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Thursday, March 13, 2008

survey on me

Lately, I’ve been facing with a lot of stress. I don’t even know whether it came from workload in the office or struggling searching for business. Maybe I look into future too much. By reading a lot of books and seeing so many people grab their opportunities and wealth make me nervous and don’t want to be left far behind. Some people said if you want to dream, you better dream big. So I guess I just list things that put a frown on my face recently.

Election… after the big wave of election on March 8, so many rumors have been spread around until we don’t even know which one is true and false. Since BN lose to Opposition in Penang, people [mostly who word louder than action] keep talking about it. It really makes me sick. Office, a place you should focus on work but changed to a politic debate. I don’t mind if they whisper [mostly when I'm focus, people who whispers seem mute to me], but they talk out loud like no body business. It’s very annoying. So, every time the punch clock rings, I will just punch out and go home. Not only tired of working, but hearing too much noise.

Business… I have no idea to describe to you. I've been asking to many peoples including friends and family. I want to start a business, when I'm talking about business… I mean a real business which can gain my wealth. Capital is always a problem for average people like me. But I never take that barricade as a full stop in my life. As long as I'm still breathing, I will do my best to achieve my goals. I like a quote from a friend of mine “What you mind conceive, you can achieve” Beautiful…. Isn’t it? My target when I'm 30 year-old, I want to be a successful businessman and also involve in real estate aggressively. For some reasons, I'm kind of lost hope. I have few friends who I thought that can work together with me and really into business but I have lack of confident in them. Some of them are not serious and some of them don’t have capital but jolly like hell – too much of entertainment. Plus, to be honest… I like to work with those who read a lot. They might have lack of experience but at least we can still depend on some theories. I do hope I will find a good business partner or else I better work alone.

I’ll write again if I've time this weekend. I’ll be away from Friday to Monday [even though I've to meet developer on Saturday regarding loan documents] for relaxing near the beach [Batu Feringghi] with my family. I want to have a peace of mind… take care.

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