like about her. Still wondering... why some places re-counted the vote? Eg : A candidate lose by 67 votes but then after re-count, he won by majority 5,000 votes? How come?

I hope Opposition will keep their promise and no excuse for them to prove in 5 years.


March 9

My colleague Khairol married today. The wedding held at his house in mainland. Lucky the traffic was slow but not as bad as usual. As you know, I hate bad traffic so much. It was raining when we reached, but stopped after a while. Food was fine and the bride looked happy. I've nothing much to talk about at the wedding but election among friends. Pretty sick of election, things over… so? To colleague, I wish your marriage last forever and happy always.

P/s: Sorry if I seldom write these days... busy struggling, searching for business and I'm kinda down for no reason -- Depression? Maybe... God bless =.="

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