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Thursday, February 21, 2008

soccer : fa result

We went to Pelita [Jalan Tengah] as promised. When we reached there, we found out the screen was very blur and we decided to watch the small tv inside [the big screen was outside]. You won’t believe this, when the clock showed at 1am all in sudden the whole area blackout! How unfortunate? Then I walked out of the restaurant and looked around the building. I saw some lights at the other corner. Hoping that there are some restaurants with electricity, I called one of my friends in the restaurant.

Me : Firdaus, jom tengok kedai hujung sana nak? Firdaus : Aku rasa whole area ni. Me : Jom la tengok… kot-kot nasib baik. Firdaus : Ok.

So we walked to that other corner. Sad news, same result – blackout!

Me : Damn lah! Suey betol! Firdaus : Kan aku dah cakap… degil. Me : Macam mana ni? Firdaus : Jom tengok di rumah aku la. Ada plasma tv. Me : Tengok di kedai boleh makan dan minum. Firdaus : Kayu jom? Me : Ok. Jom bagitau geng.

Then we drove to Kayu. It was full but we managed to get tables. It was at the first row and too front. Ah! Ok no complain. Better than nothing right? I ordered a glass of Nescafe O’ Ais and concentrated on the game.

“We won!” that’s what I could say to Arsenal Fan out there. The game was full of goals and nothing much but to see how we control the game. 100% in Man Utd’s possession I would say. We won by 4-0. Scores -- 2 goals by Fletcher, 1 by Rooney and 1 by Nani.

Thanks to colleague that involved for this match.

Arsenal :
1. Khushairi
2. Rizal
3. Kamarul
4. Firdaus

Man Utd :
1. Me
2. Amin
3. Mat (Firdaus mate)

Not to forget Hamirat [neutral]. He isn’t soccer fan tho =)

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