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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

life goes on... don't hold back

I woke up in the morning as usual at 6am. My body was very warm ­­­– yes a fever. It wasn’t raining but quite cold perhaps… from the rain last night. I looked into the mirror and the mouth ulcer never better even after I put some salt onto it last night. Sighed. I chose not to go to work. I needed rest, I needed water. I had been drinking a lot of waters lately. I didn’t go back to sleep as I wanted to go to clinic early. Hate to have a long queue and wait in tense. To kill the time, I brought along my Reader’s Digest. But still… I don’t need to hurry. Too tired of speed and catching time everyday. I made toast and a cup of coffee… enjoyed my breakfast with the cool temperature outside. Looked at the birds chuckling to each other and the greenly scenery at the back of my house. I missed moment like this and it was like ages ago I sit and enjoy my coffee outside… alone – a peace of mind. I’ve been busy like bee lately. Not even time for me. Weekend was occupied with business meetings and I'm tired… very tired physically and mentally.


Around 10am, I went to clinic with mom – the clinic which is listed in my favorite list Penawar Clinic. It’s one of panel clinics for Inland Revenue Board. Doctor was surprise with the ulcer size. Mom was sick too for 2 days since she came back from Cameron Highlands – attended a budget meeting. I got typical medicine as I guessed such as antibiotics, ulcer gel and paracetamol. On the way back, we bought lunch at the Indian Moslem’s restaurant beside the clinic and drove home. We saw a driving school which I registered there before in 1998. Mom reminded me about my youngest sister who wants to get a driving license. So, we went there for the details regarding price and the whole course. I talked to the woman there about I had registered there before and those 2 oldies who used to teach me – to my surprise, both of them are still teaching there. I was glad that they’re still alive and I wish I have a long life too… like them.


I didn’t plan to write anything actually at this time… until I watched Oprah on TV [episode 22]. I should say that I'm sick with Oprah sometimes with too many craps about superstar’s life and some funny stories – enough said. This time it was different. The show was about a family who lost a son/elder brother caused by cancer. Yes, I hate cancer as well and even a doctor couldn’t trace it at early stage. I talked to a doctor in town who was also sad of losing some friends caused by cancer and when they knew, it was just too late. Ok, back to the topic, this family just couldn’t accept the incident – Jake is dead. They still prepared meals and bed for him. The parent could live with that, even Jake’s little brother Lincoln. So, Oprah sent Peter Walsh and his friend to help them. What Peter did was throw away all Jake’s things. Not all, but they have to do some decisions. They brought all Jake’s things including clothes, toys and books out of the house… put them on the lawn. They made 3 columns; throw, keep and chest. So, they had to decide which things belong to those columns. Throw – they need to choose those things that could make them sad or cry. Keep – those things that can make them think of the happy moment with him. Chest – things that they wanted to keep for respecting Jake. It was a tough decision and honestly I had watery eyes. We tend to keep so many things of our love ones when they’re gone… hoping that the memory remains and never dies. Yes, it works… but for good or bad? I don’t mean about nasty bad but in other word… sad. The psychiatrist who joined the show said “Life goes on, don’t hold back”. When we keep the things… we hope the thing can make us feel like we still have him/her in object-form – which it never work and will haunt and keep us in sorrow forever. Jake’s family has been living in this sorrow since 2001 until Oprah helped them in 2007. The effect was not only on the parent but also on Jake’s brother, Lincoln. They managed to change the bedroom into a nice office and some pictures of Jake hanging on the wall. Yes, new environment help and they are happy now – to live in only-happy-memories of Jake. I was touched and learned new thing.

What do you think?


  1. I should say that I'm sick with Oprah sometimes with too many craps about superstar’s life and some funny stories – enough said

    p/s : I never watched Oprah Winfrey's show from the beginning until the end of the show. HAHA

  2. Never watch Oprah =). But i watched Martha Stewart. Haha !

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  4. LOL, contrary to the most of you, I watch Oprah every night on its repeats (due to its convenience). I do catch Oprah on Sunday nights too. Well, I do agree that Oprah can get pretty boring at times. I usually turn the channel on no matter what to watch Oprah, then for the first 10 minutes, I'll judge the topic. If it's a lame one, I'll continue to watch for the next 10 minutes, then decide whether if I've got anything else better to do or otherwise. If yes, I'll wait for another 10 minutes before switching the TV off. If I don't have anything else to do, I'll simply continue watching till the end. LOL. But most of the time, I enjoy watching Oprah, even the ones where Dr Oz comes by. I mean, there's simply something new that I learn on every show. And the shows are diversified, ranging issues that touch your hearts and jokes that'll make you laugh your ass off. So yes, it's based on individuality pretty much to actually judge Oprah's shows. For me, it's good. Especially to kill time for people who have nothing to do like me. HAHA.

    Riz F

  5. hello
    didnt noe ur a blogger
    nice one too! ill be reading all of it
    so long since we made contact(peliklaa ayat nie!)
    i have a blog too!
    though its not fancy like urs! i donnno how to customize blogs!

  6. Found out your new post in the forum. It is good that you have frequent updates on your blog. Well done and keep it up!

  7. Very touching.. I dunno much about oprah’s show.. but yes for throw, keep and chest becoz I have done it all long time ago..

  8. Hi Ann,

    I think you should watch if the topic is interesting. For episode 22, I only watched the 1st part and for the 2nd part I changed to other channel. 2nd part was about cleaning junks. Ah, I know the concept is throw thing you don't use for some periods and keep only the one you use often.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by Ann =)

  9. Hi Hidayah,

    Oh yes... Martha Stewart is cool too. She is very good at food and dessert recipes, entertaining and home decorating ideas [especially cake decorating, baking, and kids crafts].

    Oprah is different. Believe me, since you have nothing to do at home... instead of watching musics and laugh-out-loud programs, you should watch programs like National Geographic, Animal Planet and Oprah too. A lot of things we can learn from them =)

    Thanks for dropping by sis!

  10. Heya Riz F,

    Oh, so you like Oprah too. That's good to hear since hardly find a teen/young adult into this kind of program.

    Yes, I agree with you... her show is great and no wonder she makes a lot of money! *giggles*

    Thanks for dropping by Riz F =)

  11. Hi artistic1412,

    Oh ok, another Ragnarok old friend =) Welcome to my blog -- which is full of noise and junks. But still I hope you enjoy your time reading some info as well =)

    If you compare this template with the old one, many would say the old one was cuter, better, more beautiful, creative and some other extravaganza words. But I changed the template back to the basic. Back to my purpose, I want to share what I feel, taste, hear and think. So, it'd be childish for me to have so much of drawing which people enjoy the template more than the info itself. So, I choose... this one. Green is good for eyes anyhow.

    If you want to learn about template or HTML coding, you can email me your questions.

    Thanks for dropping by buddy =)

  12. Su Sheng Loong,

    Yes, I just want to share my opinion with friends. I'm glad that in blog others can share their opinions as well =)

    I'm pretty lazy to write in weekdays since I'll be totally haggard after work. So, I often write in weekend if I have no business meeting or overtime.

    If I've a new post I'll update RO-G as well =)

    Thanks for dropping by.

  13. Hi Miza,

    Throw, Keep and Chest are the formula they use for people who lost his/her family member/friend/relative. It's different from Throw all junks and Keep the one you often use only. That was the 2nd part of Episode 22 in Oprah =)

    Yes, it was a sad one to watch. The family especially Jake's mom was really sad and live in sorrow since 2001. Can you imagine?

    Thanks for dropping by... and good luck with your new job =)


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