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Monday, March 17, 2008

batu feringghi

Day 1

7.30pm --- Ah ok, I didn’t pack last night. So, I packed all stuff this morning. Not much things to pack and it was easy since I got items list with me. As soon as I got things ready, put them in my car boot and went to office. Bla bla bla full of talking in the office. Guess what? Politic and election again. Wish I have my own room instead of that silly cubicle. Darn!

There was a demonstration at KOMTAR this afternoon regarding NEP termination and some other reasons which I don’t even care. Tired of politic. They chose, then they regret. Sharol used my car to take mom and sister home. They were allowed to go home because of that stupid demonstration.

Around 5pm [yes, I finished work at 4.30pm… tried to be a hardworking staff today?] I drove my family to the apartment we booked – Bayu Emas Apartment. The view was ok and I'm not really sure what other facilities they have instead of swimming pool [ah ok… no WiFi here! That means no internet! Grr…]. Pretty tired, worked whole day even though we have long break for Friday prayer every Friday [12.15pm-2.45pm]. Going to take shower now and rest while waiting for dinner. I’ll write later.

Day 2

8.40am --- Woke up earlier than that. Yes, I was lazy to get up from bed plus it’s weekend. What do you expect? Ok, I made myself a cup of coffee. Since I didn’t write yesterday so I'm going to write a little about night activity [ah don’t get me wrong ok?]. It rained after I showered – but just for a while. Sisters went down to swimming pool. I didn’t feel like swimming, so I just looked at them from above while cit chatting with my dad about many things started with politic, vacation and foods. To be honest, I was damn hungry. The pool close at 9pm, they went up and changed while me and dad watching craps on tv [what else better than today’s politic for that term?]. Ok we ate a very late dinner [suppose to be supper?] around 10pm. My friend Nadia sms-ed me suggested that the stall near the entrance has good deep fried cuttle fish. When I reached there, they have 2 stalls. 1 has no people and another 1 has more. I called her up for confirmation. She said the 1 with less people [to be honest, I only saw 2 ah pek with their single drink]. The food was terrible and I’d say pricey for a stall and foods like that. But did I have a better choice? No [really a NO? Oi… there was another one beside]. So, if there’s no place to go tonight. I’d like to go to another stall rather than the same stall again.

Ok, enough about last night. There’s nothing special this morning rather than sunrise [the stupid huge Bayview Hotel hide the sunrise], green trees and bird flying and singing. Peace of mind I’d say. I captured some pictures again. Lately I feel like picture-story-telling concept introduced by Nokia is something snappy and in fact I believe so much in “seeing is believing”. I don’t know what’s the plan today arranged by mom, so I'm going to rest and wait. I’d look to go to the beach, maybe later.

9.20pm --- Back to the apartment from downstairs. I tried to connect to the WiFi [I knew they have it when i asked, lol] using the password given by the clerk this afternoon after we ate breakfast. Sadly, I could connect but the strength was low and I couldn’t connect to the internet. I thought mom and sisters will take ages to get ready for dinner so I can write, but I was wrong. I’ll continue later.

11.30pm --- Just get back from dinner. Dinner was delicious. I ate Nasi Goreng Belacan and other with their own choice of fried rice. Side orders were Tomyam Udang and Sotong Goreng Tepung. Ok I'm going to tell you what I did today. After breakfast, I watched Heroes DVD. 2 DVD and I'm done with Heroes Season 1. Yay!

Then I went to swim at the pool downstairs. Few laps for little exercise today – better than nothing. Came back to apartment and nap.

Woke up and it was 7pm. Me and sisters walked to the beach. We couldn’t see good sunset but enough to see God’s wonder. Beautiful. The sea was calm and peaceful. Ok, enough writing for tonight. See you tomorrow…

Day 3

10.45pm --- Oh ok, I took longer than I thought to write about today. Woke up and enjoy the scenery outside from the apartment. See the view of sea, green trees and birds really attract my attention lately. Give me 100% peace of mind [sorry if I keep repeating about this sentence again and again]. Went out for breakfast with parent at the same restaurant but this time we chose roti canai. The food there was fine. Went back home and I took a nap while sisters went for swimming.

Woke up in the afternoon around 2pm and Nasi Dalca was ready on the table. Lucky me? I think so =) After eating we had cit chat with family. A lot of laugh and jokes – plus Raja Lawak was on tv. I just rest in the apartment… relaxing.

In the evening around 8pm we went out for dinner – yes at the same restaurant we ate dinner last night. Fried rice again and my favorite – Nasi Goreng Belacan. Side orders were Daging Merah, Sup Campur and Sayur Kangkung. Delicious I’d say. You should try… I planned to visit my colleague in the Gleneagles Hospital but when I called him he told me that the hospital turn off the light already and he has no idea whether the guard would allow me to go in. So, I didn’t want to toss the coin on my luck. I told him that I’ll visit him tomorrow – he said ok.

Now we are resting in the living room while watching tv. Kind of lazy to write tonight. See you tomorrow =) I'm going to play with my niece...

Day 4

5.40pm --- I got diarrhea early this morning. Around 9am I went out. Took mom to the office and I drove to Klinik Seri Pulau. Then took mom and we went to visit my colleague at Gleneagles Hospital. He was fine but need operation tomorrow morning. I do hope things will get better with him and so with the operation. My prayer will always be with him. Then we went to Subaidah in Tanjung Tokong and bought some foods for family. Drove up the hill back to the apartment. Ate my lunch and resting. Around 3pm we checked out. Now I just reach home and pretty exhausted. But yes, I'm happy… =)


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